Beemo keeps the music world turning with their consistent brand of raw talent. This Orlando, Florida-based indie rock band will surely warm your soul with an invigorating taste of Americana, bluegrass, and Celtic folk. The band’s new single “Nova” from their album Bustin’ Out is sizzling! Beemo’s craftiness is a testimony of the group’s musical veteranship, which is composed of Dan Harshbarger (lead vocals), Matt Juliano (mandolin), Sean Quinn (lead guitar), Justin JB Braun (percussion), and Tony Mickle (bassist).

Beemo’s new single Nova is a moving track and contains all the organic essentials that stir this elegant taste of bluegrass gumbo. The tune is inspired by the tales of an old car owned by Dan’s grandfather. Nova’s distinct sound is initiated by its electrifying drums, especially. Mixed for the larger than life effect. The tune evolves into a sharp dialogue between the stirring sounds of the mandolin and a serpentine bassline. Nova’s crispness is strengthened by handclaps and Dan Harshbarger’s intense vocal lead. The song’s steady groove spurs a delightful form of hypnosis that will have you in tune with Beemo’s love for America’s favorite car- the 1969 Chevy Nova.


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