Redefining The Necronomicon Tradition


Recently, we have noticed an increase in the population of the Gate-Walking Community. Many of our experienced practitioners have reported an increase in the number of their students. Adept Ashnook  during an interview mentioned that he has revealed the system to about 40 people. Other Gate-Walkers have as many as 20-30 people.

An Initiate of the Necronomicon Tradition After Summoning Her Watcher In Tibet

It seems that this increase in numbers is one reason why we see parodies covered in the media concerning Lovecraft  idea of a Necronomicon. This is probably due to a confusion based on the word “necronomicon.” In one aspect you have a group of people who immediately associate the “necronomicon” with Lovecraft’s Mythos, on the other hand there are many out there who use this term to describe the ancient rites and practices of Mesopotamia and initiatory rituals in the Simon Necronomicon. Let us take a look at an example of this.

I have a friend named Miss “L” whose life has been transformed tremendously by applying the Gate-Walking rites via the Simon Necronomicon. Miss “L” has a friend who notices how her life has changed. Miss “L” tells her experience in using the “Necronomicon” has really helped her. The woman then goes online and starts asking about the “necronomicon.” Many people respond to her questions by citing information showing that Lovecraft’s “necronomicon” was a fictional book preventing the woman from accessing the ancient rites of Mesopotamia via the Simon Necronomicon. It is for this reasons such as these that we find it necessary to replace the term “necronomicon” with qliphotic when referring to the Necronomicon Tradition. I look forward to hearing your advice in such matters.

Stay Blessed