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2017 Awards

Warlock Asylum International News believes in the acknowledgement of unsolicited achievements. It is for this reason that in 2016 a consistent program of recognition was put together to make sure that the voice of the people is heard over corrupt industries.

2017 YouTube Channel of the Year: Karceno4Life

2017 Moorish American of the Year: Sharif Anael Bey

2017 Shaman of the Year: Dr. Prabhu Karuna

2017 Martial Artist of the Year: Jack “The Godfather” Williams

2017 Life Coach of the Year: Sharley Vee-Hupalo

2017 Poet of the Year: Rigoberto Gonzalez

2017 Song of the Year: “Dear Diary” by JunglePussy

2017 Rapper of the Year: Tommy Global

2017 Best News Journalist of the Year: Bill Weinberg

2017 Artist of the Year: Raylin Joy

2017 Woman of the Year Award: Malala Yousafzai

2017 Man of the Year Award: George Soros

2017 Album of the Year Award: “We Got It From Here……Thank You For Your Service” by A Tribe Called Quest

2017 Writer of the Year Award: The God 720

2017 Hip Hop Pioneer of the Year Award: Edward Sunez Rodriguez a.k.a. Sunez Allah.