Kittens, Weights, and Tarot is an amazing website that offers a variety of spiritual services for both an experienced occultist and the novice. One thing that visitors of this website are bound to notice is the homegrown warm hospitable feel from its aesthetics and loving streams of genuineness. Many people who have been disappointed by monetary charlatans and emotionally depraved leaders can put their worries on the shelf. Thankfully, Kittens, Weights, and Tarot is a trustworthy source and community that really explores the depths of life’s otherworldly sciences.

Led by the energy of Mesoamerican spiritualist Tara, the Head Mistress of the León Mystery School, Tarot Reader, Medium, Co-Owner of Desert Cauldron, Kitten, Weights, and Tarot provides a truly remarkable experience. Among the services offered by Kittens, Weights, and Tarot is the mystic journey of inner knowledge offered by the Léon Mystery School. According to the website, this is an online spiritual community of educators and student from a wide variety of backgrounds that are seeking to cultivate their intuitive nature and the magic that surrounds them. The video below provides more information about the school and what one can expect along the path:

Interestingly, I discovered Tara’s work and the Kittens, Weights, and Tarot website while doing some research on Santa Muerte. Tara made a YouTube video on the topic titled “Getting To know Santa Muerte”. What I found most impressive about this video was Tara’s bright approach to what many would consider a dark topic. As a spiritualist, Tara’s outlook is mature and positive and colored with the satisfaction that one achieves when they truly discover the inner work, perfectly balanced. Recently, I booked a Mediumship Reading with Tara. This was one of the best readings that I’ve experienced!! Tara’s love for her work and level of personal interest were really a pleasant surprise. Although the subject of the reading is something that I wish to keep in my sphere of personal knowledge, Tara’s insights and divinatory wisdom are truly priceless.

Overall, Kittens, Weights, and Tarot’s colorfulness and earnestness makes it an oasis in the world of what academic researchers call “alternative spirituality”. It you need to learn more about the invisible nature of the world around you, a distant healing, seek a tarot reading, and/or learn about a situation through means of divination – be sure to visit Kittens, Weights, and Tarot!

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