The daring indie rock band known as Blynd Birds have released an eclectic new album titled Songs To Sink Yachts To. As the brainchild of lead singer and guitarist Jared Blair, Blynd Birds is a stirring rock trio that also features band members Rachel Alfred on bass and Simon Hilsman on drums.

Songs To Sink Yachts To is a 9-track wonder that features many inventive ideas, everything from acoustic vibes to a sleek rock sound. The project opens with an innovative tune called “Mr. Abbott’s Misogyny Emporium”. This is track with a lot of interesting layers, but instantly becomes straddled in our minds with its steady unorthodox groove. Later, we find a smooth edge with the track “Naked In A Booth,” which provides some excellent pointers on harmony and song structure. Blynd Birds’ latest contribution possesses a potent melodic typography that creates a unique and artistic gesture for the greatest of music lovers.



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