Moving Beyond & Within The Necronomicon Tradition: Exclusive Interview With Adept David Stolowitz (Optimystic)


Since the beginning of the Gate-Walker’s Info Page, we have received many comments from people who are from different parts of the spiritual community at large, one individual in particular was a very intelligent man named David Stolowitz. Different than most people who responded to the blog page, Stolowitz’s comments were unique and sometimes critical, but provided the reader with another perspective in relationship to the material being present. Ironically, Stolowitz’s comments came at a time when noted scholar Dan Harms and Warlock Asylum were in heavy debate about the origins and usage of the Simon Necronomicon. Eventually Stolowitz became not just an observer, but a doer, as he set out on his own quest to see if the system is workable or not. His wonderful insights and comments, his experience in various mystical schools, led to his appointment as one of the chief contributors to the Simon Necronomicon Gate-Walker’s Info Page, under the pen-name “optimystic6.” Since that time Stolowitz has become one of the most noted contributors to Necronomicon culture along with Peter Levenda, Parker Ryan, Warlock Asylum, Adept Edunpanna, Rafael Barrio, Ben Nixx, Dan Harms, and many others. He is also one of the few Necronomicon Practitioners that has successfully worked with the Urilia Text, which makes him a “Dragon.”

“But the Dead may be always summoned, and many times are willing to rise; but some are stubborn and desire to remain Where they are, and do not rise, save for the efforts of the Priest, who has power, as ISHTAR, both in this Place and in the Other.”

Some examples of Stolowitz’s work can be found under the following links:

Readers can find more information by Stolowitz by searching on our menu section that fall to the right of this page and looking under the name “optimystic.”  Stolowitz is just an all around good guy. he is very practical and honest, brutally straightforward, but has the unique insight, since he was never a follower. He is a doer and this quality has led him to an abundance of happiness and joy in life. I recently held an interview with genius mind himself and I must admit that it was a very insightful experience for me, as well as, inspirational. The interview went as follows:

Adept David Stolowitz

Warlock Asylum: I am sure that many of our regular readers are familiar with who you are being Optimystic, but for those who are not, how would you describe yourself?

David Stolowitz: I’m an eclectic western mage who’s studied and practiced in a lot of different esoteric traditions. I found this site a couple years ago while I was in Hawaii with my family and started commenting on posts, based on my own similar experiences and conclusions with the Necronomicon to what Warlock was writing about. Eventually he asked me to write some stuff for the site, and it turned out to be real good timing as I was learning a lot in the process.

Warlock Asylum: How did you discover the Simon Necronomicon?

David Stolowitz: I bought a copy of the Simon Necronomicon many years ago, but I didn’t understand it very well and had shelved it for future study and reference once I felt I had better bearings in the occult. Incidentally, I hear that story a lot around here and on the forums. I rediscovered right about the time I was becoming a temple magistrate — walking the Ninib/Saturn gate. I found the Necronomicon opening up for me in a way it had not before, because I hadn’t been ready for it.

Warlock Asylum: What factors helped you decide to give Gate-Walking a try?

David Stolowitz: Like many ceremonial magi who have looked over the Necronomicon, I had reached the preliminary conclusion that the Necronomicon at best had a system of planetary initiation tied up to two grammars based on Sumerian gods and the Cthulhu mythos respectively. I didn’t see any unique appeal of the book at the time except for those who were big Lovecraft fans or aimed specifically for dark and mysterious rituals. But this is the way the book is structured deliberately: it doesn’t let you into its deeper secrets until you are prepared for them and can handle them.

Its very much a matter of calling whether one can work well with this system or not. It called to me personally. In my case, it’s probably because of my interests in left-hand paths and dark mysticism. Fear has had a lot of power over my life in one form or another, and this system is good (if brutal) in teaching people how to deal with it effectively. I also found that once one went beyond superficials, as I was learning to do, you could see the connections in the Necronomicon to other traditions we often study, including the Kabala and even Rosicrucianism.

I’ve found that if the Necronomicon doesn’t want you, it will send you to somebody else better suited; even if it’s finding Jesus in a Charismatic Evangelist Church.

I don’t see the Necronomicon as a tradition so much as an Egregore – a Living Watcher over its own wisdom and ways. The real Necronomicon is not even that little Avon paperback we hold in our hands. It’s the entire Cube of Space-Time. Like all good grammars of magic, the text itself is just the “Quick Start” guide to launching the REAL program: the meta-programming of an individual’s existence.

Warlock Asylum: Since Gate-Walking have you ventured into any other tradition, and if so, why?

David Stolowitz: It’s interesting that you ask this question, because I actually have. This seems to be the natural consequence of the highest initiation in the Necronomicon system — ie, the Absu/Tiamat Gate at the entrance to the Temple of the Lost. The second part of the Mad testimony is actually a whole scroll on where to go next in your studies and practices once you’ve worked with the Urilia text to satisfaction. Given that many different yet related cults are mentioned, it seems to imply that we’ll naturally go our own ways and adventures to learn more, at the same time being cognizant that we are all walking into that same, ancient, mysterious Temple of the Ancient of Days.

It doesn’t surprise me that you would feel a draw for Shinto, as did Michael Bertaiux. Myself, I’ve been drawn to Taoism, which actually has a Dragon Gate sect and a great alchemy school that works with the energies of the Dragon and the Tiger. I’m also doing research on Faustian Magic, whose 7 Electors of Hell I believe are one and the same as our 7 fallen Anunnaki. I feel that the Necronomicon prepared me for all of this.

Warlock Asylum: How did Gate-Walking benefit you and your spiritual path?

David Stolowitz: I learned a lot about the history of the world with the help of the Necronomicon and its attendant spirits and gods. It gave me a means to understand ancient lore and to tie together the pieces of disparate traditions. The old Magi, the Fire Priests of An, had a message they wanted to share with the world, and I think this system is largely a result of that. It is poetic and open enough that it can lead different people in very different roads and directions while still generally enlightening them. It’s also idiot-proof, in the sense that beginners will be too frightened to do anything stupid enough to jeopardize their souls or lives.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to someone who wishes to move on to other studies after having been initiated into the Necronomicon Tradition?

David Stolowitz: My advice would be that you should realize the scope of Esoteric Tradition is much greater than any one school. The Book of Black Earth is the Book of Life and Death in which all our names are scribed by the Heavenly powers. We overlay unnecessary complications and politics on top of what are essential simple approaches. We do this at the behest of demons we do not know or understand in the midst of our ignorance. But eventually these demons bow before the Soul Fire that burns in the core of our Being.

No one text has all the answers, and all the good ones point you back to yourself and your own life as the means to attain spiritual Unity and communion with God. In the Greater Mysteries, you have the realization of the games you are caught in, and how religious competitions, personality cults, and elitist orders are just continuations of the oldest ego games running in the galaxy. When you realize greater truths about the Universe and yourself, you stop playing and feeding these games and you concentrate on the really important things in life. That marks you as approaching the mastery of this book and tradition: the ability to transcend it. It’s not that the Necronomicon runs dry and you are “done” with it. It’s that you realize the whole thing was never limited to that book in the first place.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in the Necronomicon Tradition?

David Stolowitz: If you perform these operations often, things will go dark. The sun, the moon, and the stars will all lose their comparative light, and you will be drawn to something deeper and fuller. And seeing the Fire burning in all things, the dog-faced Anunnaki will leap forth, and YOU shall bring them down. For you are of a race beyond the Wanderers of Night.

Warlock Asylum: Where are you today in your spiritual evolution?

David Stolowitz: I’m about to reach level 10 – I just need 150 more XP 🙂

 Thank you for your time and insights David. You are a continued source of encouragement for all initiates of primordial traditions, and can you please write an article about the Mad Arab’s Second Testimony? 🙂

Stay Blessed!