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Greetings! This is a new page featuring Interviews with people involved in various mystical traditions and fields of academic study. Please note that some people who are interviewed on this page are not an affiliate of Warlock Asylum, and may walk a different path entirely. However, we find that the true Initiate is not limited to the psychological boundaries of the common man and can benefit from the said wisdom of others.

Interview With Adult Entertainer and Model Kenzie Taylor

Warlock Asylum Interviews Pop Diva Tanay Jackson About Her Music And The Jackson Family

Interview With Rap Artist Swiflyfe

Interview With Artist and Actress Melissa Lianne Woods

Interview With Acting Sensation Nicole Vukov

Interview With Legendary Model and Adult Entertainer Kelley Cabbana

Warlock Asylum Interviews Rap Artist and Music Revolutionary epAdemyk

Warlock Asylum Interviews Entrepreneur Cheryl Ong About The New App WIZT

Interview With Legendary Artist and Illustrator Nicolas Botez

Interview With College Math Professor and Rap Artist Chad Rico

Interview With Business Mogul And Fashion Expert Kristen Perez of Nude Paradise

Interview With Travel Expert Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk

Interview With Colby Lee Burke On Travel and the Hilton Head Island in South Carolina

Warlock Asylum Interviews Adult Superstar Cindy Starfall

Interview With Dr. Roopa Rao: The Vision of Anuhya Summer Camp

Interview With Russell Spencer Downe: Helping Family Members Find Each Other After Adoption

Interview With Entrepreneur And Photographer Ismail Sirdah: The Keys of Success

Warlock Asylum Interviews Adult Film Star Ember Snow: Biography of A Self-Made Woman

Warlock Asylum Interviews Mind Scientist Syed Mazhar Uddin Taj

Interview With Robert Nikic: CEO of Why Unified

Warlock Asylum Interviews Adult Superstar Jillian Janson About Living Life To The Fullest

Interview With Asher Cochláin of White Robot

Interview With Musician Hakan Sunar – Founder of Spiritual Machinery

A Nice Chat With Producer and Professional Sound Designer Laurent Bourgeon aka Lotuzia

Interview With Nashville Artist Steven Dunn

Interview With The Legendary Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer

Interview With Hip Hop Artist and Rapper J-Carter

Interview With Country Music Legend Lynne Taylor Donovan

Interview With Nothing But You, Nicky

Interview With Legendary Actor Alfredo Trueba

Interview With Technology Expert Indrasen Poola

Interview With Tantrika Taliah Bassaraba

Interview With Rapper Miranda Writes

Interview With Mahafsoun

Interview With Mama Whodun

Interview With Playwright Amina Henry

Interview With Spiritualist Akachi Lamb

Interview With Mystic Gregory Peters

Interview With Legendary Donald Michael Kraig

Interview With Grandmaster Ashida Kim

Interview With Historian Antony Cummins

Interview With Author Jonathan Blank

Interview With The Legendary Lenon Honor

Interview With Legendary Scholar and Translator of Japanese Folklore- Zack Davisson

Interview With Hypnotherapist Kiu Takabe

Interview With Japanese Spiritualist Eko Hata

Interview With Author Bobby Derie

Interview With Healer Robyn Polo

Interview With THE GOD 720

Interview With Soul Inspirator Cindy Nicole

Interview With A Ninzuwu-American: Drizzle

Interview With Ninpo Taijutsu Practitioner: Noah Chace

Interview With The Multi-Talented Jennifer Edwards

Interview With Professor Qinling Wang

Interview With Rafael Barrio

Interview With Martial Artist Jack LR Williams

Interview With Yoga Instructor Stephanie Delmanto

Interview With Shihan Ron Collins

Interview With Magick La Croix

Interview With Dr. Prabhu Karuna

Interview With Martial Arts Instructor Jeff Christian

Interview With Burial Park

OutofaWhole: The Saviours of Rap Music

Interview With Legendary Poet Nathan P.

Interview With Brooklyn’s Soldier of Love: Poetess Tantra Zawadi

The Godfather: Interview With Legendary Spoken Word Artist Ngoma

Interview With Songstress Nikkole

Interview With The First Lady of Soul – Janet LaBelle

Interview With Denny Sargent About The Simon Necronomicon

Warlock Asylum’s Interview With The Legendary Ashnook (Part 1)

Warlock Asylum’s Interview With Necronomicon Legend Ashnook (Part 2)

Interview With Bobby Derie

Interview With Author & Occultist Donald Tyson: Establishing the Necronomicon Universe

Serapis Gives Us His Advice On The Necronomicon Tradition

Interview With Beast Xeno (T. C. Downey) Host of The Ooze

Interview With Mystic Gregory Peters on Crowley, Grant, and His Work With Legend Phyllis Seckler

Warlock Asylum Interviews The Mysterious Aqganon

Sword of a Sage Woman – Interview With Ankhara Illyantha

Interview With Brother Etluzini

Kristian Leth’s Interview With Warlock Asylum Captured on Danish Radio

Interview With Cult of Cthulhu Diva- Sin Jones

Warlock Asylum Interviews E. A. Koetting: Dark Night of the Soul

Simon Magus Interviews Amaya Taoka: The Brooklyn Geisha

The Godfather of the Infernal Dynasty: Interview With Zach Black

The War Continues: Venger Satanis Interviews Warlock Asylum

When Rivals Meet: Warlock Asylum’s Interview With Joshuia Free

The Spirit of a Warrior: Interview With Necronomicon Legend Sadgili Urbara

Interview with Reverend Necrowolf

Interview With Dark Fool- Co-Host of The Ooze

Interview With Legendary Paranormal Investigator Rosemary Ellen Guiley

The Dimension of Excellence: Interview With Jason Sorrell (Co-host of The Ooze)

Interview With Arijah Khalid-Zyn

Interview With Ben Nixx

Simon Magus Interviews Warlock Asylum

Dan Harms Interview On The Ooze

Warlock Asylum’s Interview With Author H. P. Lovecraft About The Necronomicon Tradition

Interview With The Infamous En Eabatu

Interview With Adept David Stolowitz

A Christian’s Perspective on the Necronomicon Tradition: Interview With Heaven Awaits’ Marianne

Warlock Asylum’s Interview With Cult of Cthulhu Founder Venger Satanis

Interview With Astrologer & Enochian Magician Rafael Barrio About The Necronomicon Tradition

Interview With Miss Evelyn

Warlock Asylum’s Interview With Dan Harms

Warlock Asylum’s Interview With Venus Satanss

Interview With A Member of the Jackson Five Family-And Simon Necronomicon Gate-Walker, Ms. Jackson

Warlock Asylum Interviews Sensei Terraine Hicks (The Dark Lord): Path of Necronomicon Warriorship

Warlock Asylum Interviews Thos Phoenix

Interview With Tarot Scientist Anthony Arcanum

Interview With Tommie Kelly

Interview With Dwight Bonair aka Black Cea’zar

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  1. Laremy Wade El says:

    Greetings Brother, My name is Laremy Wade El. I have some interesting information to share with you. I have been a priest of various Necronomicon ciphers (Simon, al-azif, etc…) since ’95. I am currently the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tiamat #9 that is globally recognized under the Universal Order of Melchizedek/ Knights Templar in France. By mid January, the charter will be public in Emory University Rare Manuscript Archive in Atlanta, Georgia. Here is link of an interview that was done this past year about me: . Please contact me on facebook here or my email address: I am also affiliated with Amache’ of Mami Wata and I have prepared a 33 chapter Manual called “The Tiamat Workbook”. Please contact me in reference to this.

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