Why is crime skyrocketing in New York City? When you are a shaman it is fairly easy to see. New York experienced a lot of people dying prematurely because of the recent pandemic regarding COVID-19. Spiritually, when this occurs, many of these souls are earthbound and are recruited by gangster spirits that use the newly disincarnate to create fear amongst the human population, an emotion that lower-level energies feed upon. This is the same reason why people in the earlier half of the century sought to live near a church or school because the sound of the church bell is a form of banishing. However, we are now living in an era where many people tote churchgoing ignorance as a path to prosperity. So now what? Mayor Eric Adams?!!!

Mayor Eric Adams is an amazing human being, isn’t he? Every week New Yorkers have the distinct pleasure of witnessing Mayor Eric Adams’s immaculate smile. From a Jewish perspective, it’s almost Christlike. But in the eyes of the community at large, his crucifix antics are supposed to balance out the rampant murder and mayhem that we are currently suffering under. Every time we see Eric Adams smiling it’s to console the city or hold a press conference about some bizarre death, perhaps get his followers drunk off of our country’s protocols of pigmentation. Alas, New Yorkers are getting tired of this political and sadistic ritual. Perhaps, people should question why are all cities ruled by Democrats suffering? Wasn’t it Malcolm X who said that if you are a democrat, you are a traitor to your race? Of course, America has a way of streamlining the plight of African American Protestant Christians while ignoring the rest of the populations that are descendants of the African diaspora for good reason.

Here’s Mayor Eric Adams’s biggest problem – Alvin Bragg. While crime has risen tremendously, the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg wants to loosen the web of prosecution while crimes are happening more and more throughout the city. Here’s a political moron who wanted to reduce armed robbery to a misdemeanor. The idea that a newly elected DA can come into office and work more on the criminal’s behalf than our own is obscure. Forget about the suffering and trauma that robbery brings.

If Mayor Eric Adams wants to avoid becoming a political embarrassment to the city, he must reverse all ideologies that put the needs of the criminal above those of the general population. Believe me when I tell you this, we don’t want to see your veneers anymore! We want to see results!

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