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I have often been questioned to the meaning of the MAGAN Text. Interestingly, Simon admits that the MAGAN Text is the centerpiece of the Simon Necronomicon. Concerning the MAGAN Text we are told the following by the Mad Arab:

“I copied these words down in my tongue and kept them faithfully these many years, and copy will go with me to the place where I will go when my Spirit is torn from the body.”

The importance of the workings of the MAGAN Text cannot be overstated. Here we can see that the Mad Arab treasured the words of this text very highly. Out of all the passages that appear in the Simon Necronomicon, he mentions that the MAGAN Text will go with him in the after life. This would mean that the Mad Arab mad it a point to commit the MAGAN Text to memory. This is emphasized by the words that follow the above passage:

“But heed these words well and, and remember!”

Here the Mad Arab encourages us to remember the words of the MAGAN Text, but why? He tells us in the next passage:

“For remembering is the most important, and most potent magick, being the Rememberance of  Things Past and the Rememberance Things to Come,  which is the same memory.”

The Mad Arab mentions the importance of remembering the MAGAN Text because it was a way to access the Akashic Records. Different than all the other workings in the Simon Necronomicon, memorization of the MAGAN Text is the most powerful of all the rituals in the Necronomicon.

The Akashic Records are sometimes define as the mind of god. They are a catalogue of every event that has taken place in the cosmos and on a personal level. We find this to be the case with the MAGAN Text as it works in a similar way as our Moon does. in that each phases reflect what is happening to our individual selves, as well as, the cosmos.  In the beginning stage of initiation, the MAGAN Text may appear to be some sort of ancient history of what have you. Later, the Initiate comes to realize that by remembering the MAGAN Text they can identify the passages of the MAGAN Text, with every even known to man, from childbirth to warfare, from sex to murder, and etc. it is all contain in the MAGAN Text I must say out of all the 12 section listed in the Text of the Simon Necronomicon, the MAGAN Text appears to be mystical and not ritualistic. Though it appears to be an easy task to “remember,” it should also be understood that this is the most serious rite of all in the Simon Necronomicon, for it can even cause visions in the daylight ours and induces astral projection. This is done by simply working on memorizing the Text itself. later when one has the words committed to memory, recite these facing North while burning a white candle. You will begin to gain lucidity, then astral projection and some visions. You will also come to a greater understanding of the Ancient Ones and why their worship is the capstone of the Teachings listed in the Simon Necronomicon. Exercise makes the spirit healthy!


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