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Today we will discuss one of the biggest mysteries contained within the Simon Necronomicon. On page 211 of the Simon Necronomicon we find this mysterious text:


Some have reasoned that the above glyphs can only be determined by reading the passages that come directly before and after these strange markings. On page 211 of the Simon Necronomicon, we find this passage that appears just prior to the mysterious markings that we are now discussing:

“Remember the Sword of the Watcher. Do not touch It until you want It to depart, for It will depart at a touch and leave thee unprotected for the remainder of the Rite, and although a Circle is a boundary which none can cross, thou wilt find thyself unprepared to meet the incredible sights that will greet thee outside. Remember also the sacrifices to the Watcher. They must be regular, for the Watcher is of a different Race and cares not for thy life, save that he obey thy commands when the sacrifices have been met”

We have discussed the Watcher in great detail in some of our previous blogs. Here we are reminded again of the importance of how we are to handle the Sword of the Watcher. It would seem likely then that the above markings were engraved on the Sword of the Watcher.  Many of us can clearly see that one of the glyphs that appear in the mysterious writing on page 211 is the Elder Sign. Earlier in the Simon Necronomicon the Mad Arab makes note of how the BANDAR symbol is to be used. Notice what is mentioned on page 12:

“These seals, to be effective, must be graven on stone and set in the ground. Or, set upon the altar of offerings. Or, carried to the Rock of Invocations. Or, engraved on the metal of one’s God or Goddess, and hung about the neck, but hidden from the view of the profane. Of the three, the ARRA and the AGGA may be used separately, that is to say, singly and alone. The BANDAR, however, must never be used alone, but with one or both of the others, for the Watcher must needs be reminded of the Covenant it has sworn with the Elder Gods and our Race, else it will turn upon thee and slay thee and ravage thy town until succour is to be had from the Elder Gods by the tears of thy people and the wailing of thy women”

From the above quote, it is very much possible that the reason why the Elder Sign appears in the mysterious writing on page 211 because it may have been a part of the markings that was to appear upon the Sword of the Watcher. However, we cannot get a full understanding as to why the Elder Sign appears among these markings, until we read the passage that is written in the text after these markings appear. Let us look at the passage that appears after these marking, which is found on page 212 in the Simon Necronomicon:

And forgetting the Elder Sign will surely cause thee much grief.”

Why would forgetting the Elder Sign cause much grief, if it was not associated with the BANDAR Sign? Evidently the mention of the Elder Sign and its appearance admits the strange markings make it clearly evident that these markings were engraved upon the Sword of the Watcher.  Further proof of this is evident from the fact that the AGGA (Elder) Sign is the 11th glyph that appears amongst the strange markings. This relates therefore to another passage that is found on page 160 of the Simon Necronomicon:

“The Red Water of Life
Need be split on a stone
The stone struck with a sword
That hath slain eleven men
Sacrifices to HUBUR
So that the Strike ringeth out
And call TIAMAT from Her slumber
From her sleep in the Caverns
Of the Earth.’

The Sword that has slain eleven men, is the Sword of the Watcher. This has been thoroughly discussed in many of our previous blogs. The eleven men are the Eleven Gates that are mentioned in the Introduction of the Simon Necronomicon.

Table VII [A.C.]    Table XXV [S.]
0.    . . .    ANU (TIAMAT)
1.    Sphere of the Primum Mobile    ENLIL (ABSU)
2.    Sphere of the Zodiac or Fixed Stars    ENKI; LUMASHI (IGIGI)
3.    Sphere of Saturn    ADAR
4.    Sphere of Jupiter    MARDUK
5.    Sphere of Mars    NERGAL
6.    Sphere of the Sun    UTU
7.    Sphere of Venus    INANNA
8.    Sphere of Mercury    NEBO
9.    Sphere of the Moon    NANNA
10.    Sphere of the Elements    KI

The above chart illustrates the 11 Gates, of which seven must be walked for the purpose of self-initiation. You will also notice that the Sphere of the Zodiac corresponds to ENKI and the IGIGI. It is said on page 70 in the Simon Necronomicon that “the Lord of the Watchers dwells among the Wastes of the IGIGI.” This is must be ENKI based on the correspondences given to us in the Introduction. Interestingly, the AGGA Sign is followed by twelve glyphs, which is equal to the amount of constellations in our zodiac. Actually when you take the twelve signs of the zodiac, the seven planetary spheres, and the four elements, you come up with a total of 23. This is the same total of markings that appears on page 211. Therefore, these markings represent the workings of , the twelve signs of the zodiac, the seven planetary spheres, and the four elements, which gives us a total of 23, as found throughout the Simon Necronomicon.

Now further proof of this can be seen when we remove the seven planetary spheres from the equation. Why the seven planetary spheres? Because these Spheres are to serve the purpose of self-initiation. Once the individual has been initiated into the ways of the Ancient Ones, he/she may work with forces that are beyond the field of influence  of the planetary spheres. These workings are described in the URILLA Text.

Npw if we were to subtract the seven spheres from the number of 23 glyphs, we would get a total of 16. This is the same number of glyphs that appear at the beginning of the Urilla Text, which proves our thesis:



  1. Interesting theory. So how do you account for the symbols that repeat themselves?

  2. warlockasylum says:

    The symbols that repeat thenselves are found in the 4th row. Reading from right to left they number 8, like the eight-pointed star and the seven gates plus the Earth. This will leave you with 15 glyphs left, which is the number of Ishtar

  3. Should I engrave these Glyphs on my Sword? Currently I have only the ARRA, AGGA and BANDAR engraved on it.

  4. Greetings. I would like to introduce your fictional unknowing to reality. How I am going to do this is by introducing all of you to myself. Discretion and secrecy is now involved: I am a Marked Watcher of the Sword. I have the top row mark, last one to the right, hidden underneath my skin on my left calf area, one symbol on each outerside, not top shin and underneath muscle. I found my mark years ago: build energy between hands and wrists, do not touch hands or fingertips, once built pass hands over areas of the body, as passing over left lower leg, with absolutely clear mind, mark raised to surface.

    I immediately stopped, poured rubbing pure alcohol over my hands, arms, and leg to break energies.

    Some time later I commanded the Sword ‘no’ and to stand down. I am not humble, I am not worthy, I am not merciful.

    I immediately ran to the bathroom and consistently vomited, that powerful of a response.

    Secrecy and discretion please for safety of the ‘unknown to selves’ marked.

    Thank you.

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