I am almost finished with another book called the Necronomicon Language Concordance. It will feature the deeper meaning of the funny little writing on page 211 and how to use it for divination. Also included in this writing is a system similar to Reiki for employing the Necronomicon energies and the Sixty Names of Namtar, also revealed in the book. This works perfectly for those who have the Atlantean Necronomicon in their possession. However, it is a work that stands on its own as well. If any one of our readers can answer this question correctly, they will receive a free copy of the Necronomicon Language Concordance.

Question: What ritual in the Simon Necronoicon is symbolic of the Three Great Pyramids and the Sphinx?

Please feel free to reply in our comment section. All answrs must be received by March 21st 2010.  Also our regular readers might find the following article of interests:

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3 thoughts on “Necronomicon Contest-Question For Our Readers??!!

  1. Ben McInnis says:

    I’m going to go with the ‘Conjuration of the Dead God’ from the URILLA text as it has similarities to rituals found in the ‘Book of the Coming Forth By Day’.

  2. warlockasylum says:

    That is an intersting perspective

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