I would like to extend a warm salutation to all of our readers who have supported the Necronomicon GateWalker’s Information Page during this past year. I would like to extend a great salutation to The Order of Necronomicon, as well as, Dan Harms, John Wisdom Gonce III, and Dan Clore, for their participation in one of the greatest occult debates in recent history. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to Denny Sergeant for his interview, along with Adept Edumpanna. I would also like to send a warm salutation to David Stolowitz, who has been a frequent commenter on the Page. I would like to send a big salutation to my family, my lovely soul mate, and our children, and to all who I have mentored and to my many mentors. I appreciate all who have faithfully walked and opposed the Necronomicon Path, as it has helped everyone in the work of evolving and sharpening the craft of Necronomics. I must also state the according to the Necronomicon Tradition, our New Year starts during the spring equinox, not January first. However, it is a great time for getting together with family and friends, so be good and be safe.


I would like to state that the Necronomicon Page is looking to appoint our annual GateWalker of the Year Award. So if you are aware of someone that you feel deserves this award, and know of someone who has contributed to the Necronomicon Tradition, whether it be someone such as the authors of the Necronomicon Files, or The Order of Necronomicon, and etc, then please email me at Remember to title the email GateWalker of the Year. It doesn’t matter if the individual has walked the Gates or not. What matter is their contribution to the Tradition.


Be Well

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