The Works of Warlock Asylum

Greetings Brothers.

For quite some time now I have been the proud owner of The Atlantean Necronomicon written by Warlock Asylum. As an Initiate of the Necronomicon Tradition I have found this work to be an invaluable source of information. Every serious practitioner should therefore own a copy of this great work. But, even though this work was a great accomplishment, Warlock Asylum decided that his work could be greater than it already was. Thus it was that The Atlantean Necronomicon Deluxe Edition was born.

The Deluxe Edition came into print just a few days after I had placed my order for the Atlantean Necronomicon. Because of this I placed the Deluxe Edition somewhat lower on my list (which I keep of works that should be added to my library). A big mistake! It should have been at the top of my list!

Last week I had earned some extra money, and I decided to consult my list so that I could order some new books. I could already stripe off the book which was at the top of my list because I had ordered that title the week before which would be a Christmas present for myself (Babylonian Magic and Sorcery). Next on my list were the two works of Warlock Asylum which I hadn’t in my possession yet. The Dark Knight of Nyarlathotep and The Atlantean Necronomicon Deluxe Edition. I placed my order at and was surprised when the mail came yesterday. The books had already arrived!

Both books are incredible accomplishments, and I strongly suggest that anyone who is interested in the thoughts and experiences of Warlock Asylum should buy these phenomenal works. They are more than worth their money! Especially the Deluxe Edition of the Atlantean Necronomicon! It is a great improvement of the older edition and discusses such topics as the Language of the Jinn, the Seven Gates of Initiation, and the Scriptures of the Sword.

The Deluxe Edition of the Atlantean Necronomicon is without a doubt the best work in print next to the famous Book of the Black Earth itself! It is an invaluable source of information, and an incredible accomplishment of the great Warlock Asylum. Each Priest of the Necronomicon Tradition should definitely add these works to his or her library, as they are of incredible value and contain great wisdom and knowledge.

Keep up the good work Brother!