Interview With Arijah Khalid-Zyn

“Those who know, need no explanation…and those who don’t know are not supposed to..” 
Warlock Asylum:  For our readers who may not be aware of your many contributions to the world of the occult, can you give us a brief description of yourself?
 Arijah: My name is Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn. I’m a gothic artist and a musician/composer with Zyn and Project Archangel; I’m also the author of the Behenian Star and Sumerian Divination decks and I’m currently working on two books due out later this year; “13th Night: A Rite of Draconian Saturnalia” and “Wyrm: A Book of Draconian Majik” co-written with my partner Mizdimma DeSade. I have many assorted projects I work on. One minute i could be painting murals or working on digital art, the next I could be making music or writing, the next I might be outside in the gardens. Frequently I’m working on them all at once, bouncing from one thing to the next and back again. I guess you could call me a bit of a rogue.

Warlock Asylum: What inspired you to pursue a career in the occult, and what obstacles did you have to face?

Arijah: I can’t say I was “inspired”, I can’t say it’s a “career” nor do I like to use the word “occult” when speaking of natural abilities. The word occult implies that the practice is shadowed or eclipsed from view. My activities for the most part are on front street. Therefore not shadowed, nor “secret” per se. I’m a private person, but I do share my experiences and work freely with others. The word “career” just resonates with making money to  me, and I make no  money off of any of my work. Not the art, nor the music, and most certainly not the books. However I have taken donations from a few people to help feed the stray animals here at Eden. I perceive the word “inspired” to mean that my esoteric activities were brought on by an outside force such as a book. It didn’t quite work that way with me.

I was born this way. I inquired of family members, and others about certain experiences I was having and after receiving information I felt was not adequate, I turned to those I could trust…the stars and the trees. I watched, I listened, I learned.

As far as obstacles that I faced, the greatest obstacle has always been myself. It has always been a reflection of why certain things bother me, why some people are uncomfortable around me, and how I truly felt about those things. I think anyone in esoteric communion has similar conflicts.The external always brings light to internal nature; the internal manifesting itself on the external…the paradox. But that’s what it’s all about I guess. We all have our own alchemy. I never wish for do-overs. I never say “I wish that never happened” or that it was a “bad” decision. All are experiences. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is instead of referring to them as “obstacles” or something to “overcome”, I view each experience as the teacher within guiding me to better understandings and I in essence partnering those energies. Life is an alchemical field trip, a hands on experience.        

Warlock Asylum:  How has your spiritual path enhanced your life and your relationships with others?

 Arijah: Well, it depends on which “others” you’re referring to. If you mean humans in general, it has generated mixed experiences. Some find me scary, others find me comforting. Ultimately, I feel that our relationships are a reflection of ourselves during that particular sequence of “time” in which they were formulated.

I have met many amazing beings. Some have been a little more intense than others and i have connected to specific energies within my “self” with each valuable experience. All of these experiences are evaluated and identified within pattern recognition.

I have kind of similar pattern recurring in a few areas, but we all do. The patterns themselves could be explained as similar to someone studying within a certain field. Some things resonate with me, others don’t. It doesn’t mean that something is “bad” for me, it just means that it’s not resonant. Some resonations I choose not to entertain. 

Warlock Asylum:   Being that this blog page is geared towards those involved with the Simon Necronomicon and Sumerian spirituality in general, what advice, if any, would you give to practitioners of this path? Also have you ever worked with any of the ancient Mesopotamian deities? The Simon Necronomicon?

Arijah: I don’t like to give advice, I can merely offer suggestions, and since I do not work within the Necro current exclusively, any suggestions I may have would ultimately be geared toward a beings connection within the verses themselves, not just one particular current. In other words, I’m not by any means a necronomicon “go to guy”. I see all as keys to understanding. And as I previously stated, it is all about resonation.

The strongest resonations or attractions mean that there is something within that certain book, or experience or relationship that is useful. The best suggestion I can give is to fully evaluate the relationships one has with any energy, regardless of whether that practitioner is referring to them as deity or not. The practice does not stop when one closes a circle or ritual. The majick is everywhere, in everything, every action, every reaction. This is understanding and working within the paradigm of the self.

One may devote a certain time out of the evening to work a more intense working or a deeper devotional, but when one is walking any path, the path is within  them always. It is in the classroom, the job, on the metro, in the kitchen…it’s everywhere and always, and does not resign itself to merely working at one’s mentally or physically conditioned or self appointed time. I think many people lose sight of that, and that’s unfortunate.

Eyes always open. Ears always open. Pattern recognition always. The energies/spirits/deity speak all of the time. The energies may speak to you through something as simple as the actions of as the lady at the bus stop, the way a spider forms it’s web or through a synchronistic event. It’s all in the way an individual perceives these interactions. If you are convinced enlightenment and communication are only present when you shut the door and sit before the altar, then you’re missing 90% of the program. Of course, that’s just my opinion.    

I do work with what is considered to be “ancient”, however, the “ancients” never left. The energies are still alive and well. Society itself has drawn the curtain, however history repeats itself, and what is considered “ancient” is a misnomer in my opinion. Just as the blood flows from one generation into another, so do the memories of our ancestors. We are alive and well and active, therefore what is considered to be the past is alive and well and activated within the mind and heart of those who take the heart and mind to align with it.

In my opinion, the old ways, deities or energies have not been forgotten, they are just being ignored by a populace whose majority must pay the electric bill, and put food on the table or within those who fear the magnitude of the freedom in which the creative chaos itself imparts.

Many have grown comfortable in modern day society, but by doing so, have rendered themselves physically or collectively weak. It can be re-ignited at any time within a the heart, but fear still reigns as king of modern day society. Until the fear mechanism is breached, the veil will remain. One way to connect to a certain time frame is through sand and water. The sand remembers. The water remembers. One merely must align themselves to the memories within each.   

Warlock Asylum:  Interest in the occult phenomena has risen over the past decade, and for some, curiosity has killed the cat. What are some of the things that newcomers should be aware of when exploring the worlds of magic and mysticism?

Know thyself. I mean really, heartfully know thyself. Fear has no place here. Respect…yes. Fear…no. In the book Dune, the Litany Against Fear states “fear is the mind killer.” It is, but it is through the heart that this fear is seeded. Heart becomes thought. Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become character. Character becomes experience. Therefore whatever is in your heart becomes your walking experience and world view.

Do not assume that one system is “better” than another.There are many systems and practices, and if one is speaking to you on a personal level, than by all means look more deeply into it.  Unfortunately, there are some people out there who want to keep people in the dark, and who will always leave you empty if you put all of your energy or trust into them. They may do this by energy hoarding or just may be out there to make money. Not all are like this, but I have run into a few. I’m not a big fan of “orders” because in my personal experience I have found most orders to be limiting.

Experience on a multiversal scale is limitless, and all is acceptable. In other words, if you feel as though you are being jerked around or if you feel as though you are being limited or are told that one group is the “one and only true way” they are attempting to fool you. There is no one way. No one has the crown jewel of esoterism. NO ONE.

Trust yourself. Listen to that inner voice, and be yourself. If your associates are laughing or pointing at you because your practices or personal “system” isn’t within their realm of understanding, then they truly are not maji. A maji understands that all is and the  way is within the self and its connection to the all. The now is the way.       

Warlock Asylum:  What is your opinion of today’s occult world, with all its newly-formed organizations and internet sites, coupled with a large amount of Chaos Magick?

Arijah: The esoteric world is overflowing with information and disinformation and it can all be very confusing. Everybody has their own system, and as I previously stated, not all have your personal growth and potential at heart. It’s confusing for seekers to find others of like mind and practice. There is experience within everything. And as I mentioned, many are out there to make a quick buck or to inflate their own egos at your expense. Just be cautious. Research out any group well. Ask questions.

Chaos practices are a powerful and connective practice in my opinion. It allows the practitioner creativity, and opens up many various levels that may have been previously unattainable. Chaos practice is a lot like Hoodoo in my opinion. In Hoodoo, one can hold a stone, wrap it in a leaf and drop it into a bubbling brook, and if the heart words are focused, the intention will be physically activated/achieved. I believe the same goes for biting the heads off of gummy bears, or writing you name backwards. It all boils down to heart, focus and intention.       

Warlock Asylum:  Having met you through my admittance into an occult organization, what are the intentions behind your involvement and creation of an online occult group?

Arijah: Initially, the Society was to act as an online living library with many different practitioners of many and various paths. It is a place where seekers could go and get accurate information on specific paths, cultures and practices and could be comfortable in their level of experience and not be ridiculed. Recently we have decided to take the society back underground. Associations have been made, information is exchanged, however we found it to be not in our best interest to have an online presence any longer. If anyone has a question they can contact me personally.  

Warlock Asylum: Where do you see the worlds of magic and mysticism going in the next ten years?

 Arijah: My personal feeling is that the term magic and mysticism will remain but the practices and perceptions themselves will become something else. I feel as though beings will be free to connect to levels of experience and understandings and consider them to be natural ability, non-occulted. I see the opening up of information as many groups crumble. I see two major modes of operation within esoteric practice. One being more cyber based and the connection to the levels of the energetic grid via electronic interfaces, and the second being the way back to a more tribal way of connecting to the energetic grid via terrestrial and stellar shamanism. For me, idyllically, the two will merge, and eventually I believe they will do so. Enter “Vril”.     

Warlock Asylum:  Do you think that the occult and western academia will merge together one day?

Arijah:  I don’t think people will be able to separate science and majik if that’s what your asking. Today’s science was of course, yesterdays “majik”. What is missing is practical personal attainment and application in my opinion. So, yes.

Warlock Asylum:  Is there any experience that has had a profound transformational effect upon you?

 Arijah: Every day is a profound transformational experience.

Warlock Asylum: Before we conclude this discussion, what advice would you give to adherents of the Necronomicon Tradition and the Occult World in general?

Arijah: Be not prey, nor victim Keep your heart in the stars and your feet on the ground. . Thanks..will talk to you later  It’s an honor. My pleasure.
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