The prolific musician, singer, and songwriter Janet LaBelle has delivered a truly heart-grabbing tune titled ‘You’re Gone”. Janet is a brilliant musical artist with a tremendous voice and enthralling creativity to match. She is widely revered for her organic sound by lovers of folk, pop, & r&b music genres. Janet LaBelle pours her heart into everything that she does and her earthshattering passion for the tapestry of a song is quite inspiring.

You’re Gone is a groovy pop music classic that exemplifies Janet’s genius as a musician and vocalist. The track features an all-star cast of production and post-production immortalists, which includes Evan Taylor (producer), Tim Horner (engineer), Ricky Martinez (assistant engineer), Spencer Guerra (mixing), and Steven Berson (mastering). The lyrics and music were composed by Janet, who adds to the song’s depth via piano and Rhodes bass, among other components of You’re Gone’s enchanting instrumentation and rhythm. The track’s textured melody is further enhanced by a superb vocal performance by Janet, sometimes lead, sometimes overdub harmonies, but always heavenly.

Janet’s latest offering also comes with an enthralling music video for the tune that was filmed by Xavier Luciano. The music video for You’re Gone fits hand in glove with the driving emotions, mood, and lyrical theme of a broken heart and acceptance of what was once considered a love undone. Released by Wild Violet Records, You’re Gone by Janet LaBelle is a winner of hearts!

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