Janet LaBelle’s latest release, “Cry Me a River,” is a soulful and emotionally charged ballad that showcases her incredible vocal range and raw talent as a musical artist. Originally written by Arthur Hamilton in 1953, and later popularized by such legends like Julie London (1955 version) among others, LaBelle’s version of Cry Me a River is both refreshing and equally innovative. The stripped-down arrangement allows for LaBelle’s vocals to shine, with minimal instrumentation serving as a subtle backdrop to her powerful performance.

The inspiration behind LaBelle’s cover of the classic title stems from her previous 2023 release of “You’re Gone.” According to LaBelle, “‘Cry Me a River’ seemed to really fit with the emotional landscape of You’re Gone.” Both songs are developed around the central theme of emotional heartbreak, healing, and moving forward in triumphant tonality.

Produced by Evan Taylor and recorded at Loantaka Sound Studios in Los Angeles, Janet LaBelle’s rendition of Cry Me a River is the first cover song she has made available for public release. The musical structure is intriguing, with the organ taking the lead and creating a dreamy sound. LaBelle’s vocal performance is very crisp and passionate. She effortlessly makes Cry Me a River her own composition while enhancing the organic spirit of the original track.

We find that the music video for Cry Me a River by Janet LaBelle perfectly reflects the musical strategy of the song. LaBelle looks stunning against backdrops of blue and red velvet.. Like the track, the video is anchored on Janet Labelle’s charismatic charm and vocal presentation.

Overall, Janet LaBelle’s cover of “Cry Me a River” is an exceptional piece of music that deserves recognition for its artistry and emotional resonance. It will leave listeners moved by its power and beauty.


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