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The Mad Arab states the following in his First Testimony:

“Remember always to copy each of the formulae as I have put it down, and not to change it by one line or dot, not so much as a hair’s breadth, lest it be rendered valueless,”

This is a very valuable spiritual exercise and essential for initiation. For some strange reason many people in the West have been deceived into thinking that meditation means emptying the mind, and this is far from the Eastern practice of meditation.

The purpose of meditation is to increase and strengthen our will, as well as, to be able to focus on one thought and thereby increase our awareness of our inner world and its relationship to the outer world. Writing over a copy of the Simon Necronomicon is therefore an Eastern concept. This is where critics of the Simon Necronomicon fall short. Most critics of the Simon Necronomicon draw comparisons between Western magical systems and the SN. However, when the Initiate compares the practices of the SN with, let’s say, IFA, Shinto, Santeria, and etc, there are striking similarities. i will soon illustrate these in an upcoming post.

While the Initiate makes his own copy of the Simon Necronomicon, they are actually engaged in meditation. See, the idea of meditation is to practice an activity and how well you can focus on the activity in practice reveals a lot about your character and the areas of life that you need to work on. For example, when the Initiate begins to write the SN in his/her own hand, some distractions may come to mind and may cause the Candidate to retire from the exercise. This is also part of the exercise. For what prevents us from continuing the exercise is also what is distracting us from achieving many of our life’s goals. It reveals an area of life that we my need to bring some resolve to.

Another misconception about this form of meditation is that some Initiates believe that they have to schedule time for the exercise. Schedule time for a meditation of this sort actually defeats the intent of the work. The best time to practice any mystical work is when the mind is worrying. Worrying causes a leakage in vital energy and engaging in this form of meditation at this time, we learn how to take what is unuseful and make it useful. In other words part of necromancy is learning how to bring the dead back to life. This also teaches us how to replace unwanted habits with more useful ones. I look forward to hearing progress in this area.  Stay blessed


22 thoughts on “The Meaning of Necronomicon Meditation

  1. Ravenshook says:

    What is the value of copying the Simon Necronomicon past the medatative exercise? The text is incomplete, flawed, impractical, and does not live up to its promise. One could just as easily copy the TV Guide for the same medatative exercise and gain more spiritual insight!

    1. warlockasylum says:

      What makes you think that the text is incomplete. I have my own success with the tome and I know many professional people who have. I think the post is self-explanetory. Be Well

  2. Ben McInnis says:

    I’ve just made it into the MAKLU text in my copy. I left it alone for quite awhile as I had to resolve some commitment issues within myself, but lately I’ve been engaged in this meditation more & more. When I do it, more of the text seems to open up & certain parts kind of jump out at me & when I think on them, insights come.

    I enjoy the “doing” type of meditation much more than the “not doing” type. Even when engaged in the “not doing” variety, I’m always doing something, be it pacing or driving. If I try to do nothing, I fall asleep, lol.

  3. venusilegitima says:

    I wanted to thank you for allowing me to translate these articles. I have two of them in my blog, obviously with a link to your website.


    1. warlockasylum says:

      Your quite welcome. Maybe you could leave us with your website, so that some of our reaaders can see the work you are doing. Stay Blessed

  4. Ravenshook,
    I use to be a Christian, one of the most valuable things to do was to rewrite the scriptures. The value is that the scripture then becomes a part of you. I cannot explain it, other than your whole being was like integrated with the verse if you rewrote it enough.
    Also, I have done a little reading in other places besides Asylum’s blog, on The Necromonicon. One possible work used for the book’s creation is, John Dee’s Liber Logaeth. Also, some of the criticisms I have seen, compare The Necromonicon authors to Madame Blavatsky, in that she used real facts with myth and legend, and made up content. As an artist you are taught that no two people will paint a tree the same way, as our perceptions and experiences are different. In storytelling an author will embellish, or throw in some new perspective as they are seeing this in a new light. I always think of wisdom like a jewel that is multi-faceted with many meanings from the obvious to the obscure. The book may not resonate with you, but it has with lots of others,including myself, and that is another point is that consensus gives it merit, or the book would of been discarded or out of print years ago.

  5. Ravenshook says:

    The above link is an interesting article written by a person who was present and in contact with the people that produced the Simon version of the Necronomicon and give insight to the reasons for its fabrication. The author points out that it is a fundamentally sound system of magic for those who use it, but it is hardly what it has been hyped to be and a far cry from what the fictional grimoire Lovecraft used as a story-prop in his fiction.

    My point is that it is disingenuous to attribute to this version of the Necronomicon an special features or powers. In the article regarding meditation, the author strives to associate the value of the exercise with the SN, when the same results could be accomplished with any text. This whole blog requires the participants to deal with the SN with blinders on, accepting as truth what is fact fiction. It draws from systems of the past to create a money-making device for suckers in the present who demanded a Necronomicon. That is the true power of the book; it is a well conceived placebo that tastes good to those that take it, but does nothing.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Let me just clarify a few things. The article you posted a link to, I have discussed on numerous occasions. Here is one link: Secondly, the GateWalker Community is made up of professional people, hardworking responsible people, not individuals who just believe in somehing because it is advertised as so.. The people here who are blogging and posting are practitioners of the Tome. We are talking about our experiences online. First of all the argument you raise about the Simon Necronomison can be said about any religion. Just look at Judais, Christianity, and Islam. All of these religions are believed by millions, if not billions of people around the world. However, there is quite a large amount of fiction in these groups religious doctrine. Additionally, these religions at one time had heavy involvement with the murder of millions of people and felt that they had a mandate from “God” to do so. The dangerous part about all of this is that people will come on this blog page attacking a peaceful group of people trying to pursue their own spirituality, while ignoring the religious persecution that these groups have led throughout the centuries. Thirdly, no one in the Gatewalking Community is looking for Lovecraft’s Necronomicon. Instead of assuming what are spiritual path is to fit the criteria of your argument, why don’t you first understand what we are involved in. Here are a few links for you to look at:

      After you read those three articles and review what I said in this comment then maybe we can discuss a few things. Personally, I was mentored by a GateWalker who has been to Alan Cabal’s house for business only. The man has issues to say the least, but in any case based on your comment, it seems that you are not clear what we are taliing about on this page to say the least. It happens. I hope you enjoy reading some of the articles that I posted in this reply before responding with information that doesn’t apply to us.

      Enjoy your day!


  6. Ravenshook says:

    How is any of this garbage a response to my statements? The fact that Peter Levanda (let’s just use his real name from now on) was versed, according to this one author, in Enochian magic does not mean you can link Enochian magic to the Sumerian-based Simon Necronomicon. That is a huge problem with your whole blog… not content to try to validate the text through one culture’s myths and practices, you try to embrace all of them. The Necronomicon was a fabrication based loosely on Sumerian systems of magic and sprinkled with a little Lovecraft Mythos for effect. Deal with it. No amount of wishful thinking or long-winded leaps in logic will prove otherwise.

    You know, I was content just dealing with this thread, but if I thought it would be worth while I would demonstrate this lack of continuity in your other threads as well. For example, in the article you point to as support for your argument here:

    You state the following:

    “Contrary to the opinion of critics who try to label the Simon Necronomicon as a hoax, the Tome was actually a method of self-initiation into Enochain Magick”

    Where is the actual proof? Show me the Enochian magic in the Simon Necronomicon! Don’t just state a line of bullshit and expect people to buy it without evidence.

    “I am surprised that critics of the Simon Necronomicon never took the time to ask themselves why would someone so skilled in the Occult Arts be involved in a hoax”

    Money is your answer, as stated in the article. The same source you say is valid in stating that Levanda was knowledgeable in Enochian magic says he did it for money. You pick and choose when a source is valid or invalid purely based on your own limited needs. For shame…

    “What these critics fail to realize is that someone so skilled in the Occult Arts wouldn’t produce a product that would corrupt the same arts that they are so involved in.”

    Why the hell not? Back up your bullshit, son! Here’s another “just accept it” statement. Hucksters abound in the occult. Levanda was one of them and you have been taken in by it!

    Then you go to the “Gates” book to support your argument that Levanda didn’t fabricate the whole thing. The more reasonable argument, that The Necronomicon is a fabrication, would mean that “Gates” and “Dead Names” are also fabrications, designed to perpetuate the bullshit and make more money… You sound like a good Christian going to the Bible to prove the Bible isn’t a fabricated story as well.

    (end of part one)

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Hahaha! this is too easy. Let me just look at this whole argument that you present from a businuss perspective. how much money is involved here. The simon necronomicon is selling at about $7.99 cents a copy. When you look at the fact that some of these earnings had to be split between Slater, Levenda, and possibly a few others involved. The of course Avon Books gets the majority of the percentage. It isn’t a whole lot of money when you sell it for that price and stretch these profits for over 30 years.

  7. Ravenshook says:

    My initial argument, that the meditative benefits you attribute to copying the Necronomicon can be gained also copying the TV Guide, are directed at the exercise itself. Where the hell does the murder of millions by the three big religions come into play in this argument? Are you really so pathetic, so limited in your logic, that your best hope is to play some kind of sympathy card?

    I would be careful about taking too high a position on your pedestal in regards to coming “on this blog page attacking a peaceful group of people trying to pursue their own spirituality”. You’ve been guilty of that recently yourself. You’ve been guilty of that alot. You reap what you sow, junior.

    “Thirdly, no one in the Gatewalking Community is looking for Lovecraft’s Necronomicon.”

    So, the Simon Necronomicon is not realted to the Lovecraft plot device? You have about half-a-dozen of these other groups that you have been mouthing off in about the Simon Necronomicon being connected to Lovecraft (and every-fucking-thing else) to apologize to then, don’t you? Don’t worry, I am posting these discussion in the group I am affiliated with. You’ve been caught with your head up your ass!

    I read your articles:

    “However, to make insulting remarks about ones form of spirituality actually show a lot of insecurity on those NOT believing in the tome.”

    You are guilty of this in any of the Necronomicon associated groups you have visited that disagree with your views.

    “I think it is a usable system that has tenuous historical roots, but nevertheless is quite real in many ways.”

    Another of your sources says that what you are trying to prove is bullshit.

    This article discusses the possible reality of “Al Azif”, and nothing about the Simon Necronomicon. But, wait…

    “Thirdly, no one in the Gatewalking Community is looking for Lovecraft’s Necronomicon.”

    If that is the case, then an article about the validity of the Lovecraft Necronomicon is a little out of place, yes? Talking out of both sides of your mouth will not help you make your case.

    Thanks for making this all too easy.
    (end of part two)

  8. Ravenshook says:

    And yet the books were published, Levenda has written follow-up books to increase his earnings, and a source who WAS THERE during the process indicates that the motivation was money.

    You cannot wish it away, the Simon Necronomicon was fabricated to make some cash. Even a one-time royalty check for $10,000 is a decent payday for this kind of book, and Levenda recently wrote two books sold directly to Avon.

    I doubt Levanda was offered a percentage of the sales of each copy of his Necronomicon sold, more than likely in the 1970’s Slater and Barnes gave Levanda a pittance as well as a paying gig teaching out of the Magickal Childe’s backroom. How do we know that the book is worth the money to publish? Avon purchased it from the originally publisher, didn’t they? It continues to be printed and distributed, doesn’t it? Levanda didn’t give away the information in “Dead Names” and “Gates” for free on the internet, did he? Money was made, son! Open you eyes!

    I would be the last person to suggest Levanda was smart enough to make alot of money on these deals, but any money from this scam to keep him from having to get a real job would probably be well worth it. I am not knocking the man for getting a paycheck, but it is pretty clear that this was his only real motivation.

    I also noticed you declined to respond to my other points. I thought the Marines produced a harder individual with greater attention to detail.

  9. warlockasylum says:

    The Simon Necronomicon is connected with Lovecraftian Spirituality. But no Gate-Walker is assuming that its the book that Lovecraft wrote about. Second of all you need to do your own research. I present what is valuable to the Gate-walker and for those who aren’t we are not here to fill in the blanks. Study the work. To simply asks where’s the proof is just being lazy. But I forgot that the outfit you are with takes bits and pieces of everyone else’s spirituality and think you can validate a complete mess. Keep up the good work

  10. Ravenshook says:

    There you go again. making a statement without any supporting evidence. “the outfit you are with takes bits and pieces of everyone else’s spirituality and think you can validate a complete mess”… that is exactly what you’ve got going on here, which is why we booted your ass out after establishing that you haven’t got a clue and were only disrupting real work. Your a tick on the ass of the occult.

    Not here to fill in the blanks? You’re not even good for that! I noticed your retreated from your joke of a business perspective, and now you want to persecute me for calling you out. What, you don’t like to answer questions? Or, is it just that everyone here is supposed to eat your bullshit and thank you for the privilege? If you can’t support what you are selling, then just say so! You were all about pointing to more of your bullshit to try to support yourself until I blew that out of the water as well.

    Worse, you are a hypocrite! You did not respond to my pointing out to your readers that the exact same thing you claim is anathema to you…

    “However, to make insulting remarks about ones form of spirituality actually show a lot of insecurity on those NOT believing in the tome.”

    … you are guilty of yourself! What, is your ‘kung fu’ so weak that you don’t have a response? Its hard when someone calls you to task, isn’t it?

    For the record, my scared little friend, this only escalates from here. You want this to end, you need to eat a little crow and correct the blatant bullshit you have been pushing.

  11. Ravenshook says:

    Wow, can anyone say “paranoid”? My grandpa used to say that “if you kick a dog, it’ll bark”… and you are HOWLIN AT THE MOON son! Call me master if you must. I’ll just refer to you as “bitch”.

  12. Azath Kaido says:

    This is old news, Nightcaller, but yes, unfortunately, ravenshook is a dick with very little imagination on top of that. Debating results is pointless. I made that statement to each of those that attacked the Tradition during that period of time; I encouraged them to work with the system themselves. Wouldn’t you know not one of them accepted the challenge! It’s easy to kick back in your armchair & criticize; its quite another to get out there & do the leg work. In that, if nothing else, I have respect for Dan Harms as he has done his own research & practical work. His opinion has been formed from his own experiences & research; not the party line.

  13. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read his idiotic ranting! I thought to myself that this must be a person who has never felt the touch of the Book and the Power of the DinGir, or else he would never speak in this manner.
    It is indeed a whole different ball-game when you actually Walk the Gates, and become attuned to the Powers of the Book, instead of just criticizing the Work of someone else. What a dick!

  14. Just come down Brother! Everybody is not matured enough for Simon Necronomicon. Simon Necronomicon is a Master Piece of Magick-Mysticism-Occultism-Esoterism, it is a Master Book. Only a person well versed and educated in various Prime Magickal Tradition can grasp it. It needs years of experience and maturity of working with other systems of Esoterism, before approaching Simon Necronomicon. And you can easily assume that you can not expect that from every Jack & Jill. That’s why when some one request for entry in our Tradition; Warlock Asylum often ask, whether the individual have any prior experience of working in any other Magickal Traditions.

    Because, what the other systems can not give in 60 or 80 years; an individual can achieve in Simon Nceronomicon within One or Two years. And by the time a person complete working with Simon Necronomicon, he becomes a Magus. One of the beauty of the Necronomicon system is that in the necronomiocn tradition an initiate is well prepared and trained systematically to cross the Abyss or Ganzir, than take him through the Abyss, and than move through the three Gates beyond Abyss, ENKI, ENLIL, ANU and than Cross the Primordial the Last Gate TIAMAT; than the initiate is Recognized as an Ancient One. In my knowledge all the other system leave the initiate on is own, alone in the Gate of Abyss, except big talk they neither prepare nor train the initiate for beyond.

  15. That is one of the reasons why I’m so attracted to the Simon Necronomicon. I have in my possession various grimoires and occult works, but while they are interesting works I can’t help but feel a little disappointed at the Workings of such books (like such things as becoming invisible, or becoming rich by commanding various spirits).
    The goal of our Work is so much more than that, and anyone who recognizes the true potential of the Book is truly blessed!

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