Led by the musical expertise of multi-instrumentalist Joe Pierce, a family band known as The Pierce Project are establishing quite a legacy for themselves with a stirring reinvention of what many would call classic rock. The group’s new single Vanilla Parfait is a warm organic tune that possesses a certain innocence of character. In an era when the music industry has become a mirror of the underworld, The Pierce Project brings us a refreshing gnosis of raw talent and inventiveness.

Vanilla Parfait totes a bright melody that is quite enchanting. High-pitched piano measures anchor the structure of the song. Acoustic guitar, bass, and drums are distinctly mixed to give each instrument a separate room effect, which adds a particular garage sound to the overall composition. Vanilla Parfait features an alluring break that gives room for a nice electric guitar lead. The song’s vocals are hazy and work favorably with its melodic terrain. The Pierce Project’s newest offering is quite delicious and makes a way to our heart’s desire to hear even more from the band. Vanilla Parfait from the album Songs for Emi is truly a heavenly treat.

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