Warlock Asylum’s Interview With Miss Evelyn

Greetings! Welcome to the Simon Necronomicon Gate-Walker’s Info Page. If this is your first time visiting us here, I would strongly suggest that you begin your search by reviewing some of our previous articles beginning with the Mountains of MASSHU series.

 It is a custom in every society to embrace the wisdom given to us by our elders in the community. This is also true of the Necronomicon Tradition, as this shamanistic martial art continues to expand, we discover Initiates of all walks of life, young and old. However, there is a certain wisdom that our elders possess, whether they are Gate-Walkers of not. Miss Evelyn is a good example of this. I met Miss Evelyn a couple of years ago and in some ways she has become a mentor to me due to the wisdom she has gained from life experience.

 Miss Evelyn is an entrepreneur, mother, grandmother, real estate agent, and wears many other hats. She recently gained initiation into the system when she reached the Gate of Adar. She has a warm and charming presence as she easily relates to today’s youth and is a very encouraging soul to be around. I had a chance to interview Miss Evelyn via email correspondence. I thought the Interview would be a good way of showing the wide range of people of all ages who have embraced the Necronomicon Tradition. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: Before we begin would you mind letting our readers out there no a little bit about your background?

Miss Evelyn: Hi, I am Evelyn and I have been down a few spiritual paths, as I was raised as a southern Baptist in North Carolina.  I practiced Yoruba and I was introduced to Buddhism and Islam. My son is still a Muslim.  I have always been intrigued by different spiritual paths and enjoy studying them.  

Warlock Asylum: How did you hear about the Simon Necronomicon Tradition?

Miss Evelyn: I was in a book store on Livingston Street one day and was drawn to a book “The Book of The Fifty Names” I bought it, read it and put it on the shelf, I did work with one of the names and it worked well for me. The book sat on the self 6 or 7 years. Then my god-daughter introduced me to a beautiful young woman who in turn introduced me to Warlock Asylum. I had housing issues, he showed me how to walk the Gates, has taught and guided me ever since, and I am VERY GREATFUL to every one of them. 

Warlock Asylum: What inspired you to pursue the Necronomicon Tradition as a spiritual practice?

Miss Evelyn: I was not searching for the Necronomicon path, it seem to have found me, and I needed it, my life is much better now.

Warlock Asylum: How would you compare the Necronomicon Tradition with other forms of spirituality that you were involved with prior?

Miss Evelyn: Necronomicon is quite different from other spiritual paths as you don’t have to wonder if it will work. It will work! It is powerful.

Warlock Asylum: Are there any profound experiences that you wish to share with our readers?

Miss Evelyn: I had shared a large apartment with my deceased aunt for 25 years. The landlord tried to evict me after her death, in order to get a much higher rent.  I spoke to my watcher about this situation, we went to court for 10 months and I won the case, be patient “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. This situation was taken care of better than I had imagined.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to those who are considering becoming a part of the Necronomicon Tradition?

 Miss Evelyn: So to anyone considering the Necronomicon path, be consistent in your workings, be patient and you should have a happy outcome. WALK ON.

I would like to thank to Miss Evelyn for her time and I wish her all the best in her spiritual endeavors in the Necronomicon Tradition.

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