Spiritual Practices of The Necronomicon Tradition: The Morning Prayer and Meditation

I would like to welcome everyone to the GateWalker’s Info Page. if this is your first time here, please review some of our previous articles so that you may understand the content of our current discussion.

Dan Harms raised some interesting points about the the use of the Simon Necronomicon as a spiritual system during one of our recent debates. This question may also have crossed the minds of both avid readers of the GateWalkers’s Page, as well as, new practitioners of the Simon Necronomicon. Therefore, I though that it might be useful to list some of the spiritual practices of the Necronomicon Tradition for newcomers and the initiated.

Before we begin this discussion, it is necessary for me to state that there has been a lot of misinformation concerning the occult arts spreading throughout the internet and “new age “books as of late.  I am certain that the origin of this situation lies in the fact that many who attracted to the occult arts have misguided intent. Simon was aware of this problem as well. In the introduction of the Simon Necronomicon, under the subheading, The Devil, Simon makes the following observation:

“For, as it is said in one of man’s most ancient of Covenants, the Emerald Table, “As Above, So Below”. Man’s power to alter the nature of his environment must develop simultaneously with his ability to master his inner environment, his own mind his psyche, soul, spirit. Perhaps, then, the lunar landing was the first collective initiation for humanity, which will bring it one step closer to a beneficial Force that resides beyond the race of the “cruel celestial spirits”, past the Abyss of Knowledge. Yet, he must remember that the occult powers that accompany magickal attainment are ornamental only, indications of obstacles overcome on the Path to Perfection, and are not to be sought after in themselves, for therein lies the truth Death.”

It is very sad to see that most people involved in the occult arts are not aware of the theme of the Greater Mysteries and wind up hurting themselves in the process of “dabbling” and joining occult orders whose sole purpose is bent on seeing some sort of “miraculous” things occur just because a ritual is performed. The evidence of supernatural phenomena and how it enters your experience is not the goal of the Greater Mysteries, but perfection of self is. There is no value in ritual if  one has no relationship with the deity that is being called.  The purpose of occult initiations is to open up a relationship with the entities that one will use in their occult practice. The idea that some entity, which is over 2,000 years old is going to help someone who is under four decades old just because they can read a passage out of a book is simply stupid. This is why the Simon Necronomicon includes a path of self-initiation.  It is a complete system.

The next hangup that many have in the occult community is the use of money to acquire books or to pay dues to a credible occult organization.  One has to be careful because there are a lot of scams out there. Do your research and check references before aligning with any group, whether it is free to join, or there are membership fees. Membership fees are often used by serious occult organizations to screen out the mere curious from those who are serious about the Greater Mysteries. This principle also applies to the spiritual world as well. Every deity requires some sort of sacrifice, whether its prayerful devotion, bread, or etc. If the said occult organization is an actual physical manifestation of a spiritual one then they have every right to imitate their ruling deity’s action by charging membership fees. Time is money and if a person doesn’t see the need to reimburse someone who as taken their own time to help someone understand a valuable practice, it just further proof that selfish people still exist in the world. While people may believe that they can escape their actions, it must be understood that regardless if a person is walking a dark or light path, success in the occult world lies entirely of virtue. If you are looking for a reputable “occult organization”  where you can really gain some good insight into the Greater Mysteries then look into The Temple of the Vampire. Now let us begin to look at some spiritual practices of the Necronomicon Tradition

Morning Prayer

There are many prayers listed in the Simon Necronomicon, sometimes they are called “incantations. However, there is one prayer that is specifically to be done during the day. The best time for it is when we awaken in the morning. It is mentioned in the beginning of the Second Testimony of the Mad Arab:


Day of Living, Rising Sun
Day of Plenty, gracious Sun
Day of Perfect, Grand Delight
Day of Fortune, Brilliant Night
O Shining Day!
O Laughing Day!
O Day of Life, and Love and Luck!
Seven Oldest, Wisest Ones!
Seven Sacred, Learned Ones!
Be my Guardians, polished Swords
Be my Watchful, patient Lords
Protect me from the Rabishu
O Shining, Splendorous APHKALLHU

This is the Morning Prayer of the Necronomicon Tradition. It is a way of acknoledging and thank the Gate deities for another day and a reminder of our relationship with them. This is not something made up in the mind of Simon, but it is an actual ancient Mesopotamian prayer. If we look further into the APHKALLHU we can get a sense that this is a protective prayer.

The term APHKALLHU derives from the term Apkallu, which Wikipedia gives the following definition:

“The Abgal, (Akkadian: Apkallu) are seven Sumerian demigods said to have been created by the god Enki (Akkadian: Ea) to give civilization to mankind. They served as priests of Enki and as advisors or sages to the earliest “kings” or rulers of Sumeria before the flood. They are credited with giving mankind the me (moral code), the crafts, and the arts. They were seen as fish-like men who emerged from the sweet water Apsu. They are commonly represented as having the lower torso of a fish, or dressed as a fish. They have also been depicted with wings, having either a human head or an eagle’s head.[1]

Adapa (U-an, Oannes) was the first of the Apkallu. The others were U-an-dugga, En-me-duga, En-me-galanna, En-me-buluga, An-enlilda, and Utu-abzu.”

This prayer works very well for protection and prosperity and should be recited twice a day.There are more spiritual practice that are given to us in the Second Testimony of the Mad Arab:

“and the Priest must calm them and take this book, of which he must make a copy in his own,..”

This is also emphasized in the Magan Text:

“I copied these words down in my tongue and kept them faithfully these many years, and my own copy will go with me to the place where I will go..”

It is here that we find one of the most important practices of the Necronomicon Path-Meditation. Before we go ahead any further it is necessary for us to a clear understanding about what meditation really means as it has been often misunderstood in the Western World. The etymology of the term meditation is as follows:

“The word meditation comes from the Indo-European root med-, meaning “to measure.”[1][2] It entered English as meditation through the Latin meditatio, which originally indicated any type of physical or intellectual exercise, then later evolved into the more specific meaning “contemplation.”

 It is with this understanding of the etymology that we are able to look deeper into the term meditation. There are many ‘new age” groups that will emphasize that meditation is a practice wherein the practitioner goal is to empty the mind, but this is not the meaning of the term amongst serious student of the occult and Eastern mysticism, as found in Taoism and etc. In the East, meditation was always considered an activity. It was strongly believed that if a person left the mind empty it could allow negative forces to enter. It is with this understanding that meditative practices were formed, such s the Tea Ceremony and Chinese caligraphy. Thus, the Mad Arab’ made it a requirement  each Initiate copied the text over in their own hand, which is also a meditative exercise that is just as important as the GateWalking rituals of self-initiation.

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  1. thank you so much for this article! I will be writing my copy of the morning prayer first thing in the morning!


  2. I concur that the goal of mediation is not to empty the mind, but to perform an intellectual and spiritual exercise of contemplation. The idea that Chinese calligraphy was a form of mediation was taken due to the fact that the phrases, or characters written where usually philosophical ideas or entire proverbs that serve to stimulate contemplation on the higher meaning of the ideas. This article closes an important gap in modern occultism and is the idea of daily exercises to strength the astral body and connect with the energy current of the Divine Darkness (as I personally recognize it). Most grimoire have more ritual than practical daily exercises. Almost every witchcraft, magick, satanist and new age book is full with how to perform the promise of “changing reality in accordance to the will” but little on elevation one’s self to the divine will or status. They lack the macro-cosmic view and are stuck in the same boat of Primitive practice of sympathetic magick.


  3. I am not speaking from a studious point of view of comparing notes in books or what have you. When in terms of Asian spirituality, this perspective was taught to me during my initiation into certain Eastern systems. it is held that whatever we do, we can use meditatively. The Tao that can be named is not the Tao. Likewise, in Western magical systems, you will not find exercises in book on witchcraft or what have you. Those things are shared primarily between a student and his/her mentor, which is indeed a beautiful process.

    Stay blessed


  4. I talk on personal practice, and indeed anything we do can be used as meditation. I not only compare notes but also practice. Innitiation is a beautiful process but a personal one. I have yet to be mentored by anyone who is not in an ego trip, that is the hard reality of the Left Hand path. And in Puerto Rico where I reside, individuals with a keen intelect and thirst for eligthment are a commodity that is at best minnimal and non existent at worst. But again I appreciate your information and closing this gap between daily living exersices and grand rituals for a desired elevation of awareness or physical outcome.


  5. Our tradition is not really considered LHP or RHP…though the Simon book does speak through dark aesthetics. It is good to have you along and sharing some of your concerns and insights. many blessings to you.


  6. I love this…I was doing some research and found a picture of the Sumerian creation. I had to draw the picture in my book. It is a picture of a potter making a vase, and a man holding a finished vase and a woman sitting on a stump with a small man in her hand. There was also a tree behind this woman…It looks like enki ea is the potter and Ishtar is the qeen presenting the creation sitting infront of the tree of life. I do not know if my thoughts are correct but it’s cool.


  7. I feel a connection by developing a relationship when I recite this prayer every morning before going to work. It lingers in my mind through out the day…Thank you.


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