Country music legend and veteran songstress Lynne Taylor Donovan will be releasing a new album titled Full Circle in the upcoming weeks. Lynne has composed an extensive musical catalog and possesses a favorable reputation among fans of the country music genre. As a songwriter, Lynne has composed some very compelling chart-topping tunes.

Full Circle is a complete album that is comprised of ten tracks. The first 4 tracks on Full Circle, previously available only to radio, will now be available as part of this new album. The songs on these new releases were personally chosen by Lynne for these albums. She picked 10 songs from each album that she felt represented some her most profound moments and some of the transformative stages she has gone through from the early years to the present day.

Many of the tracks on Full Circle radiate an exquisite timelessness and warm retro feel. Lynne’s creative journey begins with the dreamlike song Half Heaven, Half Heartache – a spirited song about a troubled heart and unstable love affair. The track certainly represents some of Lynne’s best work and the instrumentation is equally enchanting. Angel In Your Eyes is another selection that will grab your attention. The opening arrangements of the song are eclectic and unconventional melody. Overall, Full Circle by Lynne Taylor Donovan is monumental album that will surely add to the prosperity of the music world!


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