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Many people who are not initiated into the ways of the Necronomicon Tradition have asked many questions concerning the Simon Necronomicon. There is one question, however, that many of these so-called intelligent people fail to ask themselves, and that is; Why is the Simon Necronomicon bashed all over the internet, and in many publications?

You can go on any website and start a post about the Simon Necronomicon and the first thing that you will hear, is that it is a hoax. You will begin to hear about how Lovecraft made it all up and etc. What I find interesting about all of this, is that the majority of Simon Necronomicon Practitioners, often referred to as Gate-Walkers, are not well read when it comes to Lovecraft. Most of them were drawn to purchasing the Simon Necronomicon based on rumors of the book’s power. This is quite the contrary to what critics have said about the origins of the Simon Necronomicon.

First, they sell you this theory that Lovecraft was so popular that everyone was trying to find a particle of this fabled book. Meanwhile, Lovecraft was never a household name in the occult community. He is a good writer and does have a following, but Lovecraft stated long before the Simon Necronomicon was ever released that he made everything up; So why would critics try to create this atmosphere that serious occultists were interested in the legendary tome, so a few people got together to cash in on the idea? Maybe this was done in an effort to curb the amount of people who could possibly use the tome and access its power.

I also find it kind of odd how only government affiliated occult organizations that are very Eurocentric in their approach are the main ones who seem to promote this idea that the Simon Necronomicon is a hoax, by government-affiliated, I mean those organizations that have legally incorporated their said “occult society.” However, I find that when I speak to adepts who are involved in the indigenous traditions of divination such as, Ifa, Santeria, Shinto, and Taoism, they all revere the Simon Necronomicon as a book of power. Yet at the same time these same government affiliated organizations will openly admit that their founder made up most of the agenda that their membership follows. It is easy to see that the occult leaders of these organizations have no true initiation because the information that they are putting out is so weak, extremely dry, and extremely logical, that now they have to create another theory and say that you can use whatever you want to, it all in the mind. These occult leaders have replaced the very same church leaders that they criticize. What these idiots fail to understand is that while it is true that the key to adept-hood is to unlock the powers of the mind, the mind that we are talking about can only be assessed by an initiation where one travels through the subconscious, anything other than this is temporal as is western Chaos Magic.  I would love to see one of these western Chaos Magicians in the middle of the Congo where real zombies exist and see how much it’s all in your mind can help them then.

The other thing that is quite disturbing about these occult leaders is their hypocrisy. They will teach their membership the value of coming into their own understanding of what is revealed to them by occult practice, but they themselves have never used the initiatory workings of the Simon Necronomicon.  So everything that these so-called occultists say about the Simon Necronomicon is NOT based on validated evidence, or experience. Their criticisms of the Simon Necronomicon are based on one resource the Necronomicon Files written by Dan Harms and John Wisdom Gonce III.  This brings up another question; why haven’t these very same occult leaders, who bash the Simon Necronomicon, apply critical thinking while reading the essays of Harms and Gonce. So basically, you have a bunch of so-called LHP occultists who show themselves to truly be RHP because their whole critic of the Simon Necronomicon is an act of faith and belief. These characters didn’t do their own critical analysis of Harms and Gonce work; they just copied and pasted portions of it on their websites because they don’t understand the Simon Necronomicon. I say this not to slight my friend Dan Harms or John Gonce, they were doing what they believed in and the occult community followed them, blindly. They never questioned Harms, or they never tried to work with the Tome on its own. They just blindly followed these talented writers and these are the same occultists who say they don’t believe in blind faith.

Another thing that we find interesting is that the intensity of the tome has yet to be reproduced. The Simon Necronomicon is like the Great Pyramid of the occult community. Its contents are so precise and unique and no one has produced a grimoire like it to date. Donald Tyson put out a couple of works pertaining to Lovecraft’s Necronomicon, but they are nothing like the Simon Necronomicon. The artwork, sigils, and word imagery of the Simon Necronomicon is just way past Tyson’s work, and I like much of Tyson’s material. Actually, Donald Tyson is quite an occultist and if he and many others have not been able to produce a grimoire, which even many Thelemites are intrigued by, then maybe we should start paying Simon some respect. He evidently put a lot of hard work into the tome. It’s one of the few grimoires, if not the only grimoire, that has no association with the Bible, even religions such as Voodoo and Santeria incorporate a Christian paradigm in their workings.

The next claim that is completely stupid are people trying to insinuate that Simon did it for the money. How much money was there to make as an occultist in the 1970’s? In the 1970’s you were lucky if you could find an occult book at a regular bookstore. During that era a lot of occult supplies were obtained through the “underground.”  The Simon Necronomicon is probably the cheapest book you could buy in occult history. Look at all these so-called occultists coming out with books that are well over ten to twenty dollars, and they are still struggling, but the Simon Necronomicon is one of the few books that you can still buy in this world that is selling for less than ten dollars brand new.

Has anyone ever stopped to think, something that occultists are supposed to be able to do, that maybe there is an organized effort to shut the Necronomicon Tradition down? Just reflect for a second. It was a few centuries ago that the act of witchcraft could have resulted in the death of the practitioner. Today, it is the so-called occultist trying desperately, almost as eager as a Jehovah’s Witness, to convince you not to use the Simon Necronomicon, and there is nobody in the occult community who doesn’t find any of this fishy?!!!!

Now let’s just pretend that the Simon Necronomicon is all that is written about it. It is a book that opens the doors to other worlds. How would the government suppress a book like that with all the freedoms that are said to be possessed by people living in the United States? Now you can’t make the book illegal, but what you can do is try to debunk it. You would make it appear that it was the biggest occult joke ever and suddenly people would begin to ignore it. Maybe you would send some death threats to the author. Coincidentally, Simon has spent quite a bit of time in the past decade living in Malaysia. You would then hire someone who is very knowledgeable in Lovecraft lore, someone like Dan Harms. Maybe it would be good for him to work with an occultist who just so happens to work with the police, someone like John Gonce.

Next you have groups who are revered as LHP, like the Church of Satan, a legal entity in the United States, suddenly put out an entire page debunking the Simon Necronomicon, even though the Church’s founder, Anton Lavey, used the Simon Necronomicon in some of his magical workings. Of course this page was set up after Lavey’s death. This is all just purely coincidental. Next you find information debunking the Simon Necronomicon on every search engine and website, and it’s all the same information. That is really sad. The reason I say this is that I still respect someone else’s means of making a living. Persnally, I don’t that Simon is living off of the SN profits based on what I said earlier, but why would someone want to ruin somebody’s reputation. Many of Simon’s enemeies gave him praise when it cam to his occult knowledge. He is an occult historian, but everyone is bent on helping the government put an end to the freedom of practicing the occult. If they are successful in debunking the Simon Necronomicon, what do you think is next? My whole thing is; if you don’t know how the Simon Necronomicon works, its initiations, rituals, mystical practices, how could you judge it as to its authenticity. I can imagine that many so-called occult leaders are afraid that they could lose membership numbers if they support the SN as an actual grimoire. They would rather debunk it as their membership is too stupid to think for themselves, which is why they are a part of these so-called occult organizations anyway.

Regardless of the opposition, the Necronomicon Tradition will rise and those who have performed the rites are growing stronger everyday.

7 thoughts on “What Critics Of The Simon Necronomicon Don’t Want You to Know!!

  1. Awesome post, Brother. It seems the farther along we get, the more opposition appears over the horizon. Your right though, we will survive & we will thrive; they don’t have what it takes to stop us!


  2. If Lovecraft made everything up and has little or no role to play in the Simon Necronomicon, then why does the Simonomicon’s author try to weave old Sumerian mythology with Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos?

    Do you seriously think that the Simonomicon would have even a tenth of the borrowed power that it currently possesses if not for the Dark Prince of Providence… the High Priest of Weird?

    In any case, should make for an interesting blog talk radio discussion on The Ooze: Left Hand Path talk radio.


    1. warlockasylum says:

      Elements from the Cthulhu Mythos appear in the Simon Necronomicon as the authors could see how Lovecraft’s ideas correspondend to actual occult archtypes. it is much the same reason why you named the religion you founded after an organization that Lovecrat described in his wiritings.

  3. Jason King says:

    Mr. Asylum,

    you can run, but you can’t hide. You have roughly 37 hours to acknowledge my acceptance of your challenge and to provide me with the resolution for our formal debate scheduled 7-17 on The Ooze.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      No problem. i have been waiting for this for a couple of years now!

  4. I have no problem seeing the Simonomicon as a magic text which haphazardly borrows from Lovecraft and Sumerian mythology. But don’t claim that it’s “the real Necronomicon” described by H.P. Lovecraft. Cause it’s obviously not. What’s more, the Simonomicon has precious little to do with the Cthulhu Mythos. It uses a few names and descriptions, that’s as far as it goes with the Mythos.

    The Cult of Cthulhu uses the Mythos as a paradigmnal backdrop. We’re trying to bring the Ancient Ones through to this dimension. You can either help us or get out of the way… I don’t care which it is.


  5. I for one would love to hear a live debate concerning this topic. (Not a cut-down contest like Jr. High Schoolers) but an authentic exploration ov both sides… based upon study and experience… preferably heavy on the experiential side ov the house.


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