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Simon Magus Interviews Amaya Taoka: The Brooklyn Geisha

Amaya Taoka Speaks Out For The Frist Time in Ten Years!

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Papers In The Attic blog page! Today, we have a special guest, Ms. Amaya Taoka. The Life of Amaya Taoka is covered in the book Brooklyn Geisha by Warlock Asylum. For our readers who are not familiar with your persona, how would describe yourself

Amaya: I am nobody, like everything else. Today, I spent a lot of my youth working as a model. Today, I spend a lot of my time watching my investments and contributing to charitable works. I was born into what you would call “The Necronomicon Tradition.”

Simon Magus: What do you mean by being “born into the Necronomicon Tradition?”

Amaya: I am what some would refer to as a “jinn woman.” I could use the term “majin” in Japanese, but that has a negative edge to it.

Simon Magus: Wow! That is amazing. In your opinion, how is the Necronomicon received by the world of the Jinn?

Amaya: It is a book of the Jinn. The stuff that Lovecraft spoke about was in some ways a “fictional term.” However, it should be remembered that there is no difference between artistic inspiration and spirit possession. The Simon Necronomicon is partially authentic, some of the other parts were added to fill in some things, but the self-initiation rite is the meat of the tome. It is a way to contact the world I am from. The jinn are misunderstood entirely, but primarily it refers to a people who were earth’s first inhabitants. You learn about this in the Magan text. All the generations listed therein are races of the genie.

Simon Magus: So how are practitioners of the Simon Necronomicon affected by the rituals and the like?

Amaya: It can work in one or two ways. They can better their lives and come in harmony with the “old ways,” or they can dabble in the workings and mess up their lives. A person shouldn’t sample with such foolishness. I am a kind genie, but in our world there are many elements, more than this world, all sorts of animals and what have you. It is a path that is for our children and our children only. It is a closed system. Mankind was our experiment and a useful one. We can possess one human body or several. The whole idea of the Necronomicon Tradition is to wake our sisters and brethren up. Here it is Christianity has this story about fallen angles and etc, but “gods’s son” is going to lay his life down on the line for human beings who never proved their loyalty to the universe. They don’t even take care of their earthly home. The story is presented backwards. God’s son came to help the fallen angels trapped in human bodies to remember who they were. “You are from a race beyond the stars.” In the beginning we send the Initiate a Watcher from their earliest memory. In order to call a Watcher you must have one since birth. This is also affirmation that you are a Watcher. After wars, the initiate faces a seven month process of initiation, or longer. Boy, these human esoteric schools are a joke. They give you a label after going through some ceremony that lasts for one day or a week. After being stripped down during the process of self-initiation, methods of nurturing the spark that exists within you are employed. It’s a very beautiful process.

Simon Magus: Interesting indeed. So what is an average day like for Amaya Taoka?

Amaya Taoka: Probably like yours, something exciting. When you can look beyond the veil, heaven and earth become one. It is work. I am three centuries old, which is about 27-30 human years.  I have my own alchemy to do. We assist those that we remember, but we also have our own lives to live.

Simon Magus: That’s a very interesting point. How did the Brooklyn Geisha come about?

Amaya Taoka: Well, Warlock Asylum contacted me. I had mentored him in this tradition for quite some time. A lot of our dialogue was telepathic and in dreams. I think over time he kind of figured out that that I wasn’t a normal woman. Laughs.

Simon Magus: Laughs. What advice would you give to women, like myself, who are Initiates of this tradition?

Amaya Taoka: That’s a good question. I say this because we find Ishtar as the only female deity among the gates, but it should also be remembered that all come from Tiamat, the mother. All of these deities must also abide to the ancient covenant administered by DinGir Ereshikigal. These are archetypes in themselves but women do have reign in the Necronomicon Tradition.

Simon Magus: I know our time is short, but what advice would you give to our readers? Any final thoughts?

Amaya Taoka: Don’t be afraid to dream. Magic is not separate from life, magic is life. The Ancient Ones are in all things. It’s a beautiful world and it is important that you respect the beauty in yourself and the world around you. The Necronomicon tradition is about making that happen, many blessings!

7 thoughts on “Simon Magus Interviews Amaya Taoka: The Brooklyn Geisha

  1. Wait, does she actually believe in the gods mentioned in the necronomicon? Also, if she is a Djinn, isn’t she supposed to be more stronger, intelligent or something?

    1. It is said that there exist no stupid questions, yet I can honestly say that yours prove this expression to be incorrect. Forgive me my bluntness, but try and be observant of the things you read, and when you do, the need to ask questions of this particular kind will vanish like snow in the hot midday sun.

      As you seem to be an unfamiliar face to me I will give you some proper advice. Take care, and pay attention to, the manner in which you voice your questions in a sacred place such as this one. For even if the formulating of your question was an unintentional error, it does carry the load of insult, closely bordering on sacrilege, towards the DinGir. All of us believe in those gods. In fact, we are among the very few people who are actually truly able to interact with them in fashions that no church is able to conjure up. To take in doubt these mighty ones is a sure way to receive a blessing of a most unwelcome nature, being a gift of Them, just to show you the foolishness of the human mind. Please, read some books before asking questions.

    2. Warlock Asylum says:

      After meeting Ms. Taoka, i must say that she is a remarkable person. She is the one that mentored me in some aspects of the Necronomicon tradition, along with another teacher who asked to be nameless. To answer your question, yes.

      The gods of this tradition are in fact jinn Kings and Queens that we commonly refer to as the DinGir. The gate-walking initiation seves to teach us in their ways, similar to how a person must go through the immigration process before becoming a resident of citizen of a particular country. The term “jinn” is not a true term of ourtradition, but only seres as a historical point of reference among the nations of mankind.

      The definition of Jinn as stronger and more intelligent is really a religious perspective, based on the accounts their founders and prophetswere told to give to them. Thanks for stopping by.

      stay blessed

  2. Another word of caution which slipped my mind earlier is very similar to the advice above, and definitely does also apply to the race of the Jinn. From the little information available on this grand race of magnificent beings it is very clear that one must act in a most careful and respectful manner when dealing with members of that race. There is a reason for the little amount of information on this subject, as the very lack of it speaks for itself.

    I also do not really understand your question about Ms. Taoka, as it is clear that you possess little to no knowledge on the subject. Your question implies that your perception of her was not what you had expected, and you seemingly are disappointed by what you learned.

    Wanna test how strong and intelligent a member of Jinn society truly is?

    Piss one off, and you’ll get a first hand experience, no doubt!

  3. It is interesting how the vision of some people is that beings who are above common humanity has this affinity to Hollywood theatrics.They will lift cars, move things with their minds and be some what like the heroes of marvel comics. The Gods are not Gods because they have super powers, but because they can transcend human limits and restrictions. Because They Know and SEE, undefiled Wisdom.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @Dakkel…very wise. Thank you for sharing that insight.

  4. aruirkalla says:

    I liked the interview and I am so happy right now. 🙂 ”Don’t be afraid to dream. Magic is not separate from life, magic is life” my favorite line.

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