The Mezcaltones is a six-piece rock band from Sidney, Australia that possesses a very innovative sound, an amalgamation of several genres but borders heavily upon country music’s outlaw sound and 60’s rockabilly. The group’s new album titled ‘Agavé Soirée’ is a work of musical genius and a testimony of the Mezcaltones’ love of the art.

Agavé Soirée is comprised of nine tracks that are comparable to a soundtrack from a Quinton Tarantino movie. The album has great continuity and a very vibrant synergy. Thus, we find the opening track and instrumental Matahari Mimi blends perfectly with the vocal material that follows. Powerful harmonies and guitar flares provide a vibe that is a language of upliftment to the listener. Agavé Soirée by the Mezcaltones is a one-of-a-kind album!


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