I would like to thank everyone for their support of the Simon Necronomicon GateWalker’s Info Page. Recently, we received quite a few questions and comments from our readers. Reader Emanuel recently posted a question under our recent post entitled, WHERE ARE THE GATES OF ANU, ENLIL, and ENKI? Here is Emanuel’s recent question:

“one more if you don’t mind, what would be a good Three in One ritual: Anu, Enlil and Enki?

I ask these questions hoping others will get their questions answered as well. And I hope these questions will help develop your GateWalker’s Info Page as I have found it very useful in my own spiritual path.”

I must first state that all questions are welcome here. I must also state that some questions I will spend some time answering in private email correspondence, due to the seriousness of certain topics.

First, I must state that this question brings up some recent conversations that I have had with some GateWalkers. There is a Three in One ritual provided in the Simon Necronomicon that is covered in the CONJURATION OF THE WATCHER RITUAL. Notice page 70:

“Wherefore it is wise to conjure It in the Names of the Three Great Watchers Who existed before the Confrontation from whose borne the Watcher and His Race ultimately derive, and those Three are ANU, ENLIL, and Master ENKI of the Magick Waters. And for this reason They are sometimes called the Three Watchers, MASS SSARATI and the Watcher MASS SSARATU, or KIA MASS SSARATU.”

Later in the same section of the Simon Necronomicon we are told on page 71 the following:

“And this special Conjuration may be made at any time the Priest feels he is in danger, whether his life or his spirit, and the Three Watchers and the One Watcher will rush to his aid.”

I would like for the reader to pause here before we go into some further information about workings involving ANU, ENLIL, and ENKI just to observe this next point. Over the course of the past few months we have been examining the Simon Necronomicon through the template of Mesopotamian mythology and historical data concerning the cultures that existed in ancient times. This method of separating the “wheat from the chaff’ is to fortify the GateWalker with a verifiable tradition that can be traced from the times that the “gods” walked the earth. However, there are some of us that cannot afford the resources of obtaining books that provide an explanation and translation of many of the historical and mythical aspects of Ancient Mesopotamian culture. If you find this to be the case in your own experience, then there is another worthy resource provided in the Simon Necronomicon to use as a Template-THE TESTIMONY OF THE MAD ARAB. This Testimony is a dramatic enactment of all the sections that follow in the Simon Necronomicon. The CONJURATION OF THE WATCHER is recorded in the Testimony of the Mad Arab. Notice what is mentioned on page 10:

“My scream had the effect of casting their ritual into chaos and disorder. I raced through the mountain path by which I had come, and the priests came running after me, although some seemed to stay behind, perhaps to finish the Rites. However, as I ran wildly down the slopes in the cold night, my heart giving rise in my chest and my head growing hot, the sound of splitting rocks and thunder came from behind me and shook the very ground I ran upon. In fright, and in haste, I fell to the earth.

Rising, I turned to face whatever attacker had come nearest me, though I was unarmed. To my surprise what I saw was no priest of ancient horror, no necromancer of that forbidden Art, but black robes fallen upon the grass and weeds, with no seeming presence of life or bodies beneath them.

I walked cautiously to the first and, picking up a long twig, lifted the robe from the tangle of weeds and thorns. All that remained of the priest was a pool of slime, like green oil, and the smell of a body lain long to rot in the sun. Such a stench nearly overpowered me, but I was resolute to find the others, to see if the same fortune had also befallen them.

Walking back up the slope that I had so fearfully run down only moments ago, I came across yet another of the dark priests, in identical condition to the first. I kept walking, passing more of the robes as I went, not venturing to overturn them any longer.

Then, I finally came upon the grey stone monument that had risen unnaturally into the air at the command of the priests. It now upon the ground once more, but the carvings still glowed with supernatural light. The serpents, or what I had then though of as serpents, had disappeared. But in the dead embers of the fire, now cold and black, was a shining metal plate.

I picked it up and saw that it also was carved, as the stone, but very intricately, after a fashion I could not understand. I did not bear the same markings as the stone, but I had the feeling I could almost read the characters, but could not, as though I once knew the tongue but had since long forgotten. My head began to ache as though a devil was pounding my skull, when a shaft of moonlight struck the metal amulet, for I know now what it was, and a voice entered into my head and told me the secrets of the scene I had witnessed in one word:


This is an dramatic enactment of what we find written on page 71:

“And this special Conjuration may be made at any time the Priest feels he is in danger, whether his life or his spirit, and the Three Watchers and the One Watcher will rush to his aid.”
Although we covered who and what the Watcher is in our earlier blogs from a historical and metaphysical standpoint, a simple comparison of the Mad Arab’s Testimony with the CONJURATION OF THE WATCHER, clearly shows us that the Watcher is KUTULU. We must also keep in mind that if care and preparation must be done to ensure a safe working with the Watcher, how much more so for the Great Three Watchers. Interestingly, I have heard people make comments about the Watcher while forgetting that he/she is actually an extension of the Great Three Watchers ANU, ENLIL, and ENKI. I must also state that I would not suggest a Three in One working with the Three Great Watchers until the candidate has walked the gates for some time and has receive the formulae from the “gods” to work with these three Gates, and I must also mention that a fourth Gate is to be walked as well, that being NINHURSAG/LAMASHTU.

The SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TO 777 inform us of the Three Spheres that are not written in the text:

Table VII [A.C.]                              Table XXV [S.]
0.     . . .     ANU                                        (TIAMAT)
1.     Sphere of the Primum Mobile     ENLIL (ABSU)
2.     Sphere of the Zodiac or Fixed Stars     ENKI; LUMASHI (IGIGI)

This compares to what is written by the Mad Arab on page 6:

“I have traveled beneath the Seas, in search of the Palace of Our Master, and found the stone of monuments of vanquished civilisations, and deciphered the writings of some of these; while still others remain mysteries to any man who lives. And these civilisations were destroyed because of the knowledge contained in this book.

I have traveled among the stars, and trembled before the Gods. I have, at last, found the formulae by which I passed the Gate ARZIR, and passed into the forbidden realms of the foul IGIGI.

Although we have discussed this information in our blogs concerning the ANU, ENLIL, and ENKI Gates, it must also be stated the workings for entering these Gates is not clearly stated in the text and is revealed to the candidate through their relationship with the “gods” or from their mentor. These Gates are very transformational in nature and should only be entered when the candidate is ready for the merging of the material and spiritual worlds. Notice what the Mad Arab states after he finds the formulae for passing the Gate of ARZIR, and passing into the forbidden realms of the IGIGI, as found on page 6:

“I have raised demons, and the dead.

I have summoned the ghosts of my ancestors to real and visible appearance on the tops of temples built to reach the stars, and built to touch the nethermost cavities of HADES. I have wrestled with the Black Magician, AZAG-THOTH, in vain, and fled to the Earth by calling upon INANNA..,”

We can see that once the Mad Arab had access to the Higher Gates, he was able to create spiritual phenomena in the material world. How the formulae was found for entering ARZIR is given to us in the Testimony of The Mad Arab part 2:

“Remember the Scorpion Man who dwells in the Mountains. He was of old created by TIAMAT to fight the Elder Gods, but was permitted to stay below the Mountains by Them. But He has deceived us once, and may do so again. But call upon him if there be something concerning the Outside that you would know, that I have not told thee. And his sign is simple, and it is thus:

And merely, face the place where he is, and he will come and speak, but do not do this at Dawn, for then the Sun rises and the Scorpion has no power, not from the Dawn till the Dusk, during which time he is forced back beneath the Earth, for that is the letter of the Covenant concerning him, for it is written: He shall not raise his head above the Sun.

And again: His is the dark times.

And again: He knows of the Gate, but not the Gate.”

This passage was long thought to represent GANZIR, and it is useful for that. However, it should be kept in mind that the Mad Arab informs us to call him if there is something concerning the Outside that he hasn’t told us, and the instructions given about the GANZIR Gate are clearly given to us within the text. So evidently this concerns the Gates of the IGIGI. This is discussed during ones’ initiation course, some may find it through their relationship with the “gods” themselves.


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