I would like to welcome everyone to the Info Page. If this is your first time here, please review some of our previous article in order to understand our current discussion. I am sure that many of our regular readers are enjoying some of the recent discoveries we have been writing about concerning the Tiamat Gate. I thought you would enjoy an experience that one GateWalker had:

“Last night I performed the ritual of entering Tiamat as per the

instruction in your article. When I finished it, I found myself hearing a soft female voice. It gave

me instruction on how I was to enter Tiamat. The instructions were this.

1. As I fall asleep later that evening, I am to ‘pray’ to Tiamat. Basically, ask for her guidance, call to her, etc…

2. During the night I will have dreams. I am to write down these dreams

upon waking in the morning.

3. Once I’ve written down the dreams, I am to once more meditate and pray to Tiamat.

So. Upon laying down in bed, I did as instructed and prayed/called to Tiamat.

Slowly I got closer and closer to sleep, and when I felt myself beginning to fall into sleep, I had an OBE.

In this OBE I found myself standing on a beach of pure white sand, with

pure black water washing onto it in gentle waves. Above was a night sky

with infinite stars. I turned to look at the water, and a women with

skin and hair the color of pearls, came to me, walking on the water. I

knew immediately that this was Tiamat. I bowed to her and she touched my

cheek. She said, ” I welcome you,  to the Primordial place. I am Mother.

I am what your race calls Tiamat. You have completed your initiation and

now you shall be raised to my side as an Ancient One. But first you must

dream for me. You shall for one night be that which is dead but dreams.

Upon the rising of the star, you will wake and I shall come to you

again.Now sleep.”

At this point, the OBE ended and I somewhat woke up, but after a drink

of water, fell asleep as normal. I had the following dream.

I was in a desert. There were old building around me, made of wood that

was broken and crumbling. The sun was blazing hot, the air dry, and the

wind blowing. I began to walk when I saw a figure approaching. I

realized it was a large brown bull charging at me. I felt no fear. I

felt power coursing through my arms and chest and legs. I felt like a

god. The slammed into me and I grabbed it by it’s huge horns. We

wrestled and struggled, until finally I dragged it to the ground and

pinned it down. At this point, the bull became calm and peaceful. When I

let it stand, it simply walked away and began grazing on the few weeds

and plants that grew in the sand.

And then I saw another creature. This one a very very large scorpion.

It’s body glistened black and shiny, it’s pincers huge, it’s tail and

stinger long. It ran at me and thrust it’s stinger against my chest, but

it could not pierce my skin. It attacked with it’s claws, but they could

not hurt me. But for some reason, I did not attack the scorpion. I

allowed to attack me, and do no harm. It did this until the bull crushed

it with it’s hooves and horns. The scorpion vanished. The bull went back

to eating.

I was then approached by a quite small, cute little dog. It was white

and looked somewhat like a long hair Chihuahua. It jumped into my arms

and began licking my face. I felt from it a sense of utter and complete

love without restrictions.

As I held the dog I looked down and there was a small bird that looked

like a parakeet. It was green on it’s body and head with a little red

around it’s eyes. I saw that one of it’s wings was broken.I set the dog

down and it ran around happy, barking and being a joyful little dog. I

picked up the bird and touched it’s wing. Beside me appeared a large

bird cage with many plastic fake birds of identical appearance. I opened

the cage down and put the real bird on an empty perch. Instantly it’s

wing was healed and it flew from the cage, vanishing into the sky.

I once more picked up the dog and watched the bull graze for a few more

moments. I then woke up.

When I woke up I realized it was a bit after dawn, and remembered the

rest of Tiamat’s instructions. So I went and had another glass of water

and a cigarette to calm myself from the dream, then wrote it down.

Done with that, I laid back down and began to meditate and pray to Tiamat.

Once again, I fell almost asleep and had an OBE.

I was back on that beach and Tiamat stood before me. She reached out her

hand and placed it on my chest. Immediately (I felt this both astrally

and intensely in my physical body.) a sensation of pins and needles came

through my hands, feet and face. Astrally I watched as Tiamat began

pulling this black ‘light’ from my body. It flowed and formed a sphere

in her right hand. She pulled it from me until there was no more in me,

and I was glowing white as she was. She said, ”  I am Mother, I

am Tiamat. You are now pure of spirit and mind. You are a true human

now, an Ancient One of my blood. Come to me and complete the ritual.”

I stepped close to her and the black sphere vanished. She pressed close

to me and we had sex, still standing on the sand. Once we’d both

climaxed, she said, ” Go now,. WAKE. BE.”

I woke up in bed with my hands and feet and face tingling intensely.

Only after a long shower did the sensation fade. So far today, since

waking, I’ve felt very very light, as though I’m walking in

less-than-normal gravity. My mind is extremely clear and focused. Even

the pains in my knees from old injuries is gone. I feel amazing.

I’ll talk to you soon, Brother.”

3 thoughts on “Personal Experiences in Opening the Gate of IAK SAKKAKK

  1. Very interesting! The Bull and the Scorpion are opposite signs but are both fixed “pillars of Heaven”. This would also be symbolic of the Twin Peaks of Masshu, the creatures that guard the rising and setting sun respectively. Then you have the dog of Sirius and the Anunaki gods, and a bird that was injured but can now fly once more – far beyond any cage. Congratulations!

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Thanks for your response Brother David! I will let the Brother know. I must also state that is seems that he is being blessed in his day-to-day life as far as work and etc.

      Be Well

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