Interview With Astrologer & Enochian Magician Rafael Barrio About the Necronomicon Tradition


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The Necronomicon Tradition has certainly seen an increase in its membership over the past few years, not only in America, but worldwide. Today we have a chance to see how this Tradition has even influenced people in such lands as South America. I recently had the privilege to interview Rafael Barrio who is from Argentina. Enjoy!

1) Warlock Asylum:  For our readers here on the blog page, would you mind telling us who you are and your background?

Rafael Barrio: . My name is Rafael Barrio, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a professional astrologer and I also have been teaching magic for the past ten years. I have always been self-taught in astrology, magic and I had excellent guides, because without a good guide cannot consider insurance on the way forward. I have explored in various systems of magic, always maintaining a consistent approach. I also formed a program of study that I convey to my students in Argentina and elsewhere in the world. This program consists of several steps beginning with Qliphotic magic, 2-Goetia, 3-Enochian, 4-Vampirism, and the final step that I introduce them to is the Necronomicon Tradition. I have trained many people and I think that it is a blessing to guide others, as I am learning too. So I dedicate my work and my time to esotericism and astrology, development and education. I write about my astrological findings on my blog page: (, I am also writing about the Necronomicon Tradition in another  blog that I have started: (, but a lot of the deeper aspects of the Necronomicon Tradition I only share in private..

2) Warlock Asylum: How did you first come into contact with the Simon Necronomicon and the Necronomicon Tradition?

Rafael Barrio:  Interestingly, it was the first grimoire that I obtained and a very definitive work at that.

3) Warlock Asylum:  What were some of your reason as to why you became a missionary in the Necronomicon Tradition?

Rafael Barrio: After a long journey through the Cabbala, Enochian and Luciferian Magick,   I went into a sort of crisis. I felt that I should make a jump into something stronger. I had the feeling of having prepared the groundwork for something else, but I could not see what it was. I started to investigate the Necronomicon, but I knew instantly that I would need some guidance and that’s how I met Warlock Asylum. That was 2 years ago.

 4) Warlock Asylum: How has Gate-Walking affected your life? And were there any experiences that you found to be remarkable?

Rafael Barrio: It affected my life in a holistic and global way. All areas of life began to line up. I had to make many adjustments, and all my past experiences began to make sense. Clarifying the meaning of the past is how one can understand and even be able to grasp the future. Previous studies in the occult, shaped my outlook and emphasized the meaning of “prior preparation” enabling the magician to establish relationships with foreign gods.” My previous knowledge of magic allowed me to support the enormous changes that come when working the with the Simon Necronomicon. The Simon Necronomicon actually offers what many serious systems of magic only promise union with the Holy Guardian Angel. Although I think this is a preliminary step, knowledge of one’s spirit and his spiritual heritage, all that this implies r in the way you want to express, is certainly what has given me the Necronomicon.

 5) Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to others who are interested in becoming a part of the Necronomicon Tradition?

Rafael Barrio: I think to start with the Necronomicon one has to go through a major psychological adjustment offered by other magical systems. It is truly a dangerous tool for those who are not ready, and once it is undertaken there is clearly no way back. If one goes through life seeking power over others, using the Necronomicon for that is a bad idea. The purification process involved in this work is not something for everyone. On the other hand those who venture into The Necronomicon Tradition  can be assured that they will not go into a state of consciousness that will divorce them from the material world, far from it. The Necronomicon is unique in all its aspects. Amazingly, the practitioner begins their work by focusing on the subtle aspects of the self. Later the Initiate discovers the treasures that reside in the Universe B and more, but the application of these energies and how they are revealed to us happen on this plane of existence. This keep the initiate grounded as they become aware of the invisible forces and their effect on the seen world. Another tip is the importance of doing things right, respecting the times and procedures set by Simon and warnings or adjustments proposed by Warlock. At least until entering the Gate of IAK SAKKAK once there everything changes and the same gods who are revered in the tome clearly lead the magician who has ears to hear. I have no more to say.

6) Warlock Asylum:  Is the Simon Necronomicon known throughout South America? And how is it received?

Rafael Barrio: South America is magically still young. There are many prejudices about magic, very few understand it. It is missing independent magicians, and most of those few that live here are focused on the RHP.. So I think that the Necronomicon and its correct understanding is still far from being understood as a very serious and very effective system of self and spiritual development. Many times I find myself explaining the importance of working on the dark aspects of the self. There are many people who are into “white-light spirituality” and new age currents. However, when it comes to something stronger religions like Umbanda, or lesser forms of magic, or moth-eaten and outdated orders of a century ago still seem to prevail. I think that magically South America is a century overdue. My task here is to build bridges to enable those seriously interested in magic gain access to the LHP current in an authentic way. There are many prejudices to remove and that’s a great task that I aim to accomplish. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Necronomicon is considered simple fictional literature. But I am very confident in the intellectual capacity of South America. Argentina, for example, is a highly educated country in psychology, I dare say that the best psychologists in the world live here, as well as,  excellent astrologers. Today many citizens are on the verge of taking the next step, which is to enter into the magickal knowledge of the LHP. They are baby steps, but steps that will contribute much to magickal growth and development. I’m sure in a couple of decades, Argentina will be the resting place for many serious magicians.

7) Warlock Asylum:  Being an experienced Enochian practitioner, how would you compare Enochian magic with the Necronomicon Tradition?

Rafael Barrio: At first the two systems, although unique in there own way, seemed incompatible systems. While going through the process of initiation with the Necronomicon gods, I had tried to work with such a mixture with Enochian and Necronomicon energies and this created an imbalance in my energy. As I said earlier, after IAK SAKKAK many things changed. But after I started with Azag-Thoth I learned how to integrate the two systems, especially when it came to working with Aethyrs. You can clearly work with Aetyrs in the same way that one works with the Gates of the Necronomicon. I could see that both frequencies benefit from each other and complement each other. But for this to occur we must break with the dual mind and I think that fully manifests when we reach the Gate of Azag-Thoth. On another level, the Enochian works very well enhancing the intellectual capacity of the magician, and you can apply a lot of chthonic forces awakened by the Ancients that one gains during Gate-Walking. The magician must integrate light and darkness, and the balance with the Enochian allows that to occur. I use Enochian Magick as a way to balance the energies that gives me the power to  deepen my relationship with the Ancient and External Gods.