Although many critics of the Necronomicon Tradition may not  like to admit it, the Simon Necronomicon drew more attention and awareness the fabled tome that H.P. Lovecraft described in his work With the release of the Simon Necronomicon, followed controversy. On one hand, you had many occultists who felt that the book was a great source of power and connected them to some of the ancient rites in Mesopotamia, then on the other hand, you had many people versed in the works of Lovecraft felt dissappointed that the tome wasn’t consistent with some of the themes presented in the Cthulhu Mythos. To be completely honest with, I have never met a practitioner of the Simon Necronomicon who actually believed that Simon’s grimoire was a book that Lovecraft described in his work. The connections between Crowley, Lovecraft, and Simon, will be covered in the Atlantean Necronomicon.

When I first heard about Donald Tyson’s Necronomicon, I wasn’t drawn to it at first. However, over time I began to use some of his material for references. I have always enjoyed reading some of Tyson’s work, on Sexual Alchemy, Enochian Magic, and etc. Actually, Donald Tyson is one of the few modern-day occultists who captures my attention. He doesn’t present the Occult Mysteries in a watered down way. He has an approach that is easily understood and he is able to present difficult subjects in a clear format. I would have to say that Donald Tyson and Dennis Michael Kraig are probably the two most prolific occult writers in this generation.

I think that Tyson’s contribution to the Necronomicon Tradition is a very valuable one. First, I must state that the Simon Necronomicon and the Tyson Necronomicon, should not be compared as to which is better or worse, they are both workable systems in their own right. I think our readers know where I stand on the subject. Tyson has presented an honest essay that is purely Lovecraftian and has presented a useful resource in the ever-growing world of Lovecraftian spirituality.

Recently, Tyson released Grimoire of the Necronomicon I find this to be a great compliment to his version of the Necronomicon. Once again Tyson has taken a clear and honest approach and has done quite a bit of research in this matter, whether your are a dedicated practitioner of the Simon Necronomicon, or a Lovecraftian Magician, or just enjoy good writing, The Grimoire of the necronomicon is a must have for all students and adepts in the Necronomicon Tradition. My only criticisms, about this tome is the correspondences to the spheres, but this is a closed systems. I also like the artwork and sigils, since we are dealing with a Pacific Current and from my research many esoteric orders around the Pacific Ocean use simitar images in their rites, Shinto being among these. So it looks like Tyson has done his homework, and has etched his way into the Necronomicon Tradition

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