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Ben Nixx Lends A Helping Hand to The Dan Harms’ Machine


Dan Harms and I have engaged in a little chat over the past few days concenring H.P Lovecraft. Our previous discussions can be viewed at the following link:

I must note that Ben Nixx made the following comment:

“I’ve made similar speculations on the Cult of Cthulhu forum in a similar discussion, Dan. I am a local of Lovecraft, a Rhode Island native all of my life, & I am aware of many of the resources he might of had exposure to here. Those include the Masons as one of, if not the first Masonic lodge in the United States was founded here as well as the first synagogue in the U.S. Lovecraft also lived right down the block from Brown University which has an excellent Egyptology department. & there also exists a Hindu society that I can’t remember the name of off hand, but it was also around in Lovecraft’s day, not to mention the resources he would have had access to in New York; so yes, I can fully appreciate the validity of your argument.

Now, taking things a step further, & I’m sure I will be crucified for this, let’s examine the effect of this one story, “The Call of Cthulhu” has had on a select minority in our society over the years.

In his story, Lovecraft states that Dead Cthulhu spoke to artists, occultists, & those “sensitive” to the messages from the “other side” so to speak. Over the last 90 years give or take, that one story has influenced generations of artists, occultists, & “sensitives”. From one story of one pulp author out of Providence, RI, an entire genre has risen that spans all forms of artistic & metaphysical expression. I’m not sure of many personalities who could have that kind of phenomena attached to their name; especially one who lived such an obscure life.

Take this as pure speculation & conjecture as you will, but to me, there seems to be something to this & this evidence added to the many parallels with Aleister Crowley’s work, as well as even more ancient sources to me, makes an extremely plausible argument for Lovecraft’s initiatory experience. Whether he was a member of an actual order or was initiated by the forces themselves can & most likely will be debated for years to come, but to me, the evidence of his influence on such a grand scale speaks for itself.”

This is pretty good insight from a man who is a Gate-Walker. More of Ben Nixx’s observations can be read on his blog page:

The question still remains as to whether Dan Harms can see the same point? We will be waiting.

Dan Harms