Veteran musician and songwriter PG Naylor captures are attention with the release of his new singles Better Left Unsaid and Sensible. Based out of Australia, PG Naylor has been involved in music since the 1960s, an experience that has greatly attribute to the sound of his latest two releases.

Better Left Unsaid is a vibrant tune that was written approximately 20 years ago. Yet, we find a unique musical structure to the composition that appears to transcend time. The song has great classic rock appeal with its lineup of guitar, piano, and crisp drumming that really stand at the forefront of the song and act a a perfect podium for PG Naylor’s vocal performance.

Sensible has a cool vibe and moves at a downbeat pace and its opening that resembles the prelude to a love ballad. The drumming is crisp on this track and has an “in the room” sort of presence that is enough to leave listeners speechless. Electric guitar swelling adds to the exotic vibe that the song seems to imbue.

PG Naylor has outdone himself and has really put forth some incredible musical gems that should not go unnoticed. These two tracks are a rock music lover’s delight.

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