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Recently,  we opened up some dialogue between the Warlock Asylum Staff and our readers by asking what suggestions would be useful and help improve the overall presentation and theme of the information presented. You can see this article by clicking on the following link:

So far we receive one response from a very intelligent gentleman and true occultist, “Will Lovelaw.” He responded with the following comment:

“You cover a great deal ov interesting topics and I appreciate your diligent studies and what you share with the Necronomic community… So I don’t have a question based on the “lack” ov anything here for there are more than enough springboards here to keep one busy… What I am interested in is the nuts and bolts/ practical applications ov ceremonial magick using the Necronomicon. Maybe things which you have found or even created which may have the likeness ov ritual chamber magick. One who is a Thelemite has daily rituals which one performs in order to immerse oneself into the Current… are there equivalent rituals which one works in a solitary manner based on the N. Trad?”

This is a very unique question that I am sure many have asked themselves. So let us take a deeper look into Lovelaw’s comment, and thereby we can gain quite a bit of insight into some things that we may have not covered here on the page.

“What I am interested in is the nuts and bolts/ practical applications ov ceremonial magick using the Necronomicon.”

Interestingly, I thought about this very same thing on my way to work this morning, and I ask that everyone who is reading this, to not take what you hear the wrong way because  Mr. Lovelaw did come to the table asking a vital question. I have been meaning to approach this topic for some time now, so this is a good reminder. Basically the Simon Necronomicon and the Necronomicon Tradition has nothing to do with ceremonial magick, in the sense of how it is presented in the West, and it is for this very same reason that few are able to gain an understanding of the tome and the tradition, which preceded it. Ceremonial magick is part of many ancient traditions, but the question also arises; is Haitian Voodoo a form of ceremonial magick? Of course, Voodoo does have its ceremonial aspects, but is perceive more popularly as a shamanistic form of spirituality. We also find the same with Ifa, Shinto, Taoism, and etc. The Necronomicon Tradition fall into this same category and this explains why some critics have attacked-since it was published in a western country, they assume it is a form of western ceremonial magick, and this is far from the truth. So to these critics they find inconsistencies with the Simon Necronomicon and western ceremonial magick, which it has, nothing to do with, but when you compare it with the more traditional indigenous forms of divination, it fits perfectly within the scheme of these traditions that we have cited above.  There are many example of this that I have been exposed to before and during the time of my initiation into the Necronomicon Tradition. In Shinto the altar, if possible is in the North direction and pine is placed upon the altar. Esoteric forms of Shinto place heavy emphasis on praying to the stars and planets, and many participants in esoteric Shinto also visit the astral aspects of these heavenly bodies through special forms of meditation. It is the same with the early shamanistic forms of Taoism. The interesting thing about all of this is that we see the exact same things being practiced by Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition.

In Palo Mayombe, it is common for the Initiate to have at least two pots, one to invoke the celestial deities and the other to work with the spirits of the dead. The pot that works with the spirits of the dead is prepared with nine different soils all taken from nine different graveyards. This compares with the Necronomicon Tradition’s AGA MASS SSARATU and the Bowl of Tiamat. Interestingly, the Bowl of Tiamat, as well as, the Urilia Text, contains nine sigils, and the Aga Mass Ssaratu represents the seven celestial powers. These rites are observed in the Necronomicon Tradition are observed in an identical manner to those of Palo Mayombe and other African forms of spirituality.

If you are interested in the practical application of the Simon Necronomicon and the Necronomicon Tradition, I suggest you begin by going through the process of initiation via Gate-Walking. This is one sure way of getting in tune with the energies that exist within our tradition. I have heard some say that these energies work not always as commanded or not that easy to control. Looking at the comparisons we cited earlier, with forms of ancient divination, the Initiate should also realize that the same applies to the Necronomicon Tradition. Do the homework. The Voodoo shaman took the time in his/her training to learn what sacrifices to make to the deities. The Initiate of esoteric Shinto has taken the time to learn what prayers, and several different formulas for combining prayers, to appease their deities, coupled with acts of virtue. Therefore, if the Sumerian deities were the ones that founded the present era, then extra care should be taken to learn as much as one can about them through their mythologies. This is another practical point that is overlooked. The Simon Necronomicon is 100% accurately aligned with the ancient mythologies of ancient Mesopotamia. Yet many who are not that well-researched in this field would think otherwise. Most people just learn a few things about the Mesopotamian deities, and largely from the internet, and then go on bashing the Necronomicon. I am often amazed at how stupid many critics of the tome are, with the exception of Dan Harms, in giving their erroneous thesis about what is and isn’t real in the Simon Necronomicon. Our readers will notice that we use a lot of older resources in our research and there is a very good reason for this.  Many older resources were not of a prejudice opinion that is often widespread today. They took the risks to uncover information in a highly monotheistic society that viewed these traditions as primitive and demonic. When these scholars began to illustrate the great contributions that these people from ancient Mesopotamia had given the world that we began to see ulterior motives behind the research in this field, anything from trying to align the Sumerians, falsely, with certain races of people and much more. A part from this modern research into this field excludes the meat of how these people responded spiritually to their environment. The Simon Necronomicon is probably the only resource that still links us back to the time of honest scholarship. Evidence of this can be seen in these two articles:

In the two links above we find information that even the most popular occultists have overlook and then went out and publicly stated that the Simon Necronomicon was at fault. This shows us how misinformed the occult community is about aspects of what they claim as their spirituality. It’s disgusting! Now let us consider another timely point that Mr. Lovelaw pointed out in his comment:

“Maybe things which you have found or even created which may have the likeness ov ritual chamber magick. One who is a Thelemite has daily rituals which one performs in order to immerse oneself into the Current… are there equivalent rituals which one works in a solitary manner based on the N. Trad”

There are hundreds of things listed in code in the Simon Necronomicon and its tradition that can help us to become immersed in this current. One of these is the Morning Prayer, which should be said at least three times during the day, morning, noon, and in the evening.  The infamous Albert Pike states the following in Magnum Opus Or The Great Work, page 19:

“They all, he says, like the Chaldeans, prayed, turning towards the North pole, three times a day, at Sunrise, Noon and Sunset, bowing themselves three ‘times before the Sun.”

We can find this prayer in the Second Testimony of the Mad Arab:


Day of Living, Rising Sun
Day of Plenty, gracious Sun
Day of Perfect, Grand Delight
Day of Fortune, Brilliant Night
O Shining Day!
O Laughing Day!
O Day of Life, and Love and Luck!
Seven Oldest, Wisest Ones!
Seven Sacred, Learned Ones!
Be my Guardians, polished Swords
Be my Watchful, patient Lords
Protect me from the Rabishu
O Shining, Splendorous APHKALLHU!”

There is also another exercise that should be done during the evening hours, especially for those who are Gate-Walking. It can be found in the Book of Calling:

“Preliminary Purification Invocation

Bright One of the Heavens, wise ISHTAR
Mistress of the Gods, whose “yes” is truly “yes”
Proud One among the Gods, whose command is supreme
Mistress of Heaven and of Earth, who rules in all places
ISHTAR, at your Name all heads are bowed down
I . . . son of . . . have bowed down before you
May my body be purified like lapis lazuli!
May my face be bright like alabaster!
Like shining silver and reddish gold may I not be dull!”

Another way to get in-rune with the Necronomic energies is mentioned in the Second Testimony of the Mad Arab.:

“The larvae are enormous, twice as large as a man, but do breed on his excretions, and even, it s said, upon his breath, and grow to terrible height, and do not leave him until the Priest or some magician cut him off with the copper dagger, saying the name of ISHTAR seven times seven times, aloud, in a sharp voice.”

The best way to work with this exercise is by lighting up some pine incense and facing North, or East, reciting her name 49 times and then speaking to the Goddess. The best practice of all is memorizing the text. Although it takes some time, copying and trying to remember the various incantations is an excellent way to immerse oneself into the Necronomic Current:

“But heed these words well, and remember! For remembering is the most important and most potent magick, being the Rememberance of Things Past and the Rememberance of Things to Come, which is the same Memory.”

When the time comes we will discuss more about the esoteric aspects of the Necronomicon tradition and some of the more mystical ways, in which the Initiate can become more attune to these energies. However, I must say that recitation of the prayer three times a day is a very intense experience. Try it out if only for seven days and you will notice an intense difference.

For these things to have some value we must first understand how the Necronomic Current works and this will also explain why there are hints of Lovecraftian lore in the Simon Necronomicon.

“…for he is of the Blood of the Ancient Ones, but has the Spirit of the Elder Gods breathed into him. And his body goes to the Ancient Ones, but his mind is turned towards the Elder Gods…”

The basic theme in the cosmology of the Necronomicon Tradition is best understood when the Initiate understands that the Elder Gods and the Ancient Ones are not really at war, but he reminds himself of the following words by the Mad Arab:

“Let all who read this book be warned thereby that the habitation of men are seen and surveyed by that Ancient Race of gods and demons from a time before time,”

From these words the Initiate begins to understand that it is one pantheon that exists within the Simon Necronomicon Tradition, an ancient race of gods and demons. When the Initiate begins the Gate-Walking Process the energies of the tome possess the candidate. These energies link the Initiate to its corresponding aspect found in nature or the heavens. Thus, the Initiate is the Ancient One and is possessed by the same Sumerian gods that are revered around the world. These forces exist within the Initiate and we are the vessel of their manifestation into this physical plane. We are the Jinn, and like Ishtar we strip away our human elements so that the divine spark can grow, then we are able to use the human machine in a more unique way.

P.S.: It’s funny how ever since we have presented this blog page, it seems like there is an upswing in youtube videos and articles flying all across the internet trying to bash anything related to the Necronoicon as nothing that could ever be real. it is as if there are a group of people of some secret organization trying to dissuade any one into thinking that what we have found to be true is unreal. here are two example below, The first is a really cool reverend:

This guy wins the Necronomicon Asshole of the Year Award:

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  1. Thanks for taking my question, spending the time to thoroughly address it and posting it here on your forum! Very well put and well taken & received on my part. I will be posting a link to this on my Myspace blog page for sure.

    The YouTube videos are classic!

    Video #1: I am really surprised that ol’ Albus Dumbledore didn’t know more about the Necronomicon, but I guess that is not part ov the curriculum ov Correllian Wicca either. (But he does say the magick may be efficacious and gives props to Oberon Zell’s Cthulhu Pentacle which is bad ass by the way).

    Video #2: And lil Stephen Colbert Jr. was quite entertaining as well, he just now bought the S.N. yet knows everything there is to know about it?! Smart guy! (Or should we say smart @$$). Wipe your nose kid, stay in school… (and may Cthulhu devour your weak, wretched, scrawny soul!)


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