Warlock Asylum’s Interview With Beast Xeno (T.C. Downey) Host of The Ooze

 Beast Xeno & Satanic Zach
Close your eyes a second and let’s take a drive through Left-Hand-Pathville. If you look over your shoulder on the right, you can see the library that Dan Harms works in. They say that behind the library is Venus Satanas owns a bar, and sells a good pause out of her truck. Now we’re moving into a section of town called Satansville. Across the street from there is the art gallery owned by Jason Sorrell. Zach Black owns this restaurant where they make the best food in town. I hear that Jason King loves the chicken wings in this place. Let’s hurry up, I got an interview with the Beast. You gotta know who the Beast is!

Warlock Asylum: Just for our readers out there viewing the Simon Necronomicon Gate-Walker’s Page, would you give us a little introduction telling us who you are, and some of you background in the occult world? 

Beast Xeno: Who I am, hopefully will be the least relevant thing we discuss. The importance of it is limited to casting perspective to what I have, am, and will be working for. With that being said lets get on with the descriptors. I am a father, lover, artist, poet, student, mage, and oppugner with a passion for the philosophically or just plain provocative. 

 I started studying the occult at about 13 years of age. My first interests were in hypnosis and slight of hand. From there an examination of Neo-pagan traditions was inevitable. My interests quickly shifted to Left Hand Path philosophies, and in such Satanism became my core philosophy. I have been researching, testing, and adopting (separating the wheat from the chaff) ever since. Going so far as to, join the Freemasons, Cult of Cthulhu, and a few local ‘covens’ (not necessarily in that order) to insure that my Initiation into the Great Mysteries; was built on the strongest cornerstones of understanding.

Warlock Asylum: It’s good to meet a fellow “traveling man,” though cautious. You have consistently maintained an intense “occult ethic” for quite some time, what led to your interest in the occult?

Beast Xeno:  I think I have always been interested in the fantastic. This has made it hard to pinpoint exactly what led to my interest in the occult. Even during my childhood stay as a Christian, I was always looking for a deeper meaning within its tradition. I suppose one could point to the 7th grade book report, in which I chose to contrast ‘The Book of Magic’ by A.F. Collins with ‘An ABC of Witchcraft’ by D. Valiente; as the origin of my interests within the Occult.  

Warlock Asylum: From listening to the show, it seems like you have a strong bond with the other hosts, Zach, Ego, Dark Fool, and Jason King, which really gives the show a good edge. How did you get involved with the Satanic International Network, and Satanism in general?

Beast Xeno:  At 15 years of age, I read The Satanic Bible; that was 1991. Not long after that Satanism became the bedrock of my philosophy. For me, it was like reading an old journal; I had come to a lot of the same conclusions on my own.

 I met Jason Sorrell in an organization called the United Order of Cerberus. The organization focused on unity within the satanic community, and encouraged people to be open about their Satanism. It took only a few posts before I was thoroughly impressed with Jason Sorrell’s artwork, writing style, wit, motivation, and solid thinking. I checked out his Creative Oddities Studios (http://www.creativeodditiesstudios.com) website and from there it wasn’t long till Jason became my favorite artist (living). About four years after that, I began my first blog talk radio show. It was called TwiZded Radio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/twizded-radio). Jason became a regular caller, close friend, and avid promoter of the show. At the conclusion of that project, I joined up with Creative Oddities Studios.

 Zach Black (http://www.youtube.com/user/satanicinternational), Dark Fool (http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkF00L), and Jason King (http://www.youtube.com/user/jason666king) all have youtube channels I had subscribed to.  I’ve known all three about the same amount of time. Having all appeared on The Ooze, I’ve gotten to know them on a personal level. All three are stand up guys; intelligent, driven, insightful, and just plain good company. Zach approached me 8 or 9 months about building a social network for Satanists and LHPers. As a result we now have Satanic International Network (http://www.satanicinternationalnetwork.com).

Warlock Asylum: What other schools of thought have you found beneficial since embarking on your spiritual journey? 

Beast Xeno:  I don’t think I’ve come across any school of thought that, I did not think was beneficial. Even the ideologies I’ve rejected have taught me something about myself and what animates me. If you are asking what schools of thought are relevant to my personal philosophy then I’ve a short list for you. 

1. Satanism (this one might need omitting given the structure of the question)
2. Luciferianism
3. Alchemy (Hermetics in general)
4. The Fourth Way
5. Chaos Magick
6. Discordianism
7. Nero Linguistic Programming
8. Tsun Tzu’ian Philosophy
9. Plato
10. Milton Erickson
11. Immanuel Kant
12. Phil Hine
13. Emanationism
14. Crowley

 I am currently getting interested in Vedic Philosophy. Looking up at the list I gave, I almost feel like; I’m doing all of the other great thinkers an injustice. The likes of Howard Bloom, David Myatt, Albert Pike, Sigmond Freud, Thomas Paine, Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, and so many others are missing. For a long time now, I have been sifting the River of Knowledge; occasionally turning up some nuggets of golden inspiration.

Warlock Asylum: Interesting, I’ve been looking into Vedic Philosophy myself. I applaud your success with The Ooze! How did the show begin? 

Beast Xeno: After reevaluating the fall of TwiZded Radio, it was my assessment that; I needed more focused topically to be successful. I had learned the show’s (TwiZded Radio) successes lied heavily on the obvious bond of host and co-host. I realized a regular cast of callers was the ticket to giving the show a interesting dynamic. These things seemed impossible to recreate.

I was working on a fictional book (still unfinished) and I wanted to incorporate a sinister cult feel to the storyline. I decided I needed a specific ritual written, and I wanted it to be authentic. I had been familiar with Venger Satanis’ (http://www.cultofcthulhu.net) rituals through reading Cthulhu Cult, I decided to get in touch with him. During our conversation I made mention of my previous show and my consideration of doing another, focusing on the Occult. Venger said “Let’s do that. I’ll co-host for you.” and that is pretty much all she wrote.

Warlock Asylum: I’m glad that you decided to stick with broadcasting, as a lot of occultists are benefiting from both the Ooze and S.I.N. Where do you see The Ooze going in the next few years? 

Beast Xeno:  During the recent change in BTR’s policies, (in which BTR limited their free accounts to a half hour show) I was reviewing potential new platforms for the show. I realized there is a market for ‘Occult Science’ type radio, both on the net and off. Some of these platforms offer AM/FM syndication and internet streaming. They are very expensive to do, but in all honesty; that is where I would like the show to go.  This of course means a few things. The dynamic of information, guests, and general content of the show must be dictated to some degree by target audience. This will help increase our listener-ship and perhaps create a marketability for the show. That will enable us to give strength to the unofficial voice of the Left Hand Path.

Fortunately, The Ooze has a wild cast, that everyone seems to enjoy. Zach Black, Ego Diabolus, and Dark Fool are all business… even when we are playing. Our selection of regular callers is a broad and dynamic as the cast of hosts themselves. Enjoying the regular participation of callers such as Born Satanist (http://goatofmendes.ning.com/), Nagasiva Yronwode (http://www.satanservice.org/), Venus Satanis, (http://www.spiritualsatanist.com/), Jason King, Michael Joaquin, Dan Dread, Warlock Asylum, and a multitude of others.  The Ooze is a proud production of Satanic International Network, which hands down is the best social platform for Satanists and other Left Hand Path Practitioners alike. Satanic International Network, Creative Oddities Studios, and The Ooze are all dedicated to one common purpose The Diabolical Infestation of the world. I see nothing standing in the way of achieving that.

Warlock Asylum: Many of our readers, including myself, first became familar with your work  by way of the Cult of Cthulhu, What is your take on Lovecraft? and the whole Necronomicon world in general?

Beast Xeno: Lovecraft has been a source of inspiration for me. HPL himself was from all outward appearances a master of the esoteric realm. This echoes in the depths of his understanding of the human condition, which he demonstrated by creating some of the most horrifying and magically inspired depictions of what reality could be. Lovecraft had his finger on the pulse of the Voidial Current. “Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath” proved Lovecraft a High Adept even if by happenstance. The marvelous thing of his legacy is that he has inspired others to practice Necromancy.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in the occult?

Beast Xeno: Question everything, let nothing be assumed. Doing this gives proper measure to what you’ll allow as Influence. We all fall under a sea of Influences. Conscious consideration, selection, and invocation of these forces, can literally reshape your reality. For this study diligently and measure thrice for excellence. When you act, conjure passionately; immersing with a war-cry to the manifestation of your will. At the peak (Crown) of one Octave, destroy it. Ensuring you fall not to the dogmas of slavery. Finally hold these above all else Live, Observe Thyself, Know Thyself, and Hail Thyself!

Warlock Asylum: Before we conclude this interview, and due partially to my own curiosity, what inspired you to learn Chinese?

Beast Xeno: I wish I could say I speak Chinese, but unfortunately I can only recognize about 400 words in a language of thousands. My motives for learning what I have thus far, has been a realization that their culture is rich with deep meaning and purposeful living. Having visited their about a half dozen times, I can’t shake the sense of wonder and awe; I experienced.   

Warlock Asylum: It certainly has been an honor being able to interview you and to get some deeper insights about The Ooze, what concluding words would you like to express for our readers and the Gate-Walking Community in general?

Beast Xeno: The honor honestly has been mine. Thank you so much for your interest. Hopefully your readers will tune into The Ooze and call in with their perspectives. The streets and surroundings may vary from path to path, but we are all on a journey into the fantastic. Thanks Brother! Yeah I definitely appreciate you taking the time and I encourage all of our readers to get in tune with The Ooze. You can access The Ooze at the following link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theooze Also take the time to explore  The Satanic International Network

 Beast Xeno Takes Warlock Asylum On A Tour Through The Hottest Undergound Station In Town!