After so many years you would think that every idea that could ever be accomplished in rap music has come to its completion. Well, think again. An illustrious wordsmith, who goes by the name of Tunde Akin is making the impossible come to life. Tunde has created an exceptional concept rap album that embraces a perspective that can only establish one’s growth as a person, whether it be financially, physically, or spiritually. Normally, the Warlock Asylum International News Awards are given to recipients based on their work from the year prior. However, Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul) by Tunde Akin is the exception to the rule.

Tunde’s spiritual approach to life is highly contagious. As a motivational speaker, life coach, producer, and rap artist, he is indeed a man of many talents. Flourish is not only an album but a world hip-hop experience that encompasses changing your life for the better. The production is just as innovative as the bars that Tunde delivers. Instead of creating a “don’t do this” type of positive rap, Tunde teaches you about mind mechanics through rhyme and make it a philosophy enacted by lifestyle. Flourish is made all the more real as Tunde’s skies-the-limit raps are the only lifestyle he knows.

My experience with this album is enough to pass along awareness of it with enthusiasm because I’ve witnessed its power. Prior to reviewing Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul), I had made a note to myself to take care not to let certain music into my mind for it may shape my experience and how I needed to purify my thoughts. Right after that, I set up to review Tunde’s album. Upon hearing the music, my excitement was heightened as there is no such thing as coincidence.

After listening to Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul), I knew that Tunde had accomplished something remarkable that will exceedingly stand the test of time. Therefore, it is with great honor that I am happy to announce Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul by Tunde Akin as the recipient of the Warlock Asylum International News 2019 Rap Album of the Year Award! I would like to wish you all the best on your earthly and spiritual endeavors. All the best! Blessings!

Warlock Asylum international News 2019 Album of the Year Award: Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul by Tunde Akin

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