The world's favorite renaissance diva is back as Raylin Joy!

The free-spirited Raylin Joy has ignited the music world with a dose of reality not seen since the days of Cyndi Lauper. Of course Raylin is not a foreigner of the girls just want to have fun experience. She is a former adult actress and entertainer, popularly known by the stage name Skin Diamond. Personally, I never associated her former career with that of a pornographic actress. Raylin is more like an erotic humanitarian. Her guiltless approach towards life’s creative principle made even the most hardcore expressions of sensuality appear as a baptism of spiritual release.

The world's favorite renaissance diva is back as Raylin Joy!
The world’s favorite renaissance diva is back as Raylin Joy!

Like the goddess Ishtar emerging from the depths of her own subconscious mind (the underworld), Raylin has resurrected another fetish within herself for the joy of this world-music.  Now we get to know Raylin Joy in a much more intimate way than before. It’s 2016 and Pop music’s new temptress has banged out three hot singles with a mission of bringing humanity back to the orgasmic world it once fell from. Amen!

I am deeply impressed with Raylin Joy’s music so far. Amazingly, she has been able to create a distinct sound for herself in just a short time. The world needs a Raylin Joy album! It would be a crime not to let our readers know that 2016 does have some goodies in store and made available on iTunes.

Fire by Raylin Joy. This is such a beautiful song and the video is a testimony of Skin Diamond’s exit and Raylin Joy’s entrance. Produced by Ben Cole and Raylin Joy, the craftsmanship of this music is perfected like a golden time piece. Raylin is smart. She knows that her entrance into the music is during an industry’s successful experiment of dumbing-down listeners, but still manages to produce an authentic sound by remaining true to herself. Sometimes music has a certain song within a song. Sometimes the vocals outshine the music. In this case it’s a perfect combination of both. Fire is that organic masterpiece that is sure to capture the ears of Johann Sebastian Bach and those of the Millennials.

The video for Fire is really groovy. It’s kind of like this point-of-view musical trail that lets you know how Raylin Joy has emerged from the shell of Skin Diamond. Its filmed in a sort of hazy-tone that makes feel you like you’re in the room.

Feel Me by Raylin Joy is another musical gem. Produced by Ghost Kasen, the song is definitely a club banga! It’s a track that uses the empty space method for getting the dance vibe right. When I close my eyes and listen to Feel Me, I’m at the club and you can be too!

All Night by Raylin Joy is gorgeous surprise and the lyrics are cynical. I’m really feeling Raylin on this track! The production is tremendous! Each single that has been released so far can stand up on its own as a single. All Night has a sound that’s very distinctive and vocally we get to see where Raylin is at in life.

The world needs to send a note of thanks to Raylin Joy for being in the business of revealing the human potential. When I first heard about Raylin’s transition from the pron industry into the music business, I really wasn’t surprised. Raylin Joy is the type of person who accomplishes her aims. It’s very simple. I’m just surprised that she hasn’t entered the world of politics. But I guess that’s a story we’ll save for the future.

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