Open Letter to Dan Harms Part 14: Deception In The Necronomicon Tradition?


I would like to update our readers on the current situation as regards my correspondence to Mister Dan Harms and Mister Dan Clore. Recently Mister Dan Harms has decided to write his own series on the authenticity of the Simon Necronomicon Gate-Walking Process, which can be view here:

Once again Dan Harms and Dan Clore have shown us there spiritual insecurities by attacking the Simon Necronomicon system. No one is talking about whatever spiritual paths these Gentlemen are pursuing. Yet they feel the right to openly question others as far as what their system of spirituality is. Any system of spirituality can be questioned by an “Outsider.” Ironically, most systems of the occult are based on “fictional” grimoires. In the Occult World, fiction is purposely used in training the student to go beyond the myth, and learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff. For some reason Harms continues to bash our Spiritual Path by questioning the Simon Necronomicon Rituals, in comparison to some modern observations made by one or two scholars. I guess Harms must have done the same things with people who follow the Bible. I know Harms is just waiting to post some information on the scientists who have factual data on Moses crossing the Red Sea, or Jesus raising Lazarus up from the dead, or the Prophet Mohammed seeing the Angel Gabriel. These belief systems sit so well with Dan Clore and Dan Harms, probably because they are aware of some scientific proof that these things have occurred, since they do not write articles stating that these events are fiction. I am sure some anthropologist has confirmed the “Immaculate Conception” since Harms perceives these things as normal.

The other point that Dan Harms and Dan Clore seem to miss is that the Priest and Priestess of the Necronomicon Tradition is NOT trying to reconstruct an Ancient Sumerian religion. The Necronomicon Tradition is based on several principles that are consistent with any time period. Very well-educated men and many of America’s Presidents, who are Freemasons, follow a legend that is somewhat fictional, and that is the legend of Hiram Abiff. The Legend of Hiram Abiff is not based on any “factual” documentation, though the name Hiram appears in the Bible, most have regarded it as allegorical. This is how the Simon Necronomicon is viewed by the Gate-Walker, as an allegory. We do participate in the rituals given in the Simon Necronomicon with slight variations based on our lineage. Yet I must say that no Gate-Walker believes in the Simon Necronomicon is the Necronomicon that Lovecraft mentioned in his writings.. Every true occultist examines a text for its allegorical value and then uses factual data to gain further insight. However, this is not to determine the Text’s authenticity, which is done during Initiation and after, it is done to build up a reserve of correspondences. If we were to examine the Simon Necronomicon’s value based on the thesis that was written by Dan Harms and Dan Clore, then we must regard the following texts and allegories as fictional, according to Dan Harms:


The Legend of Moses crossing the Red Sea.

The Immaculate Conception

Inanna’s Descent Into the Underworld

The Enuma Elish

The Legend of Hiram Abiff

The Book of The Law

The Legends of the Orishas

The Art of War

The Emerald Tablets

The Qu’ran

Ishtar and Dumuzi

All of these epics are not factual in the eyes of scholars, so Dan Harms, Dan Clore, and John Wisdom Gonce III, must think of them as a hoax. Ironically, I read somewhere that John Wisdom Gonce III is in the service of the Goddess Ishtar. I wonder what factual information has he found on her existence, or has John Gonce III made himself the exception in being the only one that he approves of to believe in a “fictional” character that represents an actual arch-type of energy. Yet for the Gate-Walkers of the Simon Necronomicon, John Gonce asserts that it is wrong for us to do this. I must make a point here in reference to a statement I made earlier. The work of reconstructing the Sumerian Legacy is very important for the Gate-Walker, but it is not important in the sense of trying to find some sort of “spiritually correct method” of worship. We have learned what is “correct” or “incorrect” for us through the Gate-Walking Process. This Process gives us direct contact with the energies behind the Necronomicon Tradition and creation in general. Since we have direct contact with these energies, we learn not faith, but insight from these energies. The first thing that a Gate-Walker will do when receiving an insight from these energies is confirm what he/she is being told by checking the historical records. This is to ensure that he/she is not being deceived by a Lier-In-Wait. This is what Dan Harms doesn’t understand. Gate-Walkers are not believers in the Simon Necronomicon, but understand that the allegory behind it is an alchemical treaty.. yet the problem with the Dan Clore approach is that it is too logical, so much  so that it doesn’t allow any room for spiritual progress. How many times have we heard the Dan Harms Church cast judgment upon the Simon Necronomicon for what is written in the MAGAN Text on page 159:

“To nourish the fiends of TIAMAT
And the Blood of the weakest here
Is libation unto TIAMAT
Queen of the Ghouls
Wreaker of Pain
And to invoke her
The Red Water of Life
Need be split on a stone
The stone struck with a sword
That hath slain
eleven men
Sacrifices to
So that the Strike ringeth out
And call TIAMAT from Her slumber
From her sleep in the Caverns
Of the Earth.”

For some reason or another Dan Harms and John Wisdom Gone III take it upon themselves to express that the above passage is a reference to ritual murder on page 342 of their book The Necronomicon Files.  Harms and Gonce are so quick to put down the Simon Necronomicon that they can’t even see that the above passage is purely allegorical, as it pertains to overcoming ordeals through the 11 Gates. Why eleven? Let us note what is also mentioned in the MAGAN Text:

HUBUR arose, She who fashioneth all things,
And possessor of Magick like unto Our Master.
She added matchless weapons to the arsenals of the Ancient Ones,
She bore Monster-Serpents
Sharp of tooth, long of fang,
She filled their bodies with venom for blood
Roaring dragons she has clothed with Terror
Has crowned them with Halos, making them as Gods,
So that he who beholds them shall perish
And, that, with their bodies reared up
None might turn them back.
She summoned the Viper, the Dragon, and the Winged Bull,
The Great Lion, the Mad-God, and the Scorpion-Man.
Mighty rabid Demons, Feathered-Serpents, the Horse-Man,
Bearing weapons that spare no
Fearless in Battle,
Charmed with the spells of ancient sorcery,
. . . withal Eleven of this kind she brought forth

With KINGU as Leader of the Minions.


Harms and Gonce also make reference to the Simon Necronomicon as a grimoire that is a Qliphotic working. This is correct Yet the Qliphoth has eleven spheres and the reference to the Sword ( of the Bandar ) that has slain  eleven men, is therefore a reference to overcoming daily ordeals. These “eleven” men are listed below with their Simon Necronomicon correspondences:
  1. Lilith 1.0°. The gate to the unknown.  Lamashtu/Ki/ Ninhursag
    2. Gamaliel 2.0°. Nanna Gate The dark dreams. Astral magic. Witchcraft. The mysteries of the dark moon. The dark Goddess.
    3. Samael 3.0°. Nebo Gate The philosophy of the left hand path. The wisdom of insanity. Yezidi magic. The dark side of the Chakras.
    4. A’arab Zaraq 4.0°. Ishar Gate Luciferian magic. The dark side of Venus. Eroto-mysticism and the path of the warrior.
    5. Thagirion. 5.0°. Shammash Gate The illumination of the nightside. The black sun. The union of the god and the beast. Please note that sense the Shammash gate concerns illumination of the Back Sun, which is why its invocation in the Simon Necronomicon reads “Spirit of Sun be exorcised” or ZI DINGIR UDDU YA-KANPA. This is something Harms and Gonce misunderstood in their book the Necronomicon Files on page 169.
    6. Golachab 6.0°. Ragnarök. Nergal Gate The activation of Surt/Sorath. The magnetism of lust and suffering.
    7. Gha’agsheblah 7.0°. Marduk Gate The higher levels of eroto mysticism. Preparations for the abyss.
    8. Satariel 8.0°. Adar Gate The opening of the eye os Lucifer/Shiva/Odin. The Drakon principle.
    9. Ghagiel 9.0°. Enki Gate The lightening of the Luciferian star.
    10. Thaumiel 10.0°. Enlil Gate The accomplishment of the promise given by the serpent. Divinity.
    11 Thaumiel 11.0°. Anu Gate The black hole. The step into the new creation. Universe B.
 If Gonce and Harms had noble intentions then why couldn’t they figure out  that the language written here was completely allegorical. It is even implied in the MAGAN Text that these “eleven men “are symbolic because they are described as the “Viper,  the Dragon”, and etc. it could also mean that one must overcome the 11 Gates that were opposed to Tiamat  in order to be found worthy in worshipping her. If Gonce and Harms cannot figure out these allegories, then what makes them think that they can ever be considered authorities in the field of ancient mythologies and how these compare to some of the modern occult organizations. I have respect for Harms and Gonce because they are researchers, yet they are aware of one deficiency in the modern-day occult community, the wide-spread ignorance of some who claim to be “occultists.”

It was just over a century ago that one could say an occultist was like the Nanotechnologist of his/her day. Yet somewhere down the line, due to the ever-growing availability of occult grimoires, many of the needy and deprived delved into the occult area primarily out of escapism. These so-called “occultists joined organizations that are labeled with “fearful” names thinking that they can gain power and get revenge on a society that these disenchanted ones feel has abused them. When they join these occult organizations, they learn not the value of independent research and study, but they learn how to feel content by being a part of something. They are taught not to contradict the authority of these occult organizations, which usually wind up being another form of Christianity under a Pagan God’s name. These people are not into the hardcore research because they are usually too needy and too lazy, which is how their lives became disgruntled before seeking occultism. Sadly enough, when you search along the internet you will see many pages debunking the Simon Necronomicon, but you will find that these pages are just ‘copy and paste’ jobs of the Necronomicon Files. Even if you go on the Church of Satan website you will see their summary about the ‘Necronomicon Issue’ is basically a summary of the Necronomicon Files. This ‘laziness’ is what enables Dan Clore, Dan Harms, and John Wisdom Gonce III to go on unchecked, until now.

I didn’t know Dan Harms during the time that the Necronomicon Files was being written. Yet I am sure there were supporters of the Simon Necronomicon that they could have interviewed to get both sides of the story. Evidently, the book is a book of power since, Gonce and Harms felt the need to put a protection spell in the Necronomicon Files to shield them from anyone who felt contrary to the writing. Yet in still, it is now time for Harms and Gonce to start answering some questions that have been raised by “The Black Brothers” in the occult world.


Deception by John Wisdom Gonce III?

 In an online article entitled THE SIMON NECRONOMICON AND MESOPOTAMIAN MAGIC:  Part One: WIZARDS WITHOUT A CLUE, which can be found at the following link:

Gonce makes the following statements:

Over the years, I encountered several individuals, and small groups, who were “true believers” in the Simon Necronomicon, and attempted to use its magick. I was amazed at first; thinking that surely everyone knew it was a hoax. As a lifelong fan of H.P. Lovecraft, I was aware of the pulp fiction origins of the Necronomicon. As a worshiper of the Goddess Inanna/Ishtar, with some knowledge of ancient Mesopotamia (my parents gave me my first book about ancient Sumer when I was eight years old), I knew that its magick was not Sumerian. After “deprogramming” or “exit counseling” one victim of a “dabbler” cult [5] that used the Simon Necronomicon as its “sacred text,” I had a sort of epiphany. I realized that somebody in the Pagan/occult community needed to address this issue.

Gonce never explains what the problem was with a group using the Simon Necronomicon as its ‘sacred text?’ However, it seems as if the cult was a little over the top since he had to deprogram one victim. Yet has Gonce ever stop to consider that the problem lies not with the Simon Necronomicon, but with the cult’s perception of it? If you have to sit down and deprogram someone it is not due to them reading a book. The problem goes much deeper than that and I have related this account to people in the field of psychology and their opinion of the matter is that it is more of a personal problem and blaming a book for their misjudgment is actually feeding the problem. Good job John Wisdon Gonce III.  Gonce continues:

“As I set about “deconstructing” the Necronomicon hoax, I realized that I did not, at that time, have enough of a background in Lovecraft scholarship to do the whole job myself. I realized that I needed help. And so I began a series of spells and meditations to bring into my life someone who could help me with this project. It had to be someone with an extensive background in Lovecraft studies. Since I didn’t want to interfere with that individual’s free will, it had to be someone who would want to do this work. It had to be the perfect man for the job.”

 Okay, if you have been a true occultist for some time you can really see something fishy going on here. Gonce all of sudden has this desire to write a book, but he doesn’t have enough knowledge of Lovecraft, or “Lovecraft Scholarship” to do this. So I am wondering how could he “deprogram” the dabbler who was in the cult that he spoke about earlier? My next question to John Wisdom Gonce III is, instead of doing all these rituals to meet someone of “Lovecraft Scholarship” why didn’t you just contact a branch of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, commonly known as the E.O.D.? Or maybe the Temple of Dagon? These organizations focus on the work of H.P. Lovecraft in great detail. Gonce then continues:

“Shortly after this, I met Daniel Harms, author of The Encyclopedia Cthuliana, who appeared one night (as if by magick) at one of my favorite haunts, the campus radio station of Vanderbilt University, where my close friend, and fellow Lovecraft fan, the Reverend Dr. Johnny Anonymous was doing his 91 Noise show. Daniel, who was studying anthropology at Vanderbilt, had already been doing research on the Necronomicon from the Lovecraftian perspective, just as I had been doing research on it from the occult angle. After the good Reverend introduced Daniel and me, it wasn’t long before we realized we had a common cause. And so The Necronomicon Files was born.”

 Okay, Gonce now meets Harms with a fellow Lovecraft fan “Reverend Doctor Johnny Anonymous” who I guess didn’t qualify under the “Lovecraft Scholarship” qualifications, so I guess it was imperative that Gonce meets somebody who is well-qualified. Gonce continues:

“As I stated earlier, one reason for writing the Necronomicon Files: The Truth Behind the Legend was to vindicate H.P. Lovecraft, to exonerate him from guilt by association with the various Necronomicon hoaxes that exploit his name. An even more important reason was the high incidence of magickal and other disasters – including at least three murders — associated with the Simon Necronomicon, a hoax with a body count unparalleled by any other spellbook in modern times. Another important reason was to remove a pitfall from the paths of all those who have chosen the way of ancient Mesopotamian magick and religion. But I believe that our book will also be of service to the greater Pagan community at large.”

I thought that there was only one Dark Knight here Gonce?!!! Lol!  Anyway, for someone who feels that they need help with Lovecraftian scholarship, I find it amazing that this same person has such a resolve to free Lovecraft from any guilt by association with the Simon Necronomicon. In other words, why would Gonce feel the need to defend an author that he was somewhat familiar with, but not familiar enough to write a book about? That is quite interesting. So far we have learned a few things about John Wisdon Gonce III:

He is a Priest of Ishtar, or one could say Babylon. This could mean that he is possibly involved with Thelema. (look at how he spells magical in the above quote magickal with a “k” This spelling is one that was introduced by Aleister Crowley)

He uses his magick to accomplish his aims and is very effective. It is mentioned in his bio the following:

“John took on his role as a champion in the astral realm when a friend was psychically attacked. His investigation turned up a small group using the Necronomicon as part of their tactics of harassment and terror. Having investigated the Necronomicon, John realized that there was more going on than he had realized. Calling out for assistance, he discovered Mr. Harms, which has turned out to be less problematic than it seemed. John has spoken on the Necronomicon twice at the Starwood Festival outside Sherman, New York, and has had an article co-written with Daniel Harms translated into French in Le Bulletin de l’Universite de Miskatonic. He devotes much of his time to the study of mythology, film, horror and science fiction literature, and magick, so that he might understand the forces he opposes. Besides, he enjoys this crazy stuff.”

 That’s really good work John! Gnoce also has very good perception powers since he was able to realize that there was more “going on with than he realized.” We will soon see that this is more than what he may have thought it was. Since Gonce and myself have some of the same interests, I suggest he reads Secrets of Left-Hand Tantra.” We read the following about Dan Harms:

 “Through his interest in Lovecraft, Daniel encountered the Necronomicon as a book shudderingly mentioned by many fiction writers. Intrigued by the various hoaxes surrounding the book, he became ensnared in the nefarious schemes of mastermind John Gonce. As a result, Daniel completed an independent study course at Vanderbilt University, the results of which would become the first sections of The Necronomicon Files.

Daniel has obtained a M. A. in anthropology (SUNY-Buffalo), “

That’s really good Harms! Harms is a very interesting character.  On pages 174, 177 of the Necronomicon Files, it is implied that editors of the Simon Necronomicon were part of the O.T.O. Despite Harms’ denial of Crowley’s involvement with the Simon Necronomicon, the Necronomicon Files makes the following observation on page 173:

 “The enormous influence of Aleister Crowley on the writer(s) of the Simon book could be another explanation.”

Here in the above statement Harms asserts that the Simon Necronomicon is influenced by Aleister Crowley. I often wonder why Mister Dan Harms found it  “appalling” that I have often mention the identity of the Mad Arab as that of Aleister Crowley, when in his book he mentions that the Simon Necronomicon has quite a bit of influence from Aleister Crowley.


True History of the Simon Necronomicon

I am not sure what sort of people Dan Harms speaks of when he mentions followers of Simon, so I will make it a point here to clear up any confusion as to the Gate-Walker’s perspective about the Simon Necronomicon Tradition.

1) Gate-Walker do not look at “Simon” as some sort of Guru or Saint. We just look upon him as a person who was a part of the process.

2) The Gate-Walker does not think of the Simon Necronomicon as an actual “Sumerian Working.” We just look at it as a template, and appreciate its allegorical value. Many Gate-Walker’s will use modern references, as well as , older ones to learn more about the deities in the Simon Necronomicon Pantheon. The Simon Necronomicon Priest/Priestess may work with energies that are mentioned outside the grimoire itself. So research is very important.

3) The Gate-Walker appreciates and values the initiation that he/she has acquired by Walking the Gates. many of the rituals that the Priest/Priestess uses are through their own experimentation, much like the way John Wisdom Gonce III has developed his/her work.

4) Gate-Walkers are not allowed to participate in acts of crime, or other hideous activities. Many Gate-Walkers are involved in charitable organizations, music, the medical field, and etc.


Origins of the Simon Necronomicon

The Simon Necronomicon is not a work that was written in the 1970’s, or discovered accidently. It was first documented by Aleister Crowley and passed on to Kenneth Grant. Grant was broke off from the Caliphate O.T.O., but still held some of Crowley’s notes. After much experimentation, Grant commissioned a team to finish the grimoire that Crowley started. However, it must be kept in mind that since the Caliphate O.T.O had won the rights to Crowley’s works, some aesthetics by Lovecraft were used lest this team would be sued for publishing a work with based on Crowley’s authorship. We must remember that the name Crowley appears 39 times in the book’s introduction. This is quite strange to mention someone over thirty times and the book is not about that individual or a work of his. Yet for those who have been mentored in the Simon Necronomicon Tradition, we know where the work originated. This is also why Simon Mentions Grant in Dead Names as having experimented with Lovecraft and Crowley’s work long before the publishing of the Simon Necronomicon. Now the only question is, is if Harms, Gonce , and Dan Clore are part of an opposing group in the O.T.O. wars to debunk the book and try to stifle it’s progress. Only time will tell, but the MAGAN Text already reveals the outcome:

‘For what is new
Came from that which is old
And what is old
Shall replace that which is new
And once again the Ancient Ones
Shall rule upon the face of the Earth!
And this is too the Covenant!’

“This shall be your only proof. I forbid argument. Conquer! That is enough. I will make easy to you the abstruction from the ill-ordered house in the Victorious City. Thou shalt thyself convey it with worship, o prophet, though thou likest it not. Thou shalt have danger & trouble. Ra-Hoor-Khu is with thee. Worship me with fire & blood; worship me with swords & with spears. Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: let blood flow to my name. Trample down the Heathen; be upon them, o warrior, I will give you of their flesh to eat!”


 WARLOCK ASYLUM (The Dark Knight)