Letter to Dan Harms Part 3: Zi Kia Kanpa!

Greetings to all! Just when I thought Gotham City could rest once again, I see the Joker. or should I say, Mister Dan Harms is back to his restless wickedness again. I was delighted by Mister Harms rapid movement in answering my response, which can be found at this link:


I was a bit baffled myself by some of Mister Harms claims, as he writes:

“To answer him, I do think that the Simon Necronomicon does have some elements that are encoded. The herb names olierobos and aglaophotis that play such a prominent role in the book, for instance, do have particular meanings. Further, one could argue that using aglaophotis, or peonies, to call up demons when it traditionally drove them away is another code of sorts. This does not necessarily mean that everything in the book is a code, nor that a claim of a particular code does not require scrutiny.”

Sometimes I wonder just how much of the Simon Necronomicon has Mister Daniel Harms actually read? I never knew that the two herbs he mentioned played a “prominent role” in the Simon Necronomicon. Most of the Gate-Walkers I know do not use it. Interesting statement Mister Daniel Harms; Or is that one of you codes that none of us can figure out? The other herb you mentioned is “aglaophotis” which is a herb used to keep a space purified. This is true Mister Daniel Harms. However, I must make one thing clear, as we have discussed the Urilla text is indeed written in code, so some of the forces that are said to be demonic, are not really demonic. This part of the text is written in a way to protect the inexperience, or ignorantly curious from harm. For example, on page 188 of the Simon Necronomicon, in reference to the priests of the Ancient Ones is states:

“These incantations are said by the hidden priests and creatures of these powers,…,of the Old Serpent, the Ancient Worm, TIAMAT, the ABYSS, also called KUTULU..,”

We can see from the quote above that these terms have somewhat of an equal meaning. Later in the Testimony of the Mad Arab part 2 on page 207, it states:

“Know that TIAMAT seeks ever to rise up to the stars, and when the Upper is united to the Lower, then a new Age will come of Earth, and the Serpent shall be made whole, and the Waters will be as One,..”

Prior to this we also find this passage on page 202 it states:

“When the Great KUTULU rises up and greets the Stars, then the War will be over, and the World we be One.”

Yes, Mister Daniel Harms, these coded references taken from the Simon Necronomicon help us to appreciate that this is a work of raising the energy from the ‘Abyss’ to a higher place. Since the working can be somewhat dangerous to the novice, he is given a working of a kinder more sympathetic energy by working with the Elder Gods first. This is done to build up his astral body. You see Mister Daniel Harms, if a person were to read this work, without any former magickal training, they could become deeply confused in actually thinking that it two sides to choose from, the Elder Gods and the Ancients Ones. It seems that the text is written in a way to encourage the practitioner to work with the Elder Gods first, then by the time, he or she, get to the seventh gate they should have figured it out.

You are the Ancient One. Look at how many times Simon refer to Crowley as being an Ancient One in the introductory notes. I will write a page on this in the future, but I wanted to make clear that this is not a book about summoning demons and getting them to do your bidding, its about your own inner growth and purging. I will agree though with my associate, Mister Daniel Harms, that it is amazing how people still can’t let that good old ‘Christianity’ out their heads. They think that they have grown past it, but still use Christian ethics in the occult world. Before the Christian era there were no all good deities, and all bad demons, those concept of spirits are fairly less than 800 years old. Every deity in ancient times had extremely good characteristics and also possessed an extremely evil side as well. So know you got some teenager reading this book, and sincerely believes that his 16-year-old body can fight off energies that a three-thousand years old. It is called being disillusioned! I can agree with Mister Daniel Harms when it comes to those subjects. However, Mister Harms needs to know that there are intelligent, affluent, and scientific, people who are an openly -diverse ethnicity of their own, and we should be respected for the science we have been practicing for years. Although, I do have to take into consideration that it is possible that Mister Daniel harms, may have never met these sorts, and has only met the disillusioned-types whose only room for argument is “get a real job!

Next Mister Daniel Harms had this to say:

“Warlock also asserts his superior understanding of the text because he is a magician. Magicians are inherently better at interpretation than non-magicians, he assures us, because they spent a great deal of time before being initiated in studying mythology, culture, and law. Thus, what makes magicians superior at examining these texts is the hard work they do before they become magicians, leaving non-magicians at a distinct disadvantage. It seems indisputable, doesn’t it?

Based on his arguments, I can immediately see the benefits of having a magician’s perspective on these documents. That the ancient orders have been sitting on the “determine authorship by counting people’s names in the text” argument for millennia is truly a crime against literature. I had no idea that Lovecraft had been writing whole portions of my books.”

First of all, the way the I handled first question of your response is proof enough that an Adept in certain fields has more insight than even someone well-read, though in some cases not. I can admit that, but in this case yes.

Secondly, you’re right about the Lovecraft thing. You mention Lovecraft often because a lot of your works are about Lovecraft. I would expect that. However, in the case of the Simon Necronomicon, the name “Crowley” appears an astonishing 39 times. Why did Simon feel so obligated to make Crowley a part of the work? Because he was part of the work!

Next we find the following words in Mister Daniel Harms’ response:

“Finally, I can certainly understand how merely quoting a similar passage between Crowley and the Necronomicon completely overcomes my objections as to the philosophical and stylistic differences between the texts as a whole. I am somewhat puzzled by the assertion that “Theodoros Philetas” is a Thelemic reference, as it flies in the face of what we know about Lovecraft and in fact displays a gross distortion of Crowley’s Law of Thelema via both linguistics and Gematria. I’m sure Warlock will tell us how he was joking about this point, so that’s all right.”

I could have quoted quite a few passages from Crowley that are similar to the words of the Mad Arab, but I doubt you or I have the time to read through about thirty pages here on the internet. Finally, Mister Dan Harms sees no validity to my comment concerning Theodoros Philetas. Well, if you don’t understand, Why don’t you ask Sonia Greene? I guess you don’t like to write anything about that legend, huh? Hiding behind the ‘chasing Simon’ ordeal to deal with the real story Mister Daniel Harms? You may not remember me because people just said I disappeared in the mid-90’s, but I’m sure your mentors do.

“Let Him beware of abstinence from action. For the curse of His grade is that he must speak Truth, that the Falsehood thereof may enslave the souls of men. Let Him then utter that without Fear, that the Law may be fulfilled. And according to His Original Nature will that law be shapen, so that one may declare gentleness and quietness, being an Hindu; and another fierceness and servility, being a Jew; and yet another ardour and manliness, being an Arab. Yet this matter toucheth the mystery of Incarnation, and is not here to be declared.”

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