Led by the Tasmanian-based singer, songwriter, guitarist Sheyana Wijesingha, the musical group that bears her name have released a wonderful 6-track EP titled Ricochet. Sheyana is a proverbial band with an innovative sound. The last time we visited the exploits of this illustrious band was in my review of their single Big Love back in 2018.  The Sheyana Band’s amazing amalgamation of the blues, folk, rock, and soul music genres plays an essential part in their worldview.

The Sheyana Band’s new EP Ricochet is filled with inventive grooves that will keep musical lovers in a state of awe for quite some time. The project opens up with the track Big Hearts. The zestful melody works wonderfully with Sheyana’s voice in a way that is truly transcendent. Later, we encounter the title track Ricochet. The tune’s wonderful guitar arrangements and incredible harmonies make this offering a winner.

The continuity of Ricochet and profound lyricism of lead singer Sheyana are profoundly essential in makling the Sheyana Band’s new ep much more than we can imagine.  Ricochet is a musical journey for the heart and mind.

Website: https://sheyana.com/

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