Over the past couple of days we have received quite a few emails from Christians interested in becoming members of the Sacred Necronomicon Tradition. Some have questioned, whether or not, this would compromise their faith in the Christian religion? We can firmly say ‘No!”  There are several reasons behind this:  

 The Life of Jesu Christ  

Jesus of Nazareth


First, we find that Gabriel impregnated Mary with the “divine child.” This is not only a replay of the Sacred marriage Rite, but relates to the first Sphere in the Gate_walking Process of Nanna, since kabbalisticly, Gabriel is the archangel of Yesod, the Sphere of the Moon, which corresponds to the Nanna Gate.  

Secondly, we have an adolescent Jesus, at the age of 12, performing the “scribe’s function” of asking the leader in the synagogue questions. If we notice Jesus is 12 years of age and the number 12 corresponds directly to the Sphere of Nebo, Nebo directly follows the Nanna Gate in the Gate-Walking rituals of the Necronomicon Tradition.    

Thirdly, although the Gospels do not report any occurrence in the life of Jesus between the ages of 12 and 29 1/2, it is still evident that he is following the Gate-walking rite of imitation as the Gate-Walker must descend into Ganzir after the Sphere of Marduk (Jupiter) and arise only to Walk the gate of Adar (Saturn). What is interesting about this is that the Descent into Ganzir was often metaphorically described by the ancient Chaldeans as traveling below “the waters,” as was the case of Inanna/Ishtar. Here we see Jesus at the age of 29 1/2 years (the time it takes for Saturn to orbit around the Sun, descending and re-emerging from the waters as symbolized in baptism.    

Fourthly, We find that in the Ancient Chaldean Rites of imitation, the Initiate must then venture into the realms of fixed stars of the zodiac, which in the Necronomicon Tradition corresponds to the Sphere of Enki (See the Simon Necronomicon’s Complimentary material To 777). Ironically enough, after Jesus is baptized he is tempted by the Devil during his 40 day stay in the wilderness. Enki’s number is known to be 40 since ancient times, Of course, we must also state that John the Baptizer served as Jesus’ Watcher. The Watcher is an integral part of the Necronomicon Tradition’s process of initiation.  

Fifthly,  we find that out of all the Christian parables known, the most popular is the Good Samaritan. Yet what many Christian are not aware of is that during the 1st century, Jews held a particular resentment for Samaritans, due to the fact that they were worshippers of the Mesopotamian god Nergal. Readers can find this information in 2 Kings Chapter 17. This gives us every reason to understand that the reason why the Pharisees hated Jesu was because he was teaching the religion of Ishtar in secret. This is also confirmed for us in the Revelation Chapter 22 verse 16:  

“I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, [and] the bright and morning star.”  

Henry Madison Morris makes a unique observation in his classic work entitled The Revelation Record. On page 481, he states:  

“The final title is “bright and morning star.” This title is nowhere else applied to Christ, as it would seem that a special signifigance is intended in its use here at the very end of the Scriptures, relating the climatic end of the purposes  and works of God. This is the only occurrence of a unique word for “morning” (Greek orthrinos, a term applied by the Greeks primarily to Venus, in the brilliant rising of the planet in the early dawn.)….The name “Lucifer” is translated in many versions as Day-star”,” referring again especially to Venus,..”   

The observations made by Henry Morris falls right in line with what is recorded in the Atlantean Necronomicon, under the sub topic The Fall of Christianity. The information that we have considered thus far can even help those opposed to the Necronomicon Tradition realize that the Necronomicon Tradition existed long before the Simon Necronomicon was published. This is evidenced by the fact that what is recorded about Jesus Christ in the Gospels , is also the case with many other deities:  

Another thing that Christian must learn to embrace, is that Christianity was spread throughout the world for the most part by efforts of the Catholic Church. Christianity, as taught by the Catholic Church, is a pagan religion. Christianity is(in lack of a better word) a form of European voodoo. Many of the uneducated got a hold of the Bible and took certain aspects of it literally. This is similar to a group of people taking certain African mythologies, concerning the Orishas, and then trying to separate it from its pagan origin. Christianity is a pagan religion.  

 In view of such, members of any of the Abrahamic faiths would actually gain a better understanding of their religious philosophies, if they were initiated into the Necronomicon Tradition, though this tradition is sacred and reserved for the Jinn and their progeny, participants can be assured that there may be a space in it for humans too. We’ll see.  

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5 thoughts on “Can Christians Become Initiates Of The Sacred Necronomicon Tradition?

  1. Very interesting, Brother! I’ve started working on a site to address the “human” place within our tradition. While it is in its formative stage, I think I may be on to something.

    As we know, the original purpose of the Jinn or Watchers/Grigori, etc. incarnating physically was not only for dynamic visceral experience, but also to guide man toward harmonious co-existence with the phenomenal world & personal evolution to a more evolved state. Part of this translated into the Sacred Marriage Rite, as well as the ancestral rites of the Cult of the Dead; the surviving descendants of these rites being Qliphotic initiatory traditions like our own Necronomicon Tradition.

    My purpose in forming the “Sword of MAGAN” I’ve discovered is bi-fold. Not only as a society/dojo for our own people, but also as an outreach to humanity so we may act in our original functions as guides, teachers, protectors, & healers.

    All this came to me recently, so I am still sorting it out; but I feel this is a direction for us & the Tradition at large.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Your comment is very empowering and quite moving. The room for improvement is always the biggest room in the house. Btw, the site looks article about it shortly :0

  2. Thanks, Brother! It is greatly appreciated. I’m hoping to get some more content put up in the near future.

  3. telocvovim says:

    catholic christianity is a “pagan religion”..
    u little wannabe jinn commander..

    read the bible before u quote the words of the lord..

    repent before its too late foolish one..

    and no.. christians cannot become blabla..

    cauz were too smart..

    1. warlockasylum says:

      If Christians were “too smart” they would then know that most of their customs and beliefs come from anceint pagan traditions. Christians pray to quite a number of Saints and other powerful ones. Look at the development of Santeria and how it was possible to make such a comparison between the African folk religion and the Catholic Church. Your too idealistic

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