Estralia Russelle is a powerful author and spiritual visionary. As an empath, she explores practical ways to impart her divinely founded wisdom to human society. Estralia has an amazing life story that inspires the joys experienced by those who pursue their dreams, ultimately creating a new reality. Interestingly, I recently had a discussion with Estralia and found her insights very enlightening and I’m sure you will enjoy this exchange equally gratifying.

Warlock Asylum: Before we begin, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for  the time you’ve taken to answer a few questions and share your spiritual insights with our subscribers. Please introduce yourself. Who is Estralia Rosselle?

Estralia Russelle: Estralia is an adventurist, curious, compassionate person who never arrives at a conclusion about life but consistently remains open and curious. I think deductions stop the inquiry. Life is open-ended. So, she continues to probe.

Warlock Asylum: After having a career as a teacher, what inspired you to become a writer and member of the literary world?

Estralia Russelle: My inspiration came from writers and poets in high school many years ago. I was fascinated by how they composed, constructed, and used words to convey a message on the printed page. I knew then I wanted to communicate via the printed word. I dreamed of someday becoming well-versed in language to tell interesting stories about people’s lives and the human condition with passion and compassion.

Warlock Asylum: Public sources seem to show that your writing is a vehicle too many of the spiritual concepts that you employ. However, to some people “spirituality” can have a broad meaning. In terms of pathways, what does spirituality mean to you?

Estralia Russelle: We all are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Many people consider being religious and believing in a doctrine is spirituality. I prefer to avoid labels for individual experiences or preferences. I experience life as consciously aware. It is just this—life.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the life lessons and challenges you had to overcome in order to become the person who you are today?

Estralia Russelle: I have struggled to overcome the definition and labels society given upon me because they thought they knew who I was. I studied many subjects and received degrees in over three, but I refused to define myself by any of those disciplines. I am passionate about being a human and interested in many aspects of life. So, my greatest challenge is living without being boxed in by labels and restrictions. My freedom does not need to hurt anyone or anyone else’s freedom does not need to hurt me.

Warlock Asylum: What were some things that inspired you to want to help members of human society find their spiritual way?

Estralia Russelle: I am not on a crusade to save humanity because I do not think humankind needs saving. My writing is not a “way shower” for anyone’s spiritual path. I write from my inspiration and hope readers will find my stories enjoyable and perhaps discover wisdom.

Warlock Asylum: Aside from your spectacular writings, what are some services you provide to people that reach out to you for help?

Estralia Russelle: I am a good listener. When someone reaches out to me for help, I give them my full attention engaging through mind and spirit. Many times, a compassionate listener is all that is needed. I prefer to help people reach their resolution themselves.

Warlock Asylum: Your literary works are amazing and encompass situations that are very impactful in daily life. Can you tell us a little about the book Torn? What was some of your inspiration behind the book and its theme?

Estralia Russelle: When I sat down to write the book ‘Torn,’ I had no idea where I was going with the story. I had written ‘The Other Side of Vine Street’ and had developed empathy for the character, Anora. I wanted to continue her story since readers were eager to know what happened after she lost her grandmother and found out her dad was her biological dad.. So, I wrote ‘Torn’ to take her on an unusual journey to find herself, love, and peace. I wanted her to discover who she was, knowing that this discovery would help heal some of her past wounds. Note I did not write ‘Torn’ as a series or sequel. It is a standalone book.

Warlock Asylum: You Will Hear is another intriguing book that falls under the grace of your authorship. How did this book come to fruition? What are some principles that the text explores?

Estralia Russelle: I wrote ‘You Will Hear’ shortly after leaving the corporate workplace, where I had many interactions with peers and upper-level managers to which I had difficulty relating. I felt like a fish out of water. I am an empath, and I see energy/auras around people, and many times my interpretation of what I saw and felt were uncomfortable. Of course, the book is fiction, but inspired by my experience as an empath working in an environment and observing the human shadow side.

Warlock Asylum: Out of all the books that you have written, do you find a particular work that you are fond of more than the others?

Estralia Russelle: Interestingly, I am most fond of the book I have not created on paper yet—it is a story burning with desire to express. I appreciate the inspiration for each of the books that I have written. However, I am learning the art of creative writing, and hopefully, my ability will improve with each book I write. I am grateful.

Warlock Asylum: Education through mentoring is a two-way street, where the teacher becomes the student and in some ways, the student becomes the teacher. What are some things that you have learned about yourself while assisting others in finding their way?

Estralia Russelle: Students can be challenging at any age. And adults who teach them can appear challenging from the student’s perspective. I learned to build rapport and a partnership with my students. Each one taught me definitively how to do that so our learning could take place—theirs and mine.

Warlock Asylum: You also host workshops as another method of reaching people who are trying to find their way. How are your workshops structured and what are the themes covered during these events?

Estralia Russelle: I do not host workshops. I am trained in healing arts such as acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, EFT, Meridian therapy, and touch for health.. I am a Reiki Master. I work with private individuals. In the past, I had a healing art practice, but not now.

Warlock Asylum: What is some of the feedback that you received from people who have either read your books, enjoyed your mentorship and guidance?

Estralia Russelle: People often tell me how much our encounters have affected their lives. Students continued to come back to my school before I retired and expressed how my teaching prepared them for a meaningful life.

People who have read my books have commented on how much they could relate to the characters and sometimes find their voice through them.

Warlock Asylum: How has mentoring others and your work as a writer changed your personal relationship with friends and family?

Estralia Russelle: Writing has forced that ‘shy, reserved, vulnerable person hidden beneath the surface of my personality to emerge. I feel my feelings more deeply and return to places inside myself that must heal and let go of residuals from pain in childhood and adulthood.

Relationships with friends and family have shifted as a sign of my evolving soul as a human living life on this planet. I do not judge family and friends with a critical lens. I allow them space and accept them as they are. I am not usually the one that handles changing anyone but myself. A belief system conditions us. I have less of a belief system. I prefer experiential awareness.

Warlock Asylum: What message would you like to live with our subscribers and for anyone else who may come across this interview?

Estralia Russelle: I hope your subscribers and others will find a nugget of insight that might inspire and encourage whatever matters to them.

Warlock Asylum: What can our readers expect to hear from Estralia Russelle soon? Any final thoughts?

Estralia Russelle: I am concerning working on a new book. However, I cannot speak about the details mainly because of the channeled information. I have fragments of the book that I must integrate. But the book is relevant to living an inspired life no matter your circumstance.

I hope readers will visit my author’s website I write short blogs as I work on my new book and enjoy my travels. Please note you can download my book “You Will Hear” from my website for free. Much gratitude.

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