I would like to welcome everyone to the Simon Necronomicon GateWalker’s Info Page. We are happy to announce a lot of bright new changes that are coming in the year 2009. We will soon have an up and running website with a beautiful messageboard, where our readers can ask questions about the information posted. We will also be presenting custom-designed jewelry, ritual tools, and wardrobe. There is one interview that I recently conducted, which I thought would be a nice New Year’s surprise.


During the 1970’s you could not mention pop and soul music if you didn’t mention the Jackson Five. During their six-year Motown tenure, The Jackson 5 were one of the biggest pop-music group of the 1970s, and the band served as the launching pad for the solo careers of their lead singers Jermaine and Michael, the latter brother later exploiting his early Motown solo fame to greater success as an adult artist. The family remained in the headlines during the 1980s into the early 1990’s due to the fame of Michael Jackson, which at one point  put him into a class that was only reserved for the Fab Four. However, like all music trends the good ole days come to a close and a new era of music starts to rise, leaving the previous generation in a class by themselves.


About five years ago I met a member of the Jackson Family, a daughter of one of the founding members of the Jackson Five. Miss Jackson as that I keep her identity anonymous, so throughout our discussion I will refer to her as Miss Jackson.


After befriending Miss Jackson, she would ask me to read her tarot Cards from time to time. She also told me about several experiences that she had with shamans who worked for her and her own experiences with the occult world. I must say that Miss Jackson was born with some clairvoyant abilities.


A couple of years ago Miss Jackson and I had a conversation comparing different spiritual paths. I was hesitant at the time to bring up GateWalking because I know it is a very serious work, and one not to be taken lightly, so I suggested Reiki. I had been teaching Reiki for about ten years at the time we had this conversation. She said that she wanted to pursue something which would effect her day-today world and that was somewhat grounded, pointed, and effective. So I gave her a copy of the Simon Necronomicon. Of course she had plenty of questions and many of these questions inspired me to do further research and ask ISHTAR for aid, which led to the Blog Page. Eventually she began Walking the Gates. This was the first woman that I knew personally who went through the process of self-initiation. My Girlfriend began to Walk a couple of months later, and Miss Jackson introduced me to about two other women who are now Walking the Gates.


I am happy to report that Miss Jackson has successfully Walked all Seven Gates and also has two students of her own. She is definitely a big contributor to the Necronomicon Tradition.


I recently spoke to Miss Jackson last week, for a brief minute, and she wanted to leave the GateWalking Community with the following thoughts:


Gate walking benefited me. Things in my life are much more stable and I feel happy all the time ever since I completed walking.”


If you have been thinking about exploring this path Miss Jackson just wanted to let you know how it has benefited her.


Be Well



  1. For quit sometime I have been inspired/have an interest by Necronomicon. Actually I never new I was walking and working with these spirits until a few years back.(very much involved and very good indeed were the experience). Having know the existance of necro.. It has change my ideas and perceptions towards the whole practice. Since i began reading this post I came to understand and enjoy this art much deeper…I have not yet atempt the Gate sure now I will look into it.. A very nice interview from miss jaskon, inspiring story.

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