The sonically-inspiring 308 Ghost Train is one outfit possesses both positive and spiritually uplifting messages, along with electrifying rock music. Performing as a full five-piece band, 308 Ghost Train is the brainchild of award-winning songster Anthony Caruso. According to their website, 308 Ghost Train’s name derives from the Biblical passage at ‘John 3:08, which describes the Spirit as being like the wind – flowing where it wants and where it is needed. The Ghost refers to the Holy Spirit. Train is lead singer, Anthony Caruso’s nickname.’ Caruso uses his gift of chorale as a vehicle to inspire faith in others. Their debut single 21 Guns and A Million Tears wonderfully embodies the group’s ideas and genius.

21 Guns And A Million Tears is a wonderful song with a sound that rock purists will find thirst-quenching. The tune is inspired by Caruso’s military experience, having been an honorably discharged Army Veteran himself, 21 Guns And A Million Tears is dedicated to all veterans. The song has a vibe reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen’s Born In The U.S.A. and certainly gather the appreciation of all United States Veterans, including myself. Caruso’s vocal performance is superb and works well with the musical landscape of progressive rock instrumentation. The energy of 21 Guns And A Million Tears is a soulful call for those who stand for God and country to take their stand.

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