The pick-and-choose activist, former FBI informant, and mafia pussy-boy Reverend Al Sharpton has come out of hiding to add to an evolving controversial situation. On May 5th 2023, Jordan Neely was killed after aggressive towards passengers on the train by Marine Corps veteran Daniel Penny, who held Neely in a chokehold for nearly 15 minutes.

However, instead of looking at the issues that would create this sort of climate, opportunists like Rev. Al Sharpton have taken the opportunity to play the blame game. According to a May 6th 2023, New York Daily News article, Sharpton is quoted as saying:

“If you do not prosecute … you will set a standard of vigilantism that we cannot tolerate,” said Sharpton in his weekly Harlem headquarters appearance. “The precedent alone is a threat to all of us. We cannot allow this lawlessness to go unchecked.”

Sharpton’s statement clearly shows a lack of empathy for the working-class citizen. Yes, the idea of vigilantes roaming the streets is scary, but not as scary as homeless people with psychiatric problems walking freely with no intentions of treatment or aid by the present political powers that rule our city. It’s hard for me to believe that Sharpton would make statements like this but can’t be seen as an “activist” in trying to resolve the homeless situation. Sharpton is not an activist but a reactionist, just watching the problems increase and picking and choosing the cases that are most profitable for him.

For Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, it’s just another sign that the chickens are coming home to roost. As a Manhattan District Attorney, Bragg’s pro-crime policies have severely hurt the safety of New Yorkers everywhere. Bragg’s main objective has nothing to do with the safety of New York but a claim to fame by the gimmick indictment of former President Donald Trump. Bragg is just looking to make a name for himself.

Amazingly, Bragg can blind the general public by having a totalitarian democratically influenced media on his side. We must remember that when Bragg came into office, he wanted to turn armed robbery into a misdemeanor. So of course, Bragg’s New York would never arrest a vigilante like Daniel Penny, save massive protests and a few sympathetic words from Mayor Adams. However, attention to Bragg’s policies very seldom come to light, as you might get accused of being a racist.

Unfortunately, these policies create an atmosphere where public and private vigilantism will be a thing of the future. However, Sharpton or Eric Adams will never call Bragg out as they are of the same complexion.  And that’s what the oppressed have learned from their oppressors.

5 thoughts on “The Death of Jordan Neely Exposes Alvin Bragg’s Corrupt Policies and Al Sharpton’s Stupidity

  1. “Sharpton’s statement clearly shows a lack of empathy for the working-class citizen.”
    Your values arise from your material possessions. Sharpton is now wealthy enough that defending imperialism makes complete sense. He is mainly interested with his class not his race. Dave Chappelle is now starting to do the same.

      1. You too! I always love hearing your perspective on the modern political climate. Keep em coming!!!

  2. spiritgamevibe says:

    Great post. Although I’d like to know more about this tragic incident, it’s way too easy for people to blame this on racism. When the majority of the women in my area are too scared to take the train a few stops to get something for their children, because they’re afraid of getting killed or violently harassed, I find myself hard pressed to make assumptions on what looks to be a man reacting to a situation the way a man should. It’s possible that the men of NYC are just getting sick of their women and children being looked at as fodder for the likes of the current administration, and if that’s the case, we’re going to start seeing more of this type of behavior.

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