As a hip-hop purist, the crafty lyricist J-Carter has built a monumental catalog of rap music that is real as they come. Straight out of New Jersey, J-Carter’s smooth and crisp flow has become a signature piece for rap fans in search of urban music with a fragrance of intelligence. Among J-Carter’s recent works, we find a treasure chest of classic material which includes – Time To Shine (2018), I’m Still Here (2018), and Take Hip-Hop Back (2019), and Hip-Hop Til I Die (2020) among others.

J-Carter returns to the music world with a stunning new album titled Everybody Hates Me. His latest offering is expected to be released in July of 2022. The project features forty tracks, the length of which is not uncommon for J-Carter releases. As a listener, just imagine tuning into J-Carter radio and letting the music take you on a journey into a world of triumph, challenges, and victories.

Everybody Hates Me begins with the energetic track called “So Amazing”. This selection features some of J-Carter’s best stanzas of bravado and inspiration. Musically, So Amazing has a rich filtered bassline and intriguing drum pattern that evolves into a work of art.

After setting the tone for Everybody Hates Me with a superb opening song, we now venture further into J-Carter’s world with a musical gem called “Ain’t About That”. This is a soulful flex on how a real street soldier sets the boundaries for a woman that is full of drama. The song has a nice r&b spin along with a live male vocalist that gives the tune a bit more depth amid J-Carter’s witty verses.

J-Carter really demonstrates the dexterity of his vocal inventiveness with “Still A Killa VI”. As a sequel of sorts, J-Carter continues to drop jewels of wisdom as he uniquely brandishes life’s path and testimony of his Christian faith. The beat is fierce and wonderfully complements the tune’s theme. Still A Killa VI is one of the album’s highlights that can turn some heads as a single.

Same Gang is another selection that is bound to capture the listener’s attention. The bluesy loop and backing female vocals assist in making this track distinct and all so special. J-Carter expands his subject matter by talking about the hypocrisies of the political world. Even though it may appear to be one team against the other in the world of politics, it’s really all the same gang.

The title track Everybody Hates Me has a warm cinematic feel. The structure is layered and stretches the canvas of the album’s continuity. The musicality of the melody and the threads of lyricism put this production on the high end of the scale. J-Carter’s intense delivery track after track reaches a zenith in Everybody Hates Me. Yet, the message that he puts forth is something that we all have encountered in life at one time or another.

It’s Here Now closes this masterful work by J-Carter. The track carries an etheric overtone, like Marvin Gaye’s sound. In the same vein, It’s Here Now is a forecast of the prophetic last days on the horizon, which is painted in proverbial detail by J-Carter’s bars. As a closing song, It’s Here Now is certainly a way of keeping the listener thinking after the album has finished.

The amazing thing about Everybody Hates Me by J-Carter is its endless muse and imaginative brilliance that keeps us captive throughout the entirety of the production. Perhaps, it’s best to pause after each track in order to absorb the musical complexity, profound lyricism, and the title’s relativeness to these unprecedented times. J-Carter has not only transcended his previous works but has created a new standard in rap music. It is for this very reason that the writer strongly suggests that this album is archived as a testimony of our present era. Amen!

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