Rob Alexander is a multi-genre musical artist who has been making waves in the music industry since the early 2000s. His sound is a mix of pop, rock, and soul, with an emphasis on catchy hooks and strong melodies. He has released several albums over the years and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. Rob Alexander continues to create new music that resonates with listeners everywhere.

Rob Alexander’s albums are distinct, filled with lyrical beauty and melodies that draw the listener in. Alexander’s “Young Man’s Eyes” album continues his journey of self-discovery. Young Man’s Eyes is a collection of thirteen heartfelt, soulful songs that will make you feel you are living in the moment. Rob Alexander’s music is filled with emotion and passion, as he takes us on a journey through his life experiences. This album has a variety of tracks for all tastes.


The Soul or the Skin: A riveting album-opening tune and equally an introspective portal for the rock enthusiast. Lyrically, the track’s theme embraces the motivation for anyone challenged by nagging doubts of what love offers to just go for it. Electrifying guitar riffs complement this theme and its catchy hook and layered arrangements.

Freak Show: This powerful expressive anthem is enlivened by its sphere of bigger-than-life drumming and unorthodox symphonic orchestration. Rob Alexander demonstrates his unmistakable creative genius in accord with this original chime. The words of this song will bring a vivid picture of the chaos and joy that life brings. Listening to it will fill you with delight and make you think deeply about its message. Every line is captivating, which makes for an amazing listening experience. If you are after something truly unique and thought-provoking, this one is a must-hear!

Sometimes We All Fall Apart: Track number #3 brings a shift in the album’s vibration. The album now moves to a calming atmosphere with a music box keyboarding lead.. Sometimes We Fall Apart is sure to touch the hearts of many listeners, as it speaks to our shared experience of sometimes feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

Your Shelter: Opening with beautiful piano measures that accent the entire song, Your Shelter is a testimony of America’s faith and the spiritual challenges that we face as a world, a nation, and individually. Rob Alexander’s haunting, yet poetic outlook will linger in the mind of the listener log after the song ends.

Pillar of Hercules (Davey, Nigel, & Dee): The song’s structure and execution draw images to mind of some of rock music’s greatest classics, like the infamous tune Doctor Robert by The Beatles. Rob Alexander explores some of his musical influences, like Elton John, as we find a few famous song titles by the latter drawn up in the prose of the post-modern composer. It’s a fun ride for this upbeat groove and triumphant look at the legacy that Rob Alexander was once a fan of and is now a pioneer of its historical landscape.

Get Over Your Self (feat. Gigi Worth): Released as a single, Get Over Your Self drafts the expertise of the multi-talented and veteran songstress Gigi Worth, making this track one of the highlights of Young Man’s Eyes. The song opens with a retro-styled rhythm, like some 80s industrial rock grooves. However, the track quickly transforms itself into a present-day pop anthem. Gigi’s singing creates a balanced mood to explore the theme of love and egoism. At the time of this writing, Get Over Your Self has climbed 10 spots to # 69 on the Mediabase chart (Top 40 format). Great work by both Rob Alexander and Gigi Worth for this magical duet.

Young Man’s Eyes: As the title track, this enchanting ballad will take you on an emotional journey. It reveals how maturity changes our perspectives.! One verse in the song explains: “what you leave behind has never gone away.” We learn from our experiences. The stringed arrangements add a magical touch to the song..

Like An Angel: “Like An Angel”, is a beautiful and uplifting song that will leave you feeling inspired. It’s sort of a pop gospel that people from all walks of life can enjoy. Rob Alexander’s vocal range is tremendous. Certainly, a reflective masterpiece that will keep the listener attuned to the rewind button.

We Can Be Winners: The electric piano on this tune heavily attributes to its refreshing feel. Excitingly, the festive vibe of the song is quite contagious and certainly shines for its musicality and pop music brilliance. Its uplifting lyrics and upbeat melody make it an inspiring reminder that no matter what life throws at us, we can always come out on top.

Merry Christmas in Heaven: Rob Alexander finds the most emotionally sensitive way to remember those who have passed on. The song speaks to the human dilemma surrounding life and depth on a personal level, but without the dark overtones that are often topics of this sort. Instead, Rob Alexander keeps the band playing on with a warm and wishful tune that Christmas is the time that those in heaven prayer for us as much as we pray for them. The song has a nice classical guitar break, making int more about the celebration of life.

The Kids Don’t Play Anymore: Rob Alexander has a unique, but effective way of discussing some of today’s topics without stirring the emotional controversy behind it. Instead of using his musical talents to point blame, he internalizes his experience to make a comparative analysis of some issues that have surfaced in modern times. The Kids Don’t Play Anymore is a perfect example of this. In its musical execution, The Kids Don’t Play Anymore is very reminiscent of the Cat’s In the Cradle by Harry Chapin. Perhaps this was the underlying inspiration for the song. We should salute Rob Alexander for putting these concepts forward in a new and virtuous way.

Fly on the Wall: A fierce song with a boastful rhythm. The track opens with a pulsating beat and guitar riff that sets the mood for the rest of the song. Alexander’s vocals are strong and emotive, wishing for a better relationship after moving past a troubled one. There’s a tasteful and impressive guitar phrase that draws from Centerfold by the J.Geils Band, a sort of clever way to insert a flashback to let you know where this musical theme is going. he hypnotic groove prepares Rob Alexander’s audience for the track’s storytelling lyricism. The song explores various instrumental patterns that appear to circle around the hook. There’s a lot of layers that spring forth after listening to the track several times.

Black Widow Rising: A tantalizing conclusion with an exemplary pulse, the song features a great saxophone solo. The track features an intense guitar riff, driving drums, and haunting vocals that create an atmosphere of suspense and mystery. The lyrics tell the story of a tempestuous woman who is poison of the heart and how to avoid her touch. Rob Alexander’s “Black Widow Rising” will be remembered for its complexity and emotional lyrics.

Rob Alexander’s fourth album is another musical adventure that will stand the test of time. It is certainly an honor to witness his genius and rise during our present era. Members of Elton John’s band and former members of Frankie Valli’s touring band collaborated with Rob Alexander for the recording of Young Man’s Eyes. Rob Alexander loves the art and wants to create the best he can, drawing in some incredible musicians. His honest approach and undeniable talent is enough to label him a modern-day legend in pop music. Young Man’s Eyes is Rob Alexander’s fourth masterpiece. True talent will always stand the test of time!

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