Musical artist and songwriter Matt Thompson has released his sophomore album titled Accelerate. As a. progressive pop musician, Matt’s style is made unique by his incorporation of other genres, like r&b and rock into the pop music terrain. Accelerate took an entire three years to create, but the finished product is a testimony of Matt’s hard work and talent.

Comprised of ten tracks, Accelerate demonstrates Matt Thompson’s musical brilliance. This album possesses many memorable tunes. One song that is sure to grab your attention is U Don’t Get 2. The track has a memorable groove, strong musical execution, and a great vocal performance. Ridiculous is another tune that stands out for its acoustic charm and hypnotic melody.

Each track on Accelerate is an adventure that is worth the ride. The album’s lead single Devil’s Dance is one of many delights for this triumphant release. Accelerate by Matt Thompson is an amazing trendsetter that is a must-have for pop music enthusiasts.

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