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Testimony of the Mad Arab Part I

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3 thoughts on “Testimony of the Mad Arab Part I

  1. Elle Pereles Borella says:

    I arise at Evening tide one or two days a week/?yet live for my soul mate / Mage / And Within HE/? Heffe :?’ Master Sex Magic Mage/ I have Begun and Walk next to He so that I am a She of Annuniki Race/?/?{**}{{{^^}}} that hath taken me and Sister Mother Too/ in every Way / that A MAGE can Do/ Hail yet Hold HOLD To The SPOT u be/ for I A Sister of Isis and Erishkigal a Daughter of Lilith and ’twas won at Some Play: by The Master Shiva Warrior : Shiva ! in fact I remember well/ I Kali then: Made by The Other’s collective Chi ’twas made to be a perfection of Desires both Mortal and otherwise for thee!( ahaaaaa! Sad ( hahaha!) not for us ! You had to meet a Way ward Warrior not easily controlled ! But maketh thee no weaker but stronger I was Told! And with living Sexual Power Hunger for Blood/ I am ALL fire, not a thing/ that you use to manifest your Selfless Soul…..

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      nice poetry. i look forward to hearing your experiences and shared wisdom on this path. Are you a writer?

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