The soulful and invigorating singer and songwriter Ariee explodes on her new EP titled Fiya. Ariee is not only a force to reckon with musically but possesses great business savvy. As a leading entrepreneur in the music world, Ariee landed a distribution deal with Ingrooves Universal under her record label Ariee Music Group LLC in 2020.

In 2022, Ariee takes hold of the world of urban music with Fiya. The new project consists of six tracks that exemplify a rhythmic portrayal of everyday life. Fiya brandishes contemporary pop and r&b elements and post-modern musicality. Ariee anchors this progressive effort with a heavenly voice and harmonies. Fiya touches on a host of themes that encompass romanticism, money, and an introspective look at life today. Enjoy! EBSITE + SOCIAL MEDIA:  

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