The Colorado-based singer and songwriter Ryan Dart is set to release a wonderful new album titled Edge of the Wild on April 22ns, 2022. The new project encompasses twelve tracks grounded in the country music genre. Ryan is a creative genius and equally brilliant musician. His musical intellect is amazing.

Edge of the Wild possesses a strong organic flavor that unravels itself through instrumentation and fragrant lyricism. The project is filled with some great musical gems – beginning with the opening track Ready For The Road. The track sets the tone for what is to follow and the moving rhythm of the acoustic guitar gives this title a celestial touch.

The album totes a live band sound, something that is quite refreshing to hear in our present era. Ryan Dart provides an excellent vocal performance that is soulful and revealing. Tracks like Love’s Gone Outta Style and Right or Wrong are stirring examples, though not an exception, that reveal the musical texture and warmth infused throughout the album. Edge of the Wild by Ryan Dart turns out to be one of the great musical endeavors in 2022.


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