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Recently, we  discussed the work of the Dragons, also known in the Simon Necronomicon as the Ancient Ones. The Ancient Ones are those who have completed the initiations in the Simon Necronomicon and are now learning directly from the Dragon, the Most Ancient One-TIAMAT. The Tradition of the Ancient Ones has indeed been veiled in secrecy. The secrets of the Ancient Ones and our perspective of the “work” is really an open secret. It can never be revealed to anyone because those who have not reached the furthest limit of the stars will never understand it, just like a virgin can never  understand what sex is like regardless of how much reading and studying they do on the subject. The Mad Arab reveals that our Tradition is indeed most ancient. Notice what is written in the Testimony of the Mad Arab:

“for this is the ancient arcana that has been handed down of old, but which has been forgotten by all but a few men, the worshippers of the Acient Ones (may their names be blotted out!)”

We see that the only ones who held on to the Ancient Tradition were indeed the worshippers of the Ancient Ones. If the worshippers of the Ancient Ones were the only ones who were keepers of this Tradition, then most certainly these same worshippers were among those who taught the Mad Arab what the ancient arcana really was.

The Mad Arab placed an asthetic of rivalry between the Elder Gods and the Ancient Ones. This rivalry will exist in the mind of the Initiate until he/she has reached the Gate of Transformation (death). The Elder Gods work as Initiators in the Arcane Faith. The workings concerning the Elder Gods are attunements in how to work with the energies of Tiamat in a safe way. The Mad Arab touches upon this also in his First Testimony:

“I have smelled the vapors of the Ancient One, Queen of the Outside, whose name is writ in the terrible Magan Text,..”

If the Mad Arab was able to smell the ‘vapours of the Ancient One, then surely he must have walked the Gate of Iak Sakkakk and began working with the Ancient Ones’ rites as found in the Urilla Text. We also see in the quote above thathe makes mention of the Magan Text. He later describes this Text with the following words:

“the testament of some dead civilization whose priests, seeking power, swing open the dread, evil Gate for an hour past the time, and were consumed.”

Interestingly, the Mad Arab later describes the Gate of the Outside as having three seals, which we know best as the Three Seals of Masshu. Notice what is mentioned on page 11:

“These are the signs carved upon the grey stone, that was the Gate to the Outside


Although the Mad Arab initially describes the Gate to the Outside as evil, he later mentions it in many of the rituals that are given in the Simon Necronomicon. Thus the description of the Gate as being “evil” is indeed a metaphor so that the novice is turned away from engaging in rites that would damage their mental stability. The Mad Arab also describes that the priests who opened this Gate did so because they were “seeking pwer.” This is a very interesting statement made by the Mad Arab because in the Text he is quoted as saying the following in the First Testimony:

“I have broken the Chaldean Covenant by seeking Power over the Zonei.”

This indicates that the Mad Arab was also a worshipper of the Ancient One and to keep the rites secret in a widely distributed book, he speaks of the worship of the Anceint Ones as evil, to insure that the Tradition remains in tact. Simon mentions this in his Introduction of the Necronomicon, under the subheading, Worship of the Ancient Ones in History:

“In the West, the conjuration, cultivation, or worship of this Power was strenuously opposed with the advent of the Solar Monotheistic religions…It has always, at least in the past two thousand years, been associated with occultism and essentially the Rite of Evil Magick.”

Basically, Simon’s words confirm what we have discussed in previous writings concerning the Ancient Ones, in that the worship of them was opposed by Solar and Monotheistic Religions. it is from the Monotheistic view that the worship of the Ancient Ones is considered evil, but for the true worker of the Simon Necronomicon, he or she, recognizes the “Dragon” as a source of true power. Notice what Simon mentions in the same section that we quoted from above:

“the Dragon or Serpent is said to reside somewhere “below the earth”; it is a powerful force, a magickal force, which is identified with mastery over the created world; it is also a power that can be summoned by the few and not the many.”

Since this force can only be summoned by the few, the Necronomicon is written in a certain imagery that first encourages the Initiate to work with the Elder Gods. This is a safety trap to insure that the Initiate does not work with a current that they cannot handle. It must be understood that even if an Intiate Walks a particular Gate or what have you, it by no means is an indication as to whether the Initiate can operate on that level or not.  Initiation is a personal experience and in the true sense of the word purely tantric. The Mad Arab often mention the workings of a cult that existed ‘before  Babylon was.’ Of course, this cult would be of Sumerian origin. While the Babylonian religion is very ancient, in some ways it is guilty of the same crimes that the Catholic Church has ahs been guilty of, which is taking bits and pieces of the Shamanistic Traditions and presenting them in a watered down fashion. It is due to this reason that many on this path have limited themselves in their initiations. Basically from my observations I find that usually the people who are not able to rid themselves of their “Christian” programming will usually get stuck on the Elder Gods versus the Ancient Ones analogy because all they have to do is substitute their Christian faith, that they have now adandoned, and replace it with the Mesopotamian archtype. Yet what these individuals fail to realize is that they are still “Chrisitan” but call Christ by another name and this is fine. The Initiate needs to be honest with himself if this is the case. Some may even enjoy the relationship that the have with the Elder Gods and just would likr to remain serving as preists and preistesses to the Elder Gods and this is a good thing. Their are those, however, who would like to develop the god within, and move on into further regions of the mind to accomplish this. These are the Ancient Ones and our Tradition extends to an era that precede Babylon by countless years. Yet the symbology of the Ancient Aracana is often misunderstood. I will get into some of the asthetics of the Ancient Ones and their meanings in our upcoming articles. These symbols even appear in the Simon Necronomicon.

The rituals in the Urilla Text are to be done while facing North. The North represents the Earth Goddess. The North represents Tiamat, or the Black Earth. North also represents the season of winter. The coldness of winter is a metaphor representing the Black Magician with a clean conscious, as his/her sins are forgiven or absorbed by the Yin-force, and the Initiate dies, not a literal death, but a death of the false ego. The barren conditions of winter represents the Black Magician’s quality of inner peace even in extreme conditions. The snowfall in the winter represents the Ancient One who has been given the Crown of Anu, or the Tablets of Destinies from the Mother Tiamat. It should be noted that before the advent of the Elder Gods, it was Tiamat who crowned Absu and Kingu with these very same crowns as mentioned in the Text of the Enuma Elish. The Magan Text also mentions Tiamat crowning of “dragons” with halos. Interestingly, the Elder Gods are associated with order, some among them only came to possess the Tablets of Destinies by force not by stealth. When you are initiated into the Rites of the Ancient Ones, you begin to see that the reverse is true, the Ancient Ones are Gods of order and the Elder Gods are those of chaos. Remember, it was Absu who wanted to slay the Elder Gods because they were making “noise.” Noise is chaos. When the natures of the salt and sweet waters combined it was truly peaceful.

Being crowned by Tiamat is the greatest and rarest of initiation in the world/ For the Initiate is forever changed. This is what is meant in the Mad Arab’s words that we considered earlier:

“the testament of some dead civilization whose priests, seeking power, swing open the dread, evil Gate for an hour past the time, and were consumed.”

The Mad Arab was also consumed or Jinn-possessed. This possession occurs throughout various stages of our initiation until we are consumed and made anew (Anu)through the blessing of the Goddess Tiamat.

WARLOCK ASYLUM  (The Ancient One)

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