Summoning Part 3: Stepping into the Circle

As stated in earlier articles, the authority on which conjuration is based is Divine (or Asuric) in nature. There are many different ways to call an entity for service, but both the Necronomicon and the Grammers (grimoires) of Abrahamic magic perpetuate the masculine methods of the Priests of Sword and Flame.

The Sword is the embodiment of the element of Air, and thus the critical ability of the mind to discern, dissect, and analyze. The word ‘analyze’ actually derives from a root that means to cut into pieces. One of the famous stories of King Solomon, Prince of Summoners, involves his discernment about the truth behind two rival women’s claims of motherhood over a single child. Solomon ordered that the baby be cut in two and the halves distributed to each woman. Through the Wisdom he had acquired, Solomon was able to see that the woman who renounced her claim of motherhood in deference to the child’s survival was the child’s true mother. The Greater Key of Solomon and some other grammars contain methods for the creation of magical swords and daggers which can be used not only to command but actually to harm spirits if they get out of hand. The Sword reflect’s the human mind’s ability to cut to the heart of a matter. As it was said to Mary the Mother of Christ, “A Sword will pierce your heart, that the thoughts of the many may be revealed.” This sword is none other than the Sword of Moses: the God El-Lil, the Angel Il; Master of the Winds.

The Wand is the embodiment of the element of Fire, and observers have not been off the mark in noting its phallic nature. The Scepter of the King is the origin of the Seed of Life and exercises a very real power that demands respect. “Behold my Wand – full of the Fire of Life!” states one line from our Necronomicon. Although men naturally possess this extension of will in physical nature, it exists in women as well – though they are often stigmatized as witches when they exercise its power. The image of the witch riding on her broomstick and exercising real power beneath the cover of darkness and moonlight is an inherently feminist one. The witch, like the wizard, is an individual that seeks to embody the sacred marriage of the hermaphrodite by claiming both the spirits of masculine and feminine nature. Fire is a symbol of Creative Power — the ability not only to rearrange the elements of the world, but to purge them and actually forge them into a New Creation. Through this power, attributed to the gods An and Gibil, one can become a co-creator with the Highest, and help to cleanse the world of the pain and suffering that plagues it.

Armed with these powerful tools, a Fire Priest (Magu) steps into the bounds of the Perfect Circle in order to execute his or her call. Many different materials can be used to form a physical circle, as our Nec outlines, but its important to remember that the True Circle is the Universal Unity (The Ancient ONE), and that physical circles should reinforce and reflect the power of that Unity and its expression.

There are a number of different circles and mandalas that can be used in a calling. Similar to conjurations, they can be chosen and modified to reflect specific circumstances and types of calling. Some circles are designed more for directional work and incorporate four-fold symbolism and guardians to achieve their purposes.

Here are a number of examples, both from the Simon Necronomicon and other grammars:

“Bara Utuk Xul – Bar Evil Spirits”. The circle itself is not evident here; the symbolic force is instead concentrated into an interpenetrated square. The Dingir sign and what I take to be Saturnine symbols reinforce the ban on all spirits inimical to the Earth — very typical for our Necronomicon.

“Bara Kakodaimonos” – Bar wicked daimons. The Elder Sign and other recognizable seals combine into an eight-fold figure of protection and empowerment. The number and sphere of 8 is associated with the Stars and the Igigi, and hence they shine their light down upon the aspirant, to protect and guide him along their ancient path.

This is the magic circle from the Lesser Key of Solomon’s Scroll of Goetia. A typical and famous circle in Solomonic magic, it snakes outward with the successive names of the Spheres (Sephirot`) and their respective Archangels and God-names. The Tau cross, seen within the hexagons of David, is an ancient symbol of the Tree of Life that actually predates Christianity, and goes all the way back to Lemuria. Triangles are used in Solomonic magic for particularly troublesome spirits that require containment.

Alpha and Omega are the first and final letters of the Greek Alphabeta, and are a title of God as “First and Last”, according to the Revelation of Saint John the Divine. YHWH is the classic and ever-powerful Tetragramaton (four-fold name) of Judaism. Primaneumaton means “Primal Spirit”. This complex diagram merges a number of traditions for a very thorough and complete mandala of spiritual authority, illustrating the nature of the Divine and the Asura.

This customized circle is taken from the Heptameron, a book of Theurgia-Goetia and weekly aerial spirits attributed to Peter of Abano. The names on the circumferae are modified depending on the date, time, and entities being called. A different circle is created for each session thereby, illustrating the changing nature of the seasons and influences at any given time. Hopefully the summoner who uses this circle will take notice of its implications and act accordingly!

This is a Solomonic circle from the Greater Key, which enjoyed both great popularity and a variety of versions. Joseph Peterson has done an excellent job at collecting and cataloguing many of these images and texts at his wonderful website, Twilight Grotto Esoteric Archives, which I highly recommend to everyone interested in the grammars and ceremonial magic. This glyph displays the Pillars of the Earth interacting with Heavenly elements, and the world being blessed thereby. These are also the Stations of the Cross which Christ lived out in the course of his ministry. This is a very holy symbol that can bring great peace to the one who steps into its protection. Although this particular artist’s work leaves much to be desired, the image presents the philosophical principle of the Squaring of the Circle, which is the reconciliation of Heaven and Earth: the Great Marriage of both the pagan religions and Monotheism.

You have been forewarned and forearmed. Now be a good scientist, and go experiment 🙂